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Why “Frozen” Speaks To Me As An Entrepreneur

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Disney movie “Frozen” lately. It’s very loosely adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s: The Snow Queen. I went with my family to see it a few weeks ago at the theater. My kids aren’t Read More…


The Dead Poet’s Business Model

“Don’t go gently into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” ¬†- Dylan Thomas   Yesterday, I got an email from one of my Six Month Mentor students. He’s doing very well in his business and Read More…


The Contest Is Over – Congratulations to the 100 Winners!!

The Contest Is Over Congratulations To The 100 Winners! The Winner Emails Were Sent At 1:30p Eastern 02-05-14, So Check Your Spam Filters – The Subject Line Has The Words, “You won.” IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though the contest is over, Read More…

Children of Internment

What if you could do or be anything you want?

I’m packing my bags and heading to Hollywood for a private screening of a documentary I’ve been working on with my sister for the past year and a half. Our screening is going to be at the famous Chinese Theater Read More…


Why I Don’t Make New Years Resolutions

I resolve to make more money. I resolve to lose weight and become healthier. I resolve to bring more love into my life. I resolve to be a better person. I resolve to… (fill in more assorted BS here). Striving Read More…

foot of couple on hammock

How To Have A Happy Life

  Read Transcript My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your business: My 6 month mentor program: My Two Day Buying Events My Real Estate Investing Blog: My home study program (there are 68 free videos Read More…


My Ruminations On The Dodd-Frank Act And The Destruction Of Real Estate Investing As We Know It

I got this email the other day… Hi Joe, Have been getting your emails for awhile; and have recently thought about getting more into what you teach. But recently, I was informed about the new law, “the Dodd Frank law” Read More…


The Epic Moment of Joy

How do you find joy in your life? I believe it is through love. Love of family and friends. Love of your work in the world – physical, mental and spiritual. Love of beauty and laughter. We usually know what Read More…


When can you play?

I was getting ready for the Buying Event coming up this weekend, gathering my things together and throwing out some old papers. I came across this sticky note from my son. I’m not sure how old it is. He used Read More…


Q&A About My Buying Event And Mentor Program

Time is running out to register. Here are some answers to the questions I’ve been getting about my Two Day Buying Event¬† and my Six Month Mentor program. Q: Are you really going to buy properties at the event? A: Read More…

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