How To Invest In Real Estate

Secret online real estate web sites that have thousands of free seller leads. If you know these sites and understand how to make use of them, they will make you a fortune. The best part is that they are 100% free.

Here’s a letter that will get 8 sellers out of 100 letters you send to call you and say “yes” I will sell you my home under your terms and conditions. 8 deals for about $40 in postage... not bad. We’ve tested this letter successfully in many, many markets all over the country.

Copy and Paste Real Estate Marketing materials... ads to run, emails to send, letters to write, signs to post, voice blasts scripts, third party telemarketing scripts for your phone staff... EVERYTHING you need to get a flood of sellers and buyers calling you. Use as much or as little of it as you want. If you want more business, just turn on the marketing faucet with any of these techniques... if you need things to slow down for a while so you can catch your breath and spend some of the money you’re making, just shut off the tap. It will be there when you need it.

This simple tweak on one of my zero down real estate investing structures will add an extra $20k per deal to your bottom-line profits.

Here is an incredibly easy technique that requires nothing more than a phone and a local newspaper and 15 minutes per day. Talk to three sellers and one will give you their house for zero down... when you see the offer you are making, you’ll understand why it’s so damned easy. Each one of these deals will make you between $2,000 and $15,000... depending on the house.

A script that you can use as your voice mail message so that when buyers call from your inexpensive advertising, they will be pre-qualified and sold on working with you. This is a brilliant script... even if I did write it myself. How To Invest In Real Estate
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How To Invest In Real Estate
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