Two Ways To Build A Tax Free Retirement Income In 12 Months


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I’m going to show you two ways to build a tax free retirement income in just 12 months. One of them will work for everyone and the other will only work for those who have a little cash to invest.


I talk to a lot of people in their 50s, 60s and 70s who woke up one morning and realized they didn’t have any money saved for retirement. It wasn’t really a surprise to any of them. Life just got in the way. They didn’t have a savings plan or any investments OR if they did, it got eaten up by an emergency or a divorce or by putting their kids through college. Most of them spent their lives concentrating on what needed to get done right then – putting out fires as they arose – always just a few paychecks away from disaster.

Nothing wrong with this. It’s very common. You’ve got to fulfill your obligations, you’ve got to take care of the ones you love, you’ve got to “step up to the plate and be a man” (or woman as the case may be).

But maybe it’s time we take a look at this philosophy and question it a bit. We, as a nation, are taught  as school children that if you study hard and get good grades, you’ll get into a good school. Get a degree and you’ll get a good job. Get a good job and you’ll be set for life.

Well… everyone knows that’s not true anymore, but it’s still being taught in school because they can’t figure out a better alternative.

Is Time Running Out ?
Is Time Running Out ?

What if you started thinking about your life as a business?


It either runs smoothly and profitably or it runs in the red, constantly struggling to meet bills and deadlines and never having a clear direction or method for working and achieving.

What would it take to make it run smoothly? I’m not going to directly answer these questions today, but I think they are important for everyone to raise. What I’m going to do next is show you two ways you can model your life and business in a way that will make it run smoothly – that will create an income for you in a VERY short period of time that you can count on for the rest of your life… with very little effort.

There are two ways to do it:

1. Wise Passive Investing
2. Wise Active Investing

The first one requires a bit of money. Right now, in this market, you can get a return on your investment on rental property of 20% to 40% – this is not an exaggeration, I’m doing it everyday and this is cash flow I’m talking about, not equity. If you are a completely passive investor (that means having someone else find properties for you and put everything in place for you) you will make closer to 20% on your money. If you are actively involved in investing your money, you can make 40% return on the same money – it just takes a little effort to set it up.

All you need to do is buy properties with high cash flow compared to their value. I’ve been finding properties for $15k to $20k (that just three years ago sold for $65k to $75) and I can rent these properties for $850 a month. Even after paying taxes, insurance, repairs and property management costs, my returns are in the 30-40% range. How many of these can you afford? For those of you who have some money to invest, this is a quick and easy way to get a lifetime of passive income within a few short months. If you need someone to help you find the properties and set all this up, let me know. I buy, set up and sell these kinds of properties to investors like you. If you want to learn how to do it, you can get in my mentor program and I’ll walk you through it personally. You can also keep an eye on my emails – I sell this kind of property to investors as well. I do mark it up and the return is closer to 20%, but still a great deal.

The second way to build a retirement income in 12 months doesn’t require a dime of investment money. You just need the knowledge to make it happen. This method requires that you build an active business – but we aren’t talking a 60-90 hour a week, soul killing business – we’re talking about a 10 hour a week business that can be automated and outsourced. You will still have to be involved, but there is plenty of time to enjoy your retirement too.

This active investing model is the business that I teach all of my mentor students when they work with me. There is a learning curve. It doesn’t happen overnight and if you don’t do anything, you won’t make a dime, but it’s the best way I’ve ever seen to make a great living with a minimum amount of work once it’s all set up. Anyone can do this no matter what age you are. I don’t care if you are 18 or 80, if you are willing to follow through with what I teach, you can make this program work and virtually retire in a very short period of time.

One more thing on this – if you have retirement funds in an IRA or an account like that, you can invest that money in real estate. You can use a Roth IRA to earn 100% tax free income – you don’t even have to pay taxes on it when you pull it out! You can also set up self defined benefit pension plans that are amazing write offs for your corporate income (which you would be making if you built your business the way I teach). I could write a whole course on this, but suffice it to say that this is an area that you shouldn’t neglect.

So that’s it – retire in 12 months. It really isn’t that hard to learn these techniques and get access to these systems when you work with me – or just read the blog and get a lot of it for free.

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