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Do You Need An Attorney To Close Your Deals?

Career and ambition of  a businessman

How I Got Back On My Feet After Everything Crashed

home mortage application

What Happens If The Lease Option Seller Stops Making Their Mortgage Payments?

Income concept

Where Do I Find Start Up Investment Capital?

Rent Contract

How Much Should I Charge For A Lease Option Fee?

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How To Find Great Deals From Property Managers

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Should I Do A Rehab or a Quick Flip?

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How Do You Deal With Sign Ordinances With Bandit Signs?

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How To Build A Huge Email And Telephone List Of Motivated Sellers In About 5 Minutes

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How To Find What You Love And Love What You Do

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How Much Down Payment Do I Need For A Lease Option Deal?

Woman frightened by taxes

Can You Show Me How To Structure My Business For Taxes?

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How Much Should You Pay An Agent To Find A Lease Option Buyer?

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How A Real Estate Broker Uses The System To Create Leads For His Agents

Handing Over Cash For House Keys and Short Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Home.

Can You Sell A House With A Lease Option To The Current Tenant?

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How The Right Contracts Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars And Protect You From Lawsuits

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I’m An Agent – Can I Do What You Teach Without Breaking The Law?

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I Work At Home And Walk Down The Hall To My Office


How To Do Deals In Multiple States

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I Feel Like I’m Cheating The Seller Doing The For Rent Method

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I’m making 6 figures in 6 different States In 15 hours a week – without leaving my office

Rent Contract

What Do You Do If The Seller Wants The Lease Option Fee?

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How Do I Get Hard Money Loans?

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First Memo Signed In 3 Months – “Not Bad For Doing It In A Combat Zone”

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The Market Is Booming In My Area. Why Would Anyone Do Seller Financing?

Businessman steps to get rich

I Want To Get Rich Quick. Can You Help Me?

Dont break the rules.

You Are Breaking The Law – Did You Read The Dodd-Frank Act?

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Automation Makes It Possible For Me To Work 2-3 Hours Per Day

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How Do I Pick The Best Market To Work In?

Identity theft hacker and businessman

How Do I Know You Aren’t A Scam?

Stress concept

“I Used The Automarketer And It Kept Crashing…”

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Bought 10 Portfolio Houses In One Year With No Down Or Bank Financing

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How Can I Make $5k Per Month Without Risk?

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Can I Make Money In Real Estate Without Doing Rehabs?

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What Would You Do If You Had To Start Over Again?

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My business is 100% remote. In 5 years, I’ve never met a buyer or seller

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