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Why I Don’t Do Due Diligence Before I Make An Offer On A Home

  Read Transcript This new video is titled, “Why I Don’t Do Due Diligence Before I Make An Offer On A Home” This one is about using my “Safety Net Method” to become more efficient and how to accomplish more Read More…

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What Is The “For Rent” Method And How It Can Make You An Extra $5k In 7 Days

  Read Transcript • • • • • • • • • • • • The “For Rent” Method is what I teach at my Two Day Buying Event. This is the method that I teach to get my mentor Read More…

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How Autoresponders Will Make You More Money As A Real Estate Investor

  Read Transcript The autoresponder is the most powerful automated marketing tool in my “real estate investor” arsenal.   Sequential email to targeted prospects will give you a constant stream of deals and income. This video will teach you how Read More…

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I’ll Give You One Of My Houses To Sell

  Read Transcript Here’s a new video talking about my “I’ll Give You One Of My Houses To Sell” program.   I’ll show you how I use this method to get new investors started fast. • • • • • Read More…

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How To Use My Money For Your Deals

  Read Transcript If you see great deals everywhere, but just can’t put them together because you don’t have the capital, I can help: The first video is titled, “How To Use My Money For Your Deals”   Read Transcript Read More…

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