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Why I Don’t Make New Years Resolutions

I resolve to make more money. I resolve to lose weight and become healthier. I resolve to bring more love into my life. I resolve to be a better person. I resolve to… (fill in more assorted BS here). Striving Read More…

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Absentee Owner Software That Finds Zero Down Seller Financed Deals and Under Market Value Properties

  Read Transcript – Automated software add-on that grabs absentee owner records from you local county recorder, finds their phone numbers and then sends them a recorded message. It then logs their responses and makes it possible for you Read More…


6 Automation Methods That Will Allow You A Full Time Income On Two Hours A Day

At my last Buying Event, I taught how to buy properties with no down payment and no credit and we actually made offers right there from the conference room. It’s a sight to see everyone in class on the phone Read More…


Sometimes I feel like an idiot

I sell a program that teaches people how to do something that I don’t even like to do. In my system, I teach you to talk to buyers and sellers. It may be the best training for learning how to Read More…


How to run 9 businesses in 20 hours a week?

I’m getting a lot of emails from folks who are a bit confused by all the different things I teach. They don’t know which program is which and they don’t know how to get started and which program to start Read More…

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Amazon Book: Automated Real Estate Investing

My Amazon Book: Automated Real Estate Investing Hi Everyone, I’ve just published a new book on Amazon titled, Automated Real Estate Investing: How To Get A Constant Stream Of No Down, Seller Financed Deals To Contact You? You can buy Read More…


How To Find A Mentor If You Have No Money

  Read Transcript My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your business: My 6 month mentor program: My Two Day Buying Events My Real Estate Investing Blog: My home study program (there are 68 free videos Read More…

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How To Automate 90% Of Your Real Estate Investing Business – Part 1

  Read Transcript This is the first video in a series teaching how to build an automated marketing system that will find, contact, educate and convert motivated home sellers.   The automation makes it simple to build a consistent, stable, Read More…

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