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I Jumped In During The Worst Market In Years While Working A Full Time Job And Doubled My Income


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Read Transcript for “I Jumped In During The Worst Market In Years While Working A Full Time Job And Doubled My Income”

Michael: Michael Holm from Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve been in Joe’s program for 9 months. I have absolutely no real estate experience prior to coming on his program; none whatsoever. I randomly came across one of Joe’s websites online. I was dabbling in real estate investing and came across Joe’s website and everything that he outlined about his program in that website just drew me right in. So I contacted him and he and I exchanged emails for probably 2 months thereafter. I didn’t jump on board right away but ultimately, I did. I got on board just in time to get in his buying program of this time last year.
Michael: I think I didn’t close my first deal for about two months thereafter. It took me awhile to close my first deal. I spent a lot of time educating myself on everything. I am still working a full time job and I was at that time as well so I didn’t really dive into it as much as I would have liked if I had more time. So that did prevent me from getting on board as quickly as I would have liked. Once I did, things started to happen really, really quickly.
Michael: In an average month now, I’m probably doing two deals per month so nothing substantial.

Interviewer: I disagree with you about that.

Michael: Well, I would like to be doing twice that many and it would be very possible for me to be doing twice that many easily if I could invest even 5 or 10 more hours per week.
Michael: It just about completely replaces it. Actually it’s probably about neck and neck right now. I essentially, by coming on board, doubled my income. My goal is to be doing 3 or 4 deals per month so I can completely replace my other income from my full time job.
Michael: You find a certain amount of comfort in maintaining your job. That’s what you know. Right, exactly. I’m young and to think that I could not have a full time job and have this replace that income – it took me awhile to accept that that’s really feasible, but it is certainly.
Michael: Investments and stuff – it tanked. Everyone lost money. Everyone’s tough. The housing market was terrible for most people, i.e. foreclosures, people in trouble, etc. It was really just a bad economy overall. But that didn’t affect this concept or this program or what people are doing here at all. Actually it’s a very opportune time for us to be doing what we are doing.
Michael: Yes. I jumped in in the worst economy, worst housing market, working a full time job (a very strenuous full time job) and still managed to double my income; exactly.
Michael: An hour, maybe two each weeknight, so 5 to 10 hours a week. And being in sales, there was 2 hours of usually 3 to 5 PM so some of my nights are still pretty much open.
Michael: I like doing a lot of it hands-on. I just enjoy it. I will go meet with people personally and I will go to the homes and I’ll do a lot of leg work myself, but automating has made it so that I don’t have to do all of that. It’s not necessary. I do it because I like to personalize it and I just enjoy doing it. But it’s not necessary to accomplish the goals here. And my goals when I started in April 2009 were to be precisely where I’m at. I didn’t expect to be doing 5 to 6 deals per month. I thought that would be great but my goals were to be doing 2 to 3. And that’s where I’m at and that’s very doable for really anyone who just follows the steps that Joe and all of the teachers here give us.
Michael: My mentor program time has come to an end. It came to an end a couple months ago. But I’ve gone out of my way to stay involved because networking with these people can not only lead to making more money, but you’re also always learning something new. And the concepts, the tools and the knowledge is constantly evolving and getting better and we as a group are learning how to do these types of jobs better and make more money doing it. So I like to stay involved because I like to be kept in the loop. Everyone’s very helpful in regards to making sure everyone’s up to speed, sharing information and helping each other get these deals done.

Michael: The biggest surprise that I didn’t expect…

Interviewer: What was the biggest surprise about the business here?

Michael: That there’s so much money to be made with so little effort. It sounds kind of clichéd but it’s absolutely true. When I first read about Joe’s program and talked to some people and saw a couple interviews just like this, I didn’t necessarily believe it was as good or as true as it was made out to be, but it definitely is, and to a certain extent, I’ve been surprised by that – pleasantly surprised.
Michael: Just doing what they suggest you do and following those steps. I mean, there is a methodical process to getting people to the point where they can accomplish these goals of doing these types of deals and making this kind of money. It’s all laid out for you. And when I first started I was jumping ahead and trying to get into information that was a little bit beyond me at that point in time, but I took a couple of steps back and I followed it as Joe had laid out for us. And that’s just how you learn and that’s how you accomplish these things – by following the steps that he’s laid out. And it’s not hard – it’s not hard at all.
Michael: There’s certain foundation elements that everyone needs to be doing and I was neglecting to do a couple of those as well. And about 4 months in, I realized that that was what was holding me back from doing more deals, from doing 1 to 2 per month, and when I started doing them, it completely changed.
Michael: It’s a fantastic time to get involved. If you really want to become successful in the real estate investment realm of things, this is a fantastic program to get involved in. I talk to investors almost daily that don’t know nearly as much as I do. That’s surprising to me every time that it happens. But you can seriously start building your own business and the knowledge is going to be ever present so that in 10 or 15 years, I can still do the same stuff. Having that knowledge really brings a sense of security and comfort – that this isn’t something that’s going to be off the table in five years – I can take this and I can just continue to build on it, so it’s great.
Michael: The tools and the resources will probably change but as a group and having Joe and you, Jim, there’s always going to be ways to accomplish the same thing. And that’s what we’re doing as a group is basically refining everything. But there hasn’t been that much change at all in the last year in things, just a couple of different elements that have made things easier for us.
Michael: I just generally feel blessed to come upon Joe’s website. It was exactly what I was looking for in that period of time. And although it’s taken me, well, it hasn’t even taken me 9 months – it took me 5 months to really get things rolling and feel absolutely confident. But it’s absolutely changed everything for me. And it’s given me a lot of hope for where I’ll be this time next year.
Michael: Hopefully my own boss. Hopefully I still won’t be having a full time job to report to 5 days a week. I’d like to be doing solely this. That’s where i see myself and that’s what my goal is in the next 12 months. And accomplishing this one is definitely feasible; it’s definitely doable – for anyone.

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  1. peterson
    June 9, 2013 at 4:18 pm · Reply

    Very inspiring interview!

    He worked hard and it paid off. Doing a full time job and being a real estate investor is never easy.

  2. stirling
    June 9, 2013 at 4:17 pm · Reply

    Kudos to this man for doubling his income while doing a full time job, this is really inspiring.

  3. hayden
    June 9, 2013 at 4:15 pm · Reply

    It is actually not a bad idea to take investment risks during tough economic times.

    Sometimes one can make a lot of money by investing during bad times.

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