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How Can I Invest In The United States If I Live In A Foreign Country?

  Read Transcript More and more we have people using our system in Canada, the UK, Australia, Asia and other parts of Europe. Most free nations transfer property based on a system created in 14th century England, so it’s easy Read More…

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What Happens If The Lease Option Seller Stops Making Their Mortgage Payments?

  Read Transcript Every once in a while a Seller will have financial difficulties and stop making their payments. Here is how to deal with that situation and keep you and your Buyer safe. You can watch it in this Read More…

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How Much Should I Charge For A Lease Option Fee?

  Read Transcript How do you determine how much to charge for a Lease Option fee. This is your profit so getting the most from your buyer determines how much you make. This video shows you how we do it. Read More…

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How To Find Great Deals From Property Managers

  Read Transcript This is the first video of a brand new video series on my blog with your most recent questions. Is it possible to make money by doing deals with Property Managers? Watch this video to find out Read More…

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How Much Down Payment Do I Need For A Lease Option Deal?

  Read Transcript How much down payment do you need to flip these Lease Option deals. Answer: ZERO, nothing, nada, zip – Remember my mantra, “No down payment – no bank qualifying.” Watch this video to know how to do Read More…

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Can You Sell A House With A Lease Option To The Current Tenant?

  Read Transcript Here’s a question I get frequently from Sellers, “I’ve already got a tenant. Can we sell them the property on a Lease Option instead of trying to find a new LO Buyer?” Find out my answer in Read More…

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What Would You Do If You Had To Start Over Again?

  Read Transcript I get this question a lot – What Would You Do If You Had To Start Over Again? Find out the exact steps I would take… _____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your business: My Read More…

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Why Would Anyone Sell On A Lease Option In An Appreciating Market

  Read Transcript Everytime we think a market might not be right for lease option deals, we find a reason it WILL work. We’ve been using this system in up markets, down markets, high end markets, low end markets, declining Read More…

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Sell A Lease Option For Quick Cash Without A License

  Read Transcript I’m starting a brand new video series on my blog with your most recent questions. A lot of real estate agents use my system, but it works for folks who don’t have a license as well. Watch Read More…

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The Secrets Of Building Wealth With Your Business

  Read Transcript My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your business: My 6 month mentor program: My Two Day Buying Events My Real Estate Investing Blog: My home study program (there are 68 free videos Read More…

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