The Market Is Booming In My Area. Why Would Anyone Do Seller Financing?

[leadplayer_vid id=”5378904B2A8F8″]   Read Transcript Here are some of the reasons a seller would choose seller financing in a booming market. If you understand these reasons, you will start to see that the market condition doesn’t really affect our ability to get great deals without down payments or bank qualifying. Have an automated marketing system […]

How Can I Make $5k Per Month Without Risk?

[leadplayer_vid id=”536500DD4767E”]   Read Transcript “Level of Risk” always seems to be conversely connected to “Return on Investment.” Here is how I dramatically reduce the risk in my business and maximize the return on investment (which is usually zero, by the way). Find out a quick path to $5k per month without risk. _____________________________________________________________ My […]

Hire Someone To Put Deals Together For You For $4 Per Hour

I’ve got a quick video for you to watch that shows you a new system I’ve created that allows you to hire and train someone to make seller calls for you – for $4 to $6 per hour. It is already making a huge difference in the businesses of me and my mentor students. I […]