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Read Transcript

Joe: Hi, this is Joe Crump. I’ve been teaching how to automate your real estate investing business for years. I’ve always been a big advocate of building systems that will allow you to delegate your work and put your business on autopilot. I’ve been working on this new part of the technology for three years, but never quite got it to work the way I wanted it to. But that’s changed. I call this new automated software system the Push Button Auto Marketer. When you turn it on, you’re going to get a flood of motivated seller leads coming in that can make you tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Joe: Today in this video presentation, I’m going to show you how to build a real estate investing business that automates 90% of the tasks that you must perform to run a viable business. I’m going to tell you about some of the brand new technology that’s going to change the way you think about real estate investing. This new technology is going to make it possible for you to replace your current income while working part time 8 to 10 hours a week. You can do it in your spare time even if you hold a full time job. With the click of a few buttons, you’ll turn on a real estate investing business that requires no money for down payments and no one will ever check your credit report. I’m not just talking about no money down deals; anybody can do that – with these deals you actually get paid to buy them – thousands of dollars of cash in your pocket at closing and you never need to talk to the bank or use your credit. It’s a complete systematized automated business plan with marketing software that I’ve personally designed to bring in a flood of motivated sellers.

Joe: The 100% automated system finds motivated sellers, it educates them for you, it builds your credibility as a serious investor even if it’s your first day on the job, and it helps them believe that you’re competent. It builds their trust in you so that they do it your way, and it sells them on working with you and then asks them to take action, telling them exactly what they need to do in order to get your help. It even gets some of them to sign their property over to you before you talk to them. It’s an incredible system that combines decades of testing, tweaking and constantly adding of new technology. And it keeps getting better every month as we add new features, new lead sources and new systems.

Joe: Today I’m going to show you how these new technologies integrate with an evergreen investing strategy that I’ve been using in good times and in bad and in teaching for over 25 years. But before I go on about what this system can do, let me tell you what it can’t do. As some of you may know, we’ve had our challenges with pieces of our system; no system is perfect. But I keep plugging at it and I always win in the end. Right now, all you need to know is that this is no longer an experimental system – it’s been vetted, proven, tested and run through the wringer by myself and my students. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. That doesn’t mean things won’t change. That doesn’t mean things won’t break. But what I want you to know is that we will always find a solution or an alternative when challenges arise. I’ve been doing this too long to think otherwise.

Joe: The most important traits you must have if you want to live the life of an entrepreneur are flexibility and persistence; you must be able to change and grow and not run away. I think that’s why I love this business so much. It always challenges me. It forces me to think about the world in very different ways. It makes me solve puzzles and it keeps me on my toes. If you give up easily, being an entrepreneur is not for you; don’t even waste your time. I’m here to tell you, I’m living proof of it – if you have a business like this and you don’t give up when things don’t go exactly as planned, your business will reward you financially above and beyond any other source of income I’ve ever seen. Every successful student I’ve ever had has had this experience. They’re working hard, learning the business, developing their skills and learning the things that they need to know to be successful, then suddenly one day, they wake up and discover that their bank account has more money in it than they ever thought possible. Now that their systems are up and running, the amount of work they must do is far below the work they did at their regular jobs and the best part, at least for me, is that they’re having a blast. Their quality of life shoots through the roof. They wake up every morning with something new and exciting happening. They wake up with the knowledge that if they use my system to help someone today, they’re going to make a lot of money and the person they help is going to love them and thank them.

Joe: This is my idea of a great life. I’ve been beaten up and knocked down many times over the years but I keep getting up and coming back. Over the years, I have literally failed my way to success; every failure got me closer. Today I’m going to give you a shortcut to success so that you don’t have to fail quite as many times as I did. I’m going to walk you through the minefield I’ve already walked through and show you where to step; you’ll walk in my footprints. I’m also going to show you how this automated system works, how we do it and how you can implement these same systems with the click of a few buttons.

Joe: Every few months I seem to make a major addition to my system. I’m constantly innovating new marketing systems for real estate investors so that they can bring in more leads, close more deals and pocket more profits. With the release of my new Push Button Auto Marketer Upgrade, everyone can use it effectively.

Joe: Peter Drucker said, “There are only two profit centers in business: marketing and innovation.” What I’ve done with this new system is innovate marketing for real estate investors. There’s nothing else out there quite like this. There are other marketing techniques and software that you can buy that may do one thing or another, but none of them do what mine does, and to be honest with you, I seriously doubt that anyone else is going to do what it takes to build a system like mine, even if they sign up for an account and learn exactly how I set it up, what they will never see is what’s behind the curtain – they’ll never see the software code, the secret sauce you might call it, that drives our engine.

Joe: Let me tell you the basics of how it works.

Joe: My system includes lead gathering software that goes out on the internet and finds targeted motivated seller leads who have a specific problem that our real estate deals solve. The system then does mass marketing campaigns to these targeted contacts. The goal of the first step is to get them to respond and capture their attention. We used to do it all with email, and that still works, and it’s still part of the system, but email has its own challenges. If you’ve ever done marketing in email, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you send an email and it’s blocked or doesn’t get through, you may as well have never have sent it in the first place. We have great results with email but I’ve also added a new method that is even more effective and faster than email; it’s going to blow your socks off. Once we have the leads, we only call them if they’re ready to go and ask us to call, or if we don’t want to call, we send them to a specific website that educates them, builds a relationship with them and sells them on our solution to their problem. If they say yes, we get them to call us – this is huge – this is the difference between us making a cold call and trying to get them to do something that they don’t want to do, and them calling us asking for our help. This paradigm shift changes the dynamic completely – instead of us wanting something from them, they want something from us. It puts us in a very powerful position. We even get some of these leads to fill out an online contract with a digital signature before we even speak to them, giving us control of their property. If they say no, we don’t toss them aside. Instead, they go into my drip database for follow up on one of our automatic sequential message campaigns. This may all sound really complicated, but its brain-dead simple to use because it all happens in the background; we’ve already set it up. It’ll allow you to start making offers to people who will contact you on the first day you click the on button and start this system. It’s going to make it possible for you to work from the comfort of your own home without a boss breathing down your neck. Once you activate the systems I’ve created, and learn my process, you’ll start to generate income. This will make it possible for you to take off any time you like, whether it’s an afternoon to take your kids to the dentist, or a month long vacation with your family. It’ll help you build short term cash flow to put money in your pocket now and it’ll allow you to build a portfolio of income properties which will give you consistent monthly income for the rest of your life and the lives of your children.

Joe: The new part of our system makes building a portfolio ten times easier than before. How many properties would you like to own with each of them brining in monthly income? I know it sounds outrageous but I’ve had lots of good proof and I’m going to lay it out step by step on this video. Again, I’m not saying this is a get rich quick scheme. It’s definitely not that. This is a serious business building program that will allow you to quickly set up and run an active real estate investing business, a business you can click on and put on autopilot. And you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get it started. All you need to come up with is $199.

Joe: I used to show folks how to set up a real estate investing business without investing a dime. I’ve been teaching these techniques for years. They work and they’ve made me a fortune over the years. I still teach them and I use them myself, although I automate everything now, so I rarely talk to buyers or sellers any more. You won’t be able to do that on your first day, but I’ll show you how to get here from wherever you are now. You’ve got to learn the system. You’ve got to walk before you can run. You don’t need to get rich overnight. You just need a way to start supporting yourself and your family so that you can quit your job and start living your life. But you don’t have to be brain surgeon smart – it’s not going to take ten years of education. This isn’t rocket science, or at least the part that you have to implement isn’t rocket science. The technology on our end is actually quite a bit more advanced than the systems they used to go to the moon.

Joe: But again, you don’t have to know why it works – you just need to know which button to press to turn it on, just like on your home computer or your smart phone. Things have changed in the past few years, and some brand new technology has made it possible to do deals in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the effort. Today, rather than teach you how to do it with zero dollars, I suggest you spend $199 a month to help pay for some amazing new automation and online tools that’ll make your life and your real estate cash flow business much, much easier. It’s also a lot of fun to see these deals pop into your inbox without doing a thing to make it happen, other than the initial setup which takes about 15 minutes.

Joe: When you spend a little money on a system like this, you won’t have to spend money on all of the other things that real estate investing teachers tell you to spend money on. You won’t need to pay hundreds for classified ads or sink money into sending snail mail (if you’ve done that before, you know how much that can add up quickly) or buying mailing lists or anything else like that.

Joe: I’m going to teach you how these deals work and how to use this automation to do 90% of the work for you. I’m going to show you how to do these deals manually, without even spending $199 or using my automation. It doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Some of you have more time than money and that may be the only way you can do it, but most of the serious folks listening tonight will be able to pop for $199 and will be able to afford this business system.

Joe: Alright, I’ve made a lot of promises. Now it’s time to sort of lay my cards on the table. The best way to explain it is by asking you a few questions to get you thinking.

Joe: Would you like to have a dedicated team of telemarketers bringing you motivated seller leads? Would you like to have those leads understand what you do and give a tentative yes to your offer before you ever have to get on the phone with them? Would you like to have a system in place that brings in leads like this all day long with no more than 5 minutes of your time per week? Would you like to have a set of business websites for your personal use with your personal domain name that you can give to any buyer or seller lead and have it sell them on the types of offers that you make?

Joe: This is what my new Push Button Auto Marketer Upgrade does. I set up voice blast technology designed specifically for real estate investors and agents. It will find leads on the internet and call them with a marketing message that I give to you that we’ve tested and used for several decades. The message is the same. The system is the same. The big difference is the way the technology is set up to find the leads and deliver that message.

Joe: Our system will make one call per second. You can use it to call 600 motivated sellers in 10 minutes, from beginning to end, and you don’t have to do any of the work or make any of the calls yourself. All you have to do is queue up the list and click ‘Start Voice Blast’. And it’s easy to do and it’s easy to do and it can be working for you just minutes from now.

Joe: The difference between sending email and sending voice blasts is that sending email doesn’t cost anything with my system. Sending voice blasts is paid per minute. My system makes it possible for you to buy these phone minutes at my cost from an internet phone provider. What this means is that it’s going to be substantially cheaper than any other voice blast technology out there today. So on top of what you pay me to set up your system, you’ll have to pay for phone minutes (but it’s still very cost effective).

Joe: And, if you can’t afford to do voice blast campaigns, and you made each call yourself using the training and the scripts that I give you in the system, you can still make a great living. Doing it yourself is free if you have an internet connection to get to the leads, and a phone. Anyone can do this. You just need a little training and some good, solid practice. To call 600 people in a week would be grueling. It would take about 40 hours; not fun. But if it’s your only option, what other activity is going to make you this much money? If you made the calls yourself, the likelihood that you’ll do one deal a week after you get up and running is very, very high. That means for 40 hours of work, you’d be making $3,500 a week on average. Divide that $3,500 by the 40 hours you worked and you get $87.50 per hour. It’s not making you rich but it’s nothing to sneeze at, either. That breaks down to $182,000 per year. That puts you in the top 5% of income earners in America – officially affluent. And as you get better at this, you can double, triple or quadruple your income. Also, if you started by making your own calls because you didn’t have enough to spend on voice blast technology, you’d probably start paying for that technology as soon as you did your first deal. It’ll suddenly be an obvious place to invest your money.

Joe: Now, I want to warn you. This is a disclaimer. I tell everybody who asks. Give yourself 3 to 4 months before you can expect to make any money at all in this business. I have students and folks who use my system who make money in the first week or two. But they’re the exception, not the rule – give yourself time to succeed. If you think you can do it overnight, you might be disappointed when you don’t. Don’t make it harder on yourself than you need to. This is not a get rich quick scheme – it’s a business building program and if you treat it like a business and follow through with what I teach, I guarantee you’ll make money.

Joe: So that’s one way of doing it – make the calls manually. It’s no fun, but I’ve had jobs that were much worse than that. But there is another option. Let’s say you don’t have access to voice blast technology like mine. Would it make sense to hire a telemarketing company to do this work for you? Would something like that make sense? If you paid a telemarketing person to grind through the list of potential sellers for 40 hours a week (it’d take that long to get through 600 sellers with my marketing message) it would cost you 8 dollars per hour. If you got a really low paid English speaking telemarketer times 40 hours a week, so that’s about $320 a week, and then multiply that by 4 weeks for a total cost per month of $1,280. If you did just one deal a month instead of 4 deals a month, and made only $3,500, would it be worth it to pay that telemarketer $1,280 for that $3,500 of income? Most people would say that a 300% return on their marketing dollars is a pretty good deal. So, yes, if this is the only way to get the sellers called with your message and you didn’t have 40 hours a week to do it yourself and didn’t have use of my voice blast system, I’d gladly pay someone a third of what I make to do all the work for me. But the beauty is that you don’t have to do it yourself and you don’t have to hire and train and pay someone to do it for you; you can use voice blast technology to do it for you.

Joe: Let’s look at the kind of results we’re getting with this system. Here are some recent stats from the Push Button Auto Marketer Voice Blaster. I pulled this off a couple of accounts earlier today. These stats were for a one month period for two different users in two different states. Account number 1: 162 offers were left on seller’s voicemails, 48 return calls came in saying, ‘Yes’ or ‘Tell me more’. The total cost for voice blast campaign in this situation was $51.51. So the cost per lead for that was $1.07 per lead. On account number 2, we had 351 offers left on the seller’s voicemails. 149 returned calls came in saying yes or tell me more about it. The total cost of that voice blast cost $39.68. The cost per lead in this situation was 27 cents.

Joe: As you can see, these results vary widely. I believe that we’re going to eventually have an average cost of $1 to $2 per lead. Most of the folks who have used the system are seeing results similar to what I’ve put above but that may not stay the same, depending on a lot of factors, including but not limited to how you filter your leads, how many folks in the city you’re working ads on Craig’s List, what time of day you send your messages, what you say on your outgoing voice message and how you say it, etc. Also, you may get 20 leads and I may get 3 leads, but I may close 2 out of those 3 while you only close 1 out of 20; skill level in deal making matters. But you’ll get better as you go. You don’t have to be brilliant at this to make money. If you only close 1 deal out of 50 leads and you paid $2 per lead, that’s $100 in ad costs. If you made say, $3,500 on the deal, that’s a very respectable return on your investment.

Joe: By the way, there are other voice blast systems out there. The one that I’ve used extensively in the past and who do a great job is voiceshot.com. They charge 12 cents a minute for outbound calls. My system, by the way, gives you the minutes at my cost, which is 2.5 cents per minute.

Joe: So Voiceshot is 5 times more expensive than my system – 500% more. Even at 12 cents a minute, I still used Voiceshot for years and it’s brought me many, many deals with profits way beyond my marketing costs. Another thing about voice blast services is that you have to find a list and upload it to their site. It’s a lot of work to build a database like this from the lead sources I use. You can get someone to do it manually for you like we used to do, but my system does all of this for you now with the push of a button and it doesn’t cost a dime; it’s built into the system. I’m going to show you how easy it is in a second.

Joe: My system also keeps a blacklist or a do not call list. It keeps track of duplicates so that we don’t make folks mad at us by calling them over and over. It tries 2 times every 7 days to reach our leads and it lets you customize your outgoing message depending on the type of lead you’re marketing to. It also gives you a voicemail number that the recipient of your message will see on their caller ID. This will keep you and your personal number anonymous until you are ready to reveal it.

Joe: The new voice blaster is amazing but it’s only a small part of the entire system. Let me show you how the whole system works together. I’m going to walk you through it step by step.

Joe: Our software searches the internet and finds email and phone leads (that’s the first step). Then, the system contacts these leads and makes an offer on their house. Replies come in by phone or email. The auto responder handles the no’s and the yes’s who don’t give us a phone number and starts sending them follow up messages. Some sellers fill out and digitally sign the lease option agreement memo before we talk to them by going to our website and giving us control of their property. That memo gives us an option to buy their property and then we sell that right to buy to someone who wants a rent to own home. They’re going to pay a lease option fee and the first month’s rent. There are other offers that we make with this system but I don’t want to make it too complicated for you right now. I just want you to get started bringing in deals. You can always add new things later.

Joe: We take the lease option fee as our down payment. The seller gets the first month’s rent. After we do it once, we do it again. Our profit is that lease option fee. The amount of work involved to set this all up is about 20 minutes to begin and then 5 minutes a week to maintain. The amount of work it takes to talk to a seller is about 10 minutes. You only talk to sellers who are serious. After that, we do one of two things. We either pay somebody a few bucks to take pictures of the house, and install a sign and post an ad on Craig’s List, or we do that work ourselves. This takes approximately 1 hour. Buyers will then start to call. We talk to a few buyers and show them the property but we don’t have to meet them there. Most of this stuff is done remotely or by someone else. I teach you how to do that in the training materials. This takes another hour or two. So we’re looking at 3 or 4 hours of work total per deal. We typically make $2,000 to $10,000 per deal with an average of $3,500. If you divide that $3,500 by 4 hours, your income is over $800 an hour. If you do an average of 2 of these deals a month, you’re making $7,000 a month or $84,000 a year – not bad for a few hours of work per week. If you spent a little more time on your business, how much more do you think you could make?

Joe: Let me walk you through the basic steps in the system so that you can see how easy it is to use. All of these resources and websites I’m going to give you during your first month in the business for only $199 and I’m going to give you enough knowledge and training to use it effectively. Again, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to make money in your first month. You probably won’t. So don’t expect to get rich overnight. I can’t emphasize this enough – you need to build your skills and get yourself working, even if it’s at a crawl to start with. After that, you can start walking and then you can run. I wouldn’t even suggest that you buy this at all if all you have is $199 and you won’t be able to pay the rent if you spend it. You need to have enough set aside or enough disposable income to cover your costs for 3 or 4 months.

Joe: Although with all of that said, the core investor training alone that you get in this system is worth much more than the $199, even if you never use the automation. I’m going to walk you through it the same way you’ll need to do it when you log into your account the first day.

Joe: As soon as you sign up for the program, you’re going to get an email with a link that takes you to this form and this form is how you set up your auto marketer and clone sites. There’s a little video tutorial here that shows you how to fill out the form. This takes about 15 minutes to fill out this form and the way you do it is you fill out the information, go to the next step and just follow the 1-2-3-4-5 and then submit it. Once you submit it, it sends me a message or it sends my people a message and we activate the site for you and it builds the site. It takes about 5 minutes on our end to build the site. But we have to do that manually right now. We set it up so that we do it manually so that we don’t have them built without us looking at them first. So it’s very simple to get it up and running.

Joe: Once it’s up and running, we’re going to send you an email with a link to logon to the auto marketer. The auto marketer, when you open it up, is going to take you to the training tab. The training tab has tutorial videos; the email tutorial video and the voice blast tutorial videos. What you’re going to want to do is listen to the quick start video of both the email video and the quick start video of the voice blasts and how to get that up and running. So it’s very easy to do. And I’m going to show you real quickly how to actually use it and what these tutorials tell you. These tutorials go into a little bit more detail than what I’m going to go into right now, because I just want to give you an overview of how it works and to show you that it can be done very quickly.

Joe: The first thing that you want to do is you’ve got to go and pick your category and location. You only do this once and then you never have to do it again. So, you’re going to pick your country and your state and I’m going to pick the United States, and then on this one I believe we have Texas picked (whoops). And if you’ll see here, we’ve got these three cities selected in Texas. Then you’ll pick the category in Craig’s List that you want to work in. We want for sale by owner (so we’ve done that one). And Backpage we’re not going to worry about for now, although you can also do a search there. And then you can click to save so it saves what you’ve done and it’ll take you to step two which is ‘Filter Your List’.

Joe: You’re going to filter both email and voice blast at the same time. Now one thing to remember, if you set up this category and location, it takes the system a little while to scrape Craig’s List and go through that process. If we’ve never scraped that particular city that you’re using, then it’ll take about an hour and a half for it to scrape. If we’ve scraped it before, then the information is already going to be in the system because it’s already been scraped and it’s just going to tell your system to do it. So you may have to wait a little bit of time to make that happen.

Joe: So the next thing you’re going to do is filter your list once the leads have been scraped. Let’s just pick the last week here. I’m going to scroll down the page. And you can see there’s a lot of things in the filters that you can do to filter in and filter out things. We have certain keywords that we filter out. And we’ll show you some of those things on the tutorial videos. So when we click on search, it’ll start the process and give us a selection to work with. Now when you scroll down the page (I’ve got it set so that 500 show on a page and you can change the amount that show on the page, but I want to queue up 500 at this particular time) you’ll see that there’s 4973 that are ads that were placed between these two dates. And if you scroll down the page, there are two things that you need to pay attention to on this particular screen. This shows that this has not been queued up for an email and this has not been queued up for a voice blast. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to select all of these and it’s going to put a checkbox in this little thing on all of these, and as you can see, there’s 500 of these here, so I’ll scroll down the page to show you. Then, I’m going to hit the ‘Queue’ button because I want to queue up all of these for the email. And it’ll put a green plus in that box instead of a red minus so that means that it’s queued up. Then, I’m going to queue up the same list for a voice blast and it’s going to take the voice blast thing and it’s going to change that to a green plus as well. So now we’ve got these 500 leads queued up to have both voice blast and email blasts. Now you don’t have to do the same leads and cover the same ones. One thing to remember – every one of these ads doesn’t have a phone number. It’s about 30-40% that actually have a phone number, so some of them don’t have phone numbers that they can call and those will be put in the queue, but they won’t be serious phone numbers. If you want to, you can filter them separately so that you can make it so that they must have a phone number. You can put this little checkbox in there and it’ll only do it for those folks, but for the purposes here, I went ahead and queued them all up. It’s not going to try to call somebody if there’s no phone number there, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Joe: So after that’s done and you’ve got them in the queue, the first thing that you want to do is go to your email campaign to check it out, and you’ll see there’s 500 in the queue here. And all I have to do is click on ‘Start Mailer’. This stuff is already going to be filled in for you. The message that’s going out is already been written for you – you don’t have to do anything. It’s just going to start sending out this message. All you have to do is click on Start Mailer and it’ll start sending it, and it sends it very slowly, by the way, but it’ll start getting it going right away.

Joe: The next thing you do now that this is running, is you go to your voice blast campaign. And on this, you’re going to have to set this up by going to your account settings. There’s a quick little tutorial to show you how to set it up. You only have to do it one time to set it up so that you can pay for the phone minutes that you’re going to use. And then you need to record the message that you’re going to use. Click on this little help button and you can begin the script. It tells you what to say on the script and then you click on the record message and this little recorder will pop up. I’ve already got a message in here so we can listen to it: “I saw your ad about the house for sale and I was wondering…” and you’re going to want to record your own message for this using this same message that I give you. You’re also going to want to record your voicemail because you’re going to have an incoming voicemail for them. And basically it’s a very generic voicemail and it says, ‘Hey, leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.’

Joe: So that’s all you have to do to get this up and running. Then you click on start voice blast and it starts happening. Now you can see here in the newly queued thing that there’s 500 of them ready to go out. But we also know that not every one of them is going to have a phone number, if I imagine correctly. As we scroll down the page we see that some of them don’t have phone numbers, and of course they won’t get a phone call. So that’s how you get this thing this thing started, how you get it running.

Joe: The next thing you’re going to want to look at is the responses that come in. Let’s first look at the lead responses that come in with your emails. You can see we’ve been using this one for a while so we’ve got a lot of responses on here. It’ll tell you whether they’re positive or negative or if they need a phone call. It’ll give you all of that information. And you can also read the message that’s on there and you’ll see it over here; you can scroll over and look at it. And they’ll ask you questions, and some of them will say yes and some of them will say no and sometimes it’s incorrectly categorized. You can edit your classification filters so that you can work on your keywords and try to get them working a little bit better.

Joe: When they come into this system, you’re going to get an email if they say yes. If they say yes, you’re going to get an email saying, ‘This person just subscribed and they might have a question for you. Give them a call.’ They’re also going to be put into your auto responder (I’m going to show you the clone sites and the auto responder in a minute and the different campaigns that we have for this). It puts them in a specific campaign, depending on whether they say yes, no, or yes with a phone number. So it’s a very complex system. You don’t really have to worry about it very much because it’s going to send you an email telling you that you need to talk to this person or ‘We got this lead and we put them into our system.’

Joe: The next thing you want to look at is your voice blast leads so that when someone calls in, they go into this list. When they call in, we create a transcription of what they said and you get a little recording of what they said. Let’s look at one of these. I’ll just kind of pick one randomly. “Hi, Joe. My name is Lynn and you had left me a voice message about my house that I have for rent.”

Joe: She’s basically saying rent to own is fine with her. And you can listen to it or read it. It’s also going to be emailed to you so you’re going to get a copy of this message. So you’ll have it, and if you’ve got a smart phone, it’ll come to your smartphone and you’ll be able to listen to it and call them back immediately and get that process going. Unfortunately, they don’t give us an email address so we don’t have a way to put them into the auto responder. When you talk to them, you’re going to capture their email address and then you’re going to put them into your auto responder through a very simple process that we have with the clone sites.

Joe: So this is the basics here. It’s very easy to use, very easy to get up and running, and very easy to get your leads. There’s a lot of things that it can actually do that I haven’t talked about here and there’s a lot of details here that I haven’t explained to you, mostly because you don’t need to know them right now. You just need to get the thing running, start getting some leads in, and start getting the process going.

Joe: The only other thing that you’re going to want to know before you talk to these people is to listen to the for rent method training program that comes with this. This is the for rent method training program that you’re going to want to listen to. It’s about 35 minutes. It explains how to kind of get you started and how to use the auto marketer and talk to these sellers when they call, what kind of offers to make to them and that type of thing.

Joe: There’s also a very sophisticated statistical analysis tool in this system that allows you to view your stats for your emails, tell you how many people have called during that time, how many responses you got, and also your voice blast stats so you can look at the people that have called on that, and what its cost you so far to send this stuff out, what kind of response rate you get, and what it’s costing you per lead to do it. These numbers aren’t all accurate because it’s one of our test sites. But these are the kind of stats that it’s going to give you. Also, if you get stuck, you can always send us a support ticket. If you click on that button, it opens up ‘Support Center’. Click on open a new ticket and then all you have to do is fill out this form, and it’ll ask us a question, and we’ll get back with you within 24 business hours to help you get up and running.

Joe: So that’s the auto marketer. It’s an amazing system. It does a lot of things. You can also do voice blasts, by the way, too. You can download phone numbers, you can upload phone numbers to the voice blasts, you can download email lists if you want to send out your own emails; there’s so many things that this thing does that I don’t have time here to go into all of those details. I want to get to the clone sites real quickly here.

Joe: These are the clone sites and they work in conjunction with the auto marketer. There are different sites that you can go to here. The first one that I want to talk to you about is your listing site. On your listing site, it has all of your listings on it, and it also has ways to capture leads and capture contact information, and a way for them to search buyer leads. It also has the data feed system which is also extremely cool. Let me show you that data feed system.

Joe: If you don’t have any listings to sell, and you send somebody to your listing site, it makes you look like a newbie. So what we’ve done is we’ve decided, as a group, that we’re going to share our listings with each other. And you can say yes or no whether you’re going to share or not. Some people don’t. I think it’s crazy not to share these listings because it just gives you more exposure for your properties. I can manage the incoming data feed, and what this does is it allows me to go in here and pick properties that I want to add. I can select them by city or state or property type. Let’s say I pick one of these cities and I approve that – it’s going to turn it green and then it’s going to make it show up on this site. So if I’m looking at Jimmy Lee’s Circle here (let me scroll down to the bottom here) – there’s Jimmy Lee’s Circle that I just put in. if I want to get rid of it, or if I decide that I don’t like this investor anymore and I don’t want to work with them anymore or I just don’t want to have that listing in there, I can go there and remove it and then when I click refresh, you’ll see that its gone. So this is a very cool system that’ll give you incredible credibility, plus it’ll give you an opportunity to connect with some of the other investors that are out there and maybe even do some partnering with them. But the main function is so that you can build your own credibility and have your own name on each one of those listings, even if all of the listings that are going to come here, data feed or not, are going to have your name on it on your specific domain name on your specific site. You’re not going to be stoppayingrentamerica – you’re going to have your own domain name here. This is the way these clone sites work.

Joe: They also have the rent to own buyers site. This is where we send our rent to own buyers that are generic. And there’s a recording here and a form for them to fill out to sign up to be on your list, and an explanation of what rent to buy is. This explanation that’s down here is the same that’s being read on this audio here. You can make modifications to this any way you like. It’s going to have your town here instead of mine. You can put a video here, if you want to create a video and plug it in here, then it’s really easy to edit this stuff. There’s an html editor that you can use. Let me show you that real quick. If I wanted to edit the html on the page, I can do that. I can change that to a different town and I can save it and then I can go over to the site… And then when I refresh, you’ll see that it changed to that. And, if I made a mistake and I want to change it back to the way it was, I can do that as well by restoring the original document and saving it so that when I come back here, I’ll come back and I’ll see that it’s the same. So we’ve got some really cool editing tools for that.

Joe: We also have the rent to own sellers site that explains how we work with sellers and we send this information to the people that said yes to our marketing. It explains how the rent to own system works and how we work with sellers to make it happen, and how we can take over their property, and how it makes sense for them to do that.

Joe: There’s some other things here, too. There’s the lease option agreement memo that they can do online. They can sign it online and click ‘I agree’ with their electronic signature. There’s the ‘We Will Buy’ site. This is the ‘I’ll make an offer on your home today.’ This is the one that I’ve been using the longest. It’s very effective. When they fill out the form, it asks them lots of question about their property so that you have enough information that you need in order to make an offer on the property. There’s a FSBO subject-to site. This is not really talked about too much in my program but what it allows you to do is bring in subject-to deals without ever talking to them. I designed this so that I can bring in subject-to deals without talking to people. I wanted them to know exactly what I was doing before I even talked to them. So that when I had the conversation with them, basically all I have to say to them is, ‘Do you understand the program?’ They’ll say, ‘Yes, I understand.’ ‘Are you ready to going?’ Then we make it happen.

Joe: What else have I not showed you here? There are more pieces to this. There’s some back end virtual assistant stuff. There’s the list manager that allows you to put people onto lists and take them off of campaigns. But the last thing that I should probably show you here, other than the fact that you can also have Cpanel control of your system, which means you’ve got root access to your server, so if you’re an IT guy you can get in here and screw around with these sites and make them work any way you want them to work, or you can hire someone to make them work differently if you’d like to do that. I suggest if you’re just getting started, to leave it the way I’ve got it – it works and it does what it’s supposed to do. If you go to the auto responder, now this is not the auto marketer, this is the auto responder – this is where our leads are going when they fill out one of those forms. So, if they fill out the rent to own buyers site (and this shows that there’s 387 people for this account that have filled out the rent to own buyers site form) and as soon as they fill out this form, then it’s going to start sending them messages (here’s one that has the messages in it). Each one of these is a different message that’s going out and the first one goes out immediately when they fill out the form, then the next day another one goes out and the next day and the next day, until it gets to every 5 days, then after 5 days it stops. It sends a lot of emails to them during the time that they’re interested and then it leaves them on the list after that so that you can continue to do a broadcast email to the people that are buyers to sell them properties as you get them. So whenever you get a new property, you send it out to your entire list and let them know you’ve got another property available for them to buy. So there’s a lot of things here that you can do.

Joe: You can also edit and change these messages any way you like. We’ve got it set up so that you can do that. But you don’t have to do that. We’ve got it all set it up for you. You can also create new campaigns. You can add subscribers manually. You can do a broadcast campaign to a particular list. If I want to go and send a list to everybody here, I can do a filter that’ll pull up the 387 people on this particular list and then I can do a campaign broadcast to that list, and then it’ll send out an email to those people with a subject line, and I can put who it’s from and all of that. It’ll send out that blast without me having to do ‘cc’ or ‘bcc’ and send them into a big list. This just makes it so easy to do it. And anybody that’s signed up for the system since you last did it – you don’t have to keep adding them to the list – it’s being added to the list for you. And that’s the magic of this.

Joe: Now let me show you one more thing in these campaigns. Down here, these are the auto marketer campaigns. There’s a yes, there’s a yes but give me a call (I just gave them my phone number) and this is a no. We even take people that say no and put them in the system so that they get followed up on so that 30 days from now they’re going to get an email from us that says, ‘Have you got your property sold? I’m still interested in buying if you haven’t sold it yet.’ So this thing is a very robust system with a lot of pieces to it. Don’t be intimidated by it. There’s a lot of things to know, but I think you’re going to love it.

Joe: There are 4 major pieces to my investing business system. You’re going to get your own auto marketer account so that you can start doing voice blasts and email blasts and making offers today. You’re going to get your own set of clone sites to build your credibility and start getting buyers and sellers to work with you. You’re also going to get about 10 hours of recorded training that teaches you how to put these for rent method deals together. I taught it on a conference call to other users of the system and then did a Q and A session afterwards to make sure everyone knew how to put these deals together. I’m also going to give you all of the forms and scripts that you need to do the for rent method.

Joe: Here are the titles of the training programs. ‘The For Rent Method’ – it teaches the deal structure (it’s about 35 minutes long). ‘How To Use The Auto Marketer And Clone Sites Effectively’ (its 43 minutes). Next is ‘Talking To Sellers’ (45 minutes). Then ‘How To Find Buyers And Close Deals’ (48 minutes). Then I did some question and answer sessions that are packed with practical answers to questions about how to use the system and how to do these deals. The first one is an hour and 26 minutes. The second one is 2 hours and 34 minutes. The third one is about 2 and a half hours. So all together that’s almost 10 hours of training material as a bonus that I normally would sell for $495 by itself. And you’re going to get all of this for $199. get the $614.95 at value of the system itself, and another $495 in bonus training programs. You’ll be able to start your business and work for 30 days. After the 30 days is up, you can stop if you want to – just shoot me an email and you’ll never be charged another dime. Or you can keep the tools and start paying $199 monthly for them.

Joe: Also, you can cancel any time you like, no questions asked. Just send a fax or an email and we’ll turn off the system and you’ll never be charged another dime; completely risk free. Hopefully, by the time your first 30 days is up, you’ll see the value of this system and will understand that buying a business like this for so little is a pretty good deal. You’ll also see proof that my system works and that leads will come in every day. In fact, most people who start this system are overwhelmed by the leads at first. Don’t let it intimidate you. Instead, let it get you excited because as soon as you learn to consistently and reliably convert that mass of incoming leads, they’re going to put a lot of cash into your pocket.

Joe: One thing that I want to make sure you understand and I expect I sound like a broken record, is that this is not a get rich quick scheme. If you don’t do the work, you won’t make a dime. Even though the system does 90% of the work for you, you still have to follow through with the other 10%. I tell everyone who joins my 6 month mentor program that they should give themselves 3 to 4 months before they can expect to start making money. I have many folks who have made money in a week or two but that doesn’t always happen and I don’t want you to be discouraged if you don’t pull it off. Give yourself the time that you need to become successful. If you don’t plan on taking this seriously and you don’t plan on doing the work, don’t buy this system. The only way that I make money is if I deliver on my promises and you stick around for the long haul. So I don’t want folks that aren’t serious. I don’t mean to sound harsh but please don’t waste my time if you aren’t here to build a real business.

Joe: Almost every day, someone sends me an email or gives me a call and asks me to take them into my mentor program and train them on Spec. They want me to train them first and then they promise to pay me after they make some money. They don’t mind paying for their education but they just don’t have enough money to pay for my program today. I never do this. I don’t think it’s fair to the folks who have struggled so hard to pay for my courses or who have joined my mentor program. But this $199 program is a little different – it’s not nearly as big or comprehensive as my mentor program or my Push Button Method program, but it has the core training you need to get started making money as quickly as possible, using the latest automation techniques that I’ve created. You won’t find another program like this anywhere in the world that is so advanced and is already proven and ready to operate on day one – you literally start making offers the very first day.

Joe: I also need to make sure you understand something else. You’ll need to learn how to make an offer. You need to learn what to say to a seller and how to say it. You can learn this in an hour or two and that’s one of the things that I teach on the recorded training session. But to master it takes more work. The more offers you make, the better you’ll get at making offers, until soon, you’re closing one deal with every 2 or 3 sellers that you speak with. But you’ll start out needing to talk to 10 or 20 or more to learn this process. I’ll give you some easy to understand training and some scripts to use but you have to get the words in your mouth. You need to do it until it flows out of your mouth and is second nature to you. When that happens, deals close and money is made. All the leads and all the automation in the world won’t help if you don’t do this one simple thing.

Joe: Well that’s about it for now. Here’s the order page. It’s at pushbuttonautomarketer.com. And then you can click on the Pricing menu on the top of the page. When you go there, you’ll see a couple of different ways you can get started. If you pay a few months, I give a nice discount. After you fill out the form, you’ll be sent a startup email and a short video that shows you how to fill out the forms so that you can set up your Auto Marketer account and your clone site accounts. This will take you about 15 minutes. Once you fill out the forms and click submit, we’ll build everything for you. It takes us about 5 minutes to build it for you (I automated this part of it, too). By the way, if you already have the system, the new voice blast system is in place for you already and it’s ready for you to use. Just watch the setup video on the training page to get going.

Joe: And, if you signed up for the program in the past and had to cancel for whatever reason, you can always start up again. Sometimes, life gets in the way and it takes a couple of shots at this before you can make yourself get down to business; I understand that. So if you want to get back on board, just fill out the order form, and we’ll pick you up where you left off – we’d really be happy to have you back.

Joe: One more thing – don’t get intimidated by the complexity of this system. I won’t say its brain dead simple; you have to use your head to make it work. But you don’t have to be brilliant – you don’t have to be tech savvy. If you know how to send an email or browse the web, you can learn this system. If you ever get stuck, I’ve got a support desk set up that is being headed by the PhD who coded the system. We’ll make sure that you get answers to your technical questions about the system. And we usually do it within one business day. We want to see you succeed. When you succeed, you stick around. When you stick around, I succeed.

Joe: I’ve got several investors who have already set up multiple accounts. They have such good results with their first account that they decided to expand out into multiple markets and into multiple cities. It’s really impressive – they don’t settle for a few deals a month – they want to grow and they want to build a massive monthly income and a massive portfolio of income properties. With this system, they can scale their business to any size they want. They just turn on the marketing in a new city and start doing deals. It’s as easy as turning on a faucet, except that instead of water coming out, you get money. You can do the same thing. I hope you’ll join us.

Joe: Again, the website is pushbuttonautomarketer.com. Click on the pricing link at the top of the page. Don’t wait until your area is filled, by the way. If we get too many people in any particular city, I shut down that city and I don’t sell any more accounts in that particular city.

Joe: If you seriously want the cheapest, most powerful, latest technology, proprietary business system that I’ve ever created, go to the order page, spend 199 bucks and sign up now. It’s at pushbuttonautomarketer.com.

Joe: Thanks for listening. Good luck with your real estate investing business.

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