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Example Deals: 100% Owner Financed Deal In Florida Analyzed – Does It Make Sense? – Video 15

How do you determine if a 100% owner financed deal makes sense?   This video will show you what to look for and what to avoid.   Owner financing almost always makes more sense than using your money or your Read More…


Example Deals: Is This A Good Price On A House In California?

  Read Transcript I’m going to show you how to determine the value of a property. I’ll actually take you to a website online where you can get the information you need for free. I’ll also help you understand the Read More…

Business hands, man in suit

Example Deals: A Low Priced Rental In North Carolina

  Read Transcript Here is a property that was sent to me by one of my investor subscribers. I’m going to show you why a deal like this does or doesn’t make sense and help you understand how you can make Read More…

Falling Money $100 Bills

Cash Flow vs. Negative Cash Flow: Which is better? This may surprise you.

  Read Transcript If you have been an investor for more than 10 minutes, you have probably had the opportunity to buy properties with negative cash flow.   Here is a simple way to determine if you should ever touch Read More…

Earnings, Losses Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

How Do You Figure The Return On Investment For A Cash Flow Property

  Read Transcript There are a lot of ways to figure ROI on investment properties, but most of them make it way more complicated than it needs to be.   Here is a simple method I use that helps me Read More…

Cutting tax

Do You Save More In Taxes With Long Term or Short Term Deals?

  Read Transcript Taxes are the biggest expense you will have as a businessperson. If you don’t do something to reduce your taxes, it will have a huge, negative impact on your income and your future wealth.   Here is Read More…

Difficult choices of a businessman

Will You Make More Money Selling To Investors or Residents?

  Read Transcript You want to develop a business that allows you to sell to BOTH Investors and Residents (End Users), but I believe that it’s better to start with one over the other.   Most newbie investors don’t care who Read More…

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What Is The Best Exit Strategy: Long Term vs. Short Term

  Read Transcript You should never close a real estate deal without knowing your exit strategy options.   You need to know both best and worst case exit scenarios. In this video, I’m going to discuss Long vs. Short term Read More…

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How To Tell If A Cash Deal Will Be Profitable Or Will Sink You Like A Lead Balloon

  Read Transcript I get offers everyday from folks who have what they think is an amazing “dramatically under market value” cash deal.   On the surface, it looks amazing, but when we drill down, we quicklydiscover that most of Read More…

Businesspeople making a deal

How Assignable Cash And Terms Deals Make You Money VERY Quickly – Video 5

One of the quickest ways to make money quickly as a real estate investor without spending a dime of your own money OR risking your credit is by doing assignable deals. In this video, I’m going to show you how to do them Read More…

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