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16 Phone Calls, I Got 4 Deals


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Joe: Joe Gruszczynski. Joe G is much easier. I live here Fishers, Indiana. I’ve been a resident of this town since ’90. So I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio.
Joe: Surfing the internet, doing some work on investing and trying to find a mentor actually or someone to work with to try to do some investing and learn some more about it. I got in Joe’s email blast and was probably flooded with emails that I ignored for a while and then read some for a while, for about a year. I really took it seriously and started to really read his material and understood it a little bit better and when I heard of Nina, actually, because she was written up in the paper here in the Indianapolis Star and I read her article, and I think I put two and two together, figuring out that she probably was mentored by Joe as well. That pretty much sold it for me – that here’s someone in my backyard who can do this. Joe’s close and he’s in my backyard as well. What better person to learn from. And, his material is very well written; it’s pretty outstanding actually.
Joe: I hate to admit it but I was in the Carleton Sheets program and I tried to implement some of his stuff which didn’t seem to go very well, then I tried to put my own spin on things, thinking I was smarter than they were, and that certainly didn’t go very well. So now I have someone who I can really relate to, because Joe speaks to you like he’s your best friend sitting right next to you and you’ve known him for a hundred years. That’s how he comes across and how he talks, and so understanding what he’s done and been able to do and not trying to recreate the wheel, and do what he says, has pretty much proven to me this weekend that its certainly worked.
Joe: I’ve made about 16 phone calls and I’ve got 4 deals.
Joe: Yes, I was surprised. I made some phone calls on my own in the past before coming here. I’ve been involved for about a month or so with the program. I stumbled through quite a bit even though I was able to listen to some of Joe’s stuff on the CDs and things, but actually being here and doing some role playing made me a lot more comfortable. Listening to some of the objections that some other folks had and how Joe would react to those objections and talk through those made me a lot more comfortable. Getting on and actually doing it and putting deals together – yes, I was very surprised that I got 4. But it was easy. I was surprised at how easy it was to actually do – and it didn’t hurt!
Joe: How to continue to overcome various objections in a friendly manner I guess, and not just from the first no, stop and agree to say, ‘Sorry I’m bothering you. Sorry for your time’ – get through that, ask more questions and really probe a little bit deeper. And I think that’s what I got, to really find out where their pain comes from and try to rectify that. That’s what I learned today the most from doing the role playing and listening to Joe talk about that.
Joe: I’m a licensed real estate agent as well and as a full time job on a full time basis. And my real estate career has actually been quite busy here lately so that’s been taking the precedent, but now that that’s slowing down I don’t have as many deals going with that, so I can certainly apply some time to this. I don’t think putting together 2 hours a day with this is going to be very hard at all. Now that I’ve seen what I can do and seen results, there’s just no way to stop me now.
Joe: Six months down the road, I’m going to be doing real estate investing full time, quitting my current 9 to 5 and replacing that income, which is a pretty substantial income, with my real estate investing.
Joe: Generally it’s a couple hours a day. I can do that when my daughter goes to bed at night and while she’s asleep , I can take a couple hours and make some phone calls, or prior to dinner, prior to getting the family fed and things of that nature. So fitting it in, if, like anything else in life, if you have the mind to do it, this to me, and this weekend, has proven the success that can come of it, so there’s no way that I couldn’t find a couple of hours a day to apply to it.
Joe: I think Joe’s is a lot more personal. I think Joe kind of relates to each individual personally that becomes a mentor student of his or that works underneath him. He understands where you’re coming from. He’s walked the walk, he’s talked the talk, he does it, he does it daily and he’s done it in the past. He’s not just trying to sell a bunch of books and tapes then walk away then never talk to you again or see you again. It’s a very personal one on one thing. You can really get your questions answered. With the phone calls and the follow up things like that, the emails, etc., there’s no question that I’ve had that I’ve not been able to get the direct answer to in order to help me overcome that hurt.
Joe: It works. There is no doubt about it, that if you apply and you do it and you simply what is told to you, do what you read, understand the concepts and apply the concepts, that it works – bar none, it works.
Joe: It’s a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more leads you’re going to get, the more houses you’re going to get, and the more people you’re going to get. It’s simple numbers. You’re going to get some no’s but you’re going to get a lot of yes’s, too. And I think what I’m taking away from this whole thing is that there is no failure here if you apply yourself.
Joe: …apply the concepts that it works – bar none – it works.
Joe: I’ve also learned a few things that I definitely don’t want to do from other people’s pain that I’ve heard that they’re trying to get out of, which based on some experience of theirs, that I got out of that as well.

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