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How To Build An Effective Buyer’s List

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Who Gets The Rent Each Month In A Lease Option Deal?

business choices:to expand or to stall?

Should I Expand Into Multiple Cities To Get More Leads?

House for rent

Seller Objections: I Want More Than Market Rent

Home For Sale

Seller Objections: We Don’t Want A Sign In The Yard

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The Seller Wants $20,000 Down Payment – Now What?

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Don’t Take “Yes” For An Answer

Investment Maturity

Seller Objections: I Want To Keep The House As A Long Term Investment

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Be Your Own Boss – From Trucker To Real Estate Investor

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The Seller Told Me Their Lender Forbids Rent To Own

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Purchased A Home For No Money Down – Make $2,250 In 2 Days

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Who Gets The Tax Credit On “Subject To” Deals, You Or The Seller?

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My First Three Weeks In The Program – My Progress So Far

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Do You Ask Mortgage Lenders To Qualify Your Lease Option Buyers?

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Two Paydays On The SAME House


How Do You Work With Preforeclosure Properties?

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What I Did To Make $5,500, 35 Days After I Started

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How I Made $4,900 With About 10 Hours Of Work – $490 Per Hour

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Why Are You Trying To Rip People Off? Haven’t You Made Enough Money?


How Do I Pay Income Tax On The Money I Make Without An LLC?


Local Business Phone Numbers $3 Each

Person signing document from laptop.

How Do You Get Documents Signed Online?

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Can I Use The Automarketer In More Than One City?


What Do I Do When My Bandit Signs Get Taken Down?


What Do I Say When The Seller Says “No” Because They Are Afraid The Buyer Won’t Pay?


What Happens If The Bank Refuses To Take Your Payment On A “Subject To” Deal?


Is It Easier To Find Buyers Or Sellers


The Secret To Making Yourself Get Things Done


Should I Flip Properties In High End Markets Or Low?

Erasing Credit History

Do I Need Good Credit To Do Deals The Way You Teach?

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How Do I Comply With The Dodd-Frank Act?

I got it!

The Best Way To Learn How To Talk With Sellers Is By Hearing It Done


Can I Learn And Work This Business 100% From My Home?

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Will Becoming A Real Estate Investor Increase My Business As A Real Estate AGENT?


What Kind Of Deal Should I Accept From A Seller?

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I Heard That No One Can Do What You Say Your Software Can Do. Does It Really Work?

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