Man Handing Over Thousands of Dollars in Front of House and Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign.

Structuring Deals #5: Assignable Cash Deals


I Clocked Out After 32 Years At My Current Job And It’s All Because Of Joe’s System

Magnifying glass with  text Buy or Rent in a concept image

Structuring Deals #4: Lease Option


$15,000 He’s Waiting To Close On In The Next Month

Couple visiting realtor

Structuring Deals #3: Land Contracts & Contract For Deed


I’m Projecting My Average Deal To Be About $5,000

Mortgage concept

Structuring Deals #2: Multi-Mortgage


With These Tools You Can Really Do Anything That’s Possible In Real Estate

Card File with Inscription Rent. 3D.

Structuring Deals #1:”Subject To” Deals


I Made $2,500 Off The First Deal

Model of house and folder with home insurance.

What’s The Best Way To Structure Insurance In Different Deals?


An Hour And A Half Into It I made $25,000

New Targets - Green Pushpin on a Map Background.

Why Isn’t the Automarketer Working In My Area?


This Will Be Pretty Much My Retirement, I’ll Be Able To Enjoy What I’m Doing

architect, engineer occupation - man working on new house projec

How Will New Features In The Automarketer Help My Businesses?


Closing Deals Between $2,000 – $5,000 Every Week


What’s The Best Way To Automate My Real Estate Business?


I Paid For The Class And The Class Paid For Itself


What’s The Fastest Way To Make Money In Real Estate?


Selling A House A Week, Buying A House Every Two Weeks


Earning $100,000 In The First Year Using Automation

The Coach

Closing Thoughts – Come Partner With Me

Home: House is Sold Successfully

I’m Trying To Sell A Home – What Are The Essentials In A “For Rent Method” Deal?

Qualified Leads  written on notebook with charts.

How Effective Is The Automated Text Blast System For Acquiring Leads?

Hands holding house of money - real estate

How Do I Profit On A Property Without Spending My Own Money?

two little girls climbing a rock wall

What Is The Best Way To Build Trust With A Seller?

Stressful work

How Do I Train Someone To Call My Sellers? 

Lead Generation Business Funnel Concept

What Is The Best Automated Technique For Landing Quality Leads?

Solide Baufinanzierung

What Is The Best Way To Buy A Property?

Home: Sign in Front of Home

What If The Seller Doesn’t Want A For Sale Sign In Their Yard?

Outsourcing keyboard key. Finger

How Do I Hire And Train An Admin Person?

African businesswoman talking on cell phone

How Do I Centralize A Location For My Telemarketing Employees To Work? 

Businessman Notepad Property Value Concept

How Do I Make Money On A Property That Wont Sell?

Hombre con interrogacin y flechas amarillas derecha e iquierda

What Is The Best Way To Discuss Options With Sellers?

Diverse People Training Skills Workshop Concept

How Do I Train Someone To Find Potential Buyers?

Blocks for Customer-Managed Relationship Concept

How Do I Use A CRM For Following Up On Leads?

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