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Does The Push Button Automarketer Allow Me To Have Multiple Users?

  Read Transcript ____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your business: My 6 month mentor program: My Two Day Buying Events My Real Estate Investing Blog: My home study program (there are 68 free Read More…


How To Look Like You Know A Neighborhood And Home Intimately, Even Though You’ve Never Even Been To The City Where It’s Located

  Read Transcript We work remotely. We almost never go to the houses we are buying and selling. Every time you leave the house, if the deals you are doing are local to you, you will lose 3 hours.  If Read More…


How The Automarketer Prevents Sellers From Getting Bombarded With Text Messages

  Read Transcript Although we want our marketing to get to the right people and educate and sell them on working with us, we don’t want to irritate them. We have to be careful how many texts, emails and voicemail’s Read More…


How To Use The Automarketer For Just About Any Business, Group Or Organization You Can Imagine

  Read Transcript All I ever talk about in this blog is real estate investing, but many of you have other businesses or are involved with other groups or organizations. Did you know that you can use the automarketer to Read More…


How To Use The Automated Lead Funnel For Your Buyers And Sellers – Generate Leads, Develop Leads, Close Leads

  Read Transcript The first thing you learn in marketing is that NOTHING in business happens until a sale is made.  Sales and Marketing is the only profit center in your business. EVERYTHING else is an expense. So the most Read More…


How To Create Automated Reminder Systems For Every Task Your Business Performs So You And Your Staff Don’t Have To Remember Much Of Anything

  Read Transcript if you want to build a business that runs completely without you – if you want to extract yourself from the daily tasks that need to be done, but you still want to make sure everything gets Read More…


How To Build A Huge Buyer List – Send Email, Text or Voiceblast To Them In 5 Minutes AND Sell 20% Of Your Properties To Them In 3 Days

  Read Transcript Here is how we sell 20% of the homes we put on the market in 3 days or less. When you implement this technology, everything changes. Watch how it works here. ____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Program – Read More…


How To Scale Your Investing Business And Do Deals EVERYWHERE

  Read Transcript Some of my students like to travel and need a way to do business remotely from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if they are in Fiji, they can still do deals in Kansas. Some of Read More…


How To Ask Sellers The Right Questions On Your First Day Of Making Offers

  Read Transcript When you are first getting started making offers to sellers using my zero down techniques, it’s going to be a challenge. It’s easy to get nervous, forget what you need to say and forget what you need Read More…


How To Never Need To Check Your Voicemail Again

  Read Transcript Most of you know about my Clone Site system. I have created different websites designed to suck in different kinds of leads. I used to spend hours each week listening to my voicemail messages so I could Read More…

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