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How Can I Invest In The United States If I Live In A Foreign Country?

  Read Transcript More and more we have people using our system in Canada, the UK, Australia, Asia and other parts of Europe. Most free nations transfer property based on a system created in 14th century England, so it’s easy Read More…


How Do I Convince My Spouse That Investing Isn’t A “Get Rich Quick” Scheme?

  Read Transcript You want to keep your marriage together, but you also want to invest in real estate – not always something that mixes well. Here are my thoughts on the subject to help your spouse get on board Read More…

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Where Do I Find Start Up Investment Capital?

  Read Transcript Everybody wants to use Other People’s Money for their investments, but nobody knows where to get it. Here is what I do… You can watch it in this video. ____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your Read More…

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How To Find What You Love And Love What You Do

  Read Transcript This is the last and the longest video in this particular series. This is my philosophy of business building. It is how I work with my students and how I work in my own business. If you Read More…


How To Do Deals In Multiple States

  Read Transcript I’ve done deals in multiple states for a long time, but it has never been this easy before. Here is how things have changed and how I’m teaching my students to do their businesses remotely – without Read More…

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I Feel Like I’m Cheating The Seller Doing The For Rent Method

  Read Transcript I believe it’s important that you believe the things you charge for as a business person are valuable and what you do benefits the people who pay you. If you cheat people or even if you feel Read More…

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How Do I Get Hard Money Loans?

  Read Transcript Hard Money is the dream of many investors. Have you ever heard anyone say, “If I only had enough money to invest in (put their dream deal here), I could make money all day long.” In this Read More…

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The Market Is Booming In My Area. Why Would Anyone Do Seller Financing?

  Read Transcript Here are some of the reasons a seller would choose seller financing in a booming market. If you understand these reasons, you will start to see that the market condition doesn’t really affect our ability to get Read More…

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How Do I Pick The Best Market To Work In?

  Read Transcript Ever since we built the Automarketer, it became possible for investors to set up shop in multiple cities. I have one student who is currently in 8 different States. He works remotely, never goes to the houses, Read More…

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How Can I Make $5k Per Month Without Risk?

  Read Transcript “Level of Risk” always seems to be conversely connected to “Return on Investment.” Here is how I dramatically reduce the risk in my business and maximize the return on investment (which is usually zero, by the way). Read More…

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