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The Secret To Making Yourself Get Things Done

  Read Transcript We all have problems getting things done. We need accountability, but that seems harder to come by than you’d think. Here is the method I use to accomplish the things I accomplish. Watch this video to know Read More…

Erasing Credit History

Do I Need Good Credit To Do Deals The Way You Teach?

  Read Transcript I see the value of having good credit, but I also see how the fear or humiliation of having bad credit keeps people hunkered down and afraid to try new things or take chances building a new Read More…


Can I Learn And Work This Business 100% From My Home?

  Read Transcript Working from home is the main reason I created this business. These days, I almost never leave my home office for work. Watch this video to learn how you can emulate what I do every day. ____________________________________________________________ Read More…

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Will Becoming A Real Estate Investor Increase My Business As A Real Estate AGENT?

  Read Transcript About half of the investors who use my system also have a real estate license. Most of them tell me that it not only finds them real estate investing deals, but it also increases their income as Read More…


If We All Use Your Techniques Won’t We Be Competing With Each Other?

  Read Transcript Here is how to decide if a real estate investing system is right for you based on the amount of competition there is in your market. You can watch it in this video. ____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Read More…


Can This System Work With Homes In Foreclosure?

  Read Transcript Here are the pros and cons of doing deals with properties that are currently in pre-foreclosure. I have people tell me they found a list of properties – all of which are in foreclosure and they feel Read More…

Caravan park

Will Your Investing Techniques Work With Mobile Homes?

  Read Transcript A lot of people stay away from mobile homes because they don’t know much about them, tend to look down on them because they are often in low end communities and because they aren’t really ‘real estate.” Read More…

business strategy poster

How Do I Create A Business Plan For My Real Estate Investing Business?

  Read Transcript Here are my thoughts on the value of business plans and some tips for getting your business off the ground. You can watch it in this video. ____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your business: Read More…

Businessman and watering pot

How Can I Invest In The United States If I Live In A Foreign Country?

  Read Transcript More and more we have people using our system in Canada, the UK, Australia, Asia and other parts of Europe. Most free nations transfer property based on a system created in 14th century England, so it’s easy Read More…


How Do I Convince My Spouse That Investing Isn’t A “Get Rich Quick” Scheme?

  Read Transcript You want to keep your marriage together, but you also want to invest in real estate – not always something that mixes well. Here are my thoughts on the subject to help your spouse get on board Read More…

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