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“Buying real estate is the best, safest way to become wealthy.” – Marshall Fields

Real estate has been a fantastic investment throughout history. There are truly many advantages to investing in real estate. More millionaires have made their fortunes in real estate than anything else. Here is what some of the wealthiest Americans have Read More…

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“How Much Money Can You Realistically Make Doing This?”

The only reason most people get into real estate in the first place is to make money. So the first question on most people’s mind is… “Joe, How Much Money Can I Make Using Your System For Real Estate Investing?” Read More…

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A Disaster Deal! Help Me

  Read Transcript You bought a property that you thought was a great deal, but now everything is going wrong. The tenant won’t pay, the property is falling apart, the values dropped, you have problems with the city – on Read More…

Falling Money $100 Bills

Cash Flow vs. Negative Cash Flow: Which is better? This may surprise you.

  Read Transcript If you have been an investor for more than 10 minutes, you have probably had the opportunity to buy properties with negative cash flow.   Here is a simple way to determine if you should ever touch Read More…

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Do You Save More In Taxes With Long Term or Short Term Deals?

  Read Transcript Taxes are the biggest expense you will have as a businessperson. If you don’t do something to reduce your taxes, it will have a huge, negative impact on your income and your future wealth.   Here is Read More…

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What Is The Best Exit Strategy: Long Term vs. Short Term

  Read Transcript You should never close a real estate deal without knowing your exit strategy options.   You need to know both best and worst case exit scenarios. In this video, I’m going to discuss Long vs. Short term Read More…


Two Ways To Build A Tax Free Retirement Income In 12 Months

I’m going to show you two ways to build a tax free retirement income in just 12 months. One of them will work for everyone and the other will only work for those who have a little cash to invest. Read More…

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