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Amazon FREE Book: Automated Real Estate Investing

BOOK RELEASE *FREE* DATE: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just published a new book on Amazon titled, “Automated Real Estate Investing: How To Get A Constant Stream Of No Down, Seller Financed Deals To Contact You”

You can buy it right now for $2.99, but if you wait till Wednesday the 31st, you can download it free:

Here is the link.

It’s a big book and has a lot of very specific details about how to do no money down, no credit or income verification deals.

It also shows you how to automate your business so 90% of your work is done by robots. It’s a pretty amazing system.

If you buy it on WEDNESDAY, you can get it 100% free AND get a very nice “thank you” gift from me.

It will be free on that one day AND….

In addition, I’m going to give you a free bonus – a mini “live” coaching program as a BIG thank you.

I’m going to do a Q&A conference call a week or two after the launch date and I’m going to allow everyone who “bought” the book, access to that coaching call.

You can come on the call and I will answer your questions for 2 hours about how to get your business up and running, how to do specific deals, how to automate your business – anything that you can think of that is related to investing. The content of the call will be completely driven by your questions. If you send me an email with your question BEFORE the call, I will even call on you and take those questions first. I will also record the call and give you a copy.

All you have to do is get my book from Amazon at any time between now and Wednesday the 31st of July and send me your receipt. If you want it now, it will cost $2.99, but you can wait until Wednesday and get it free.

I’ll send you a big THANK YOU and the conference call access numbers at the end of next week.


The book is a downloadable Kindle ebook, but you do NOT have to own a Kindle to read it. You can read it right on your PC, your MAC, your iphone, ipad or smartphone.

So, watch your email on Wednesday. I’m going to send you a link where you can download the book for FREEĀ  on that day ONLY.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help.

>>> WHY am I giving away my book for free?

As you might guess, I have a lot of my time in this book (I wrote every word) and I reveal a lot of proprietary techniques that I’ve only given to folks who paid for one of my *much* more expensive programs.

So how does it benefit me to give this book away?

First of all, it is nice to be able to give back to the folks who have been on my list and have participated in my program for so long. That makes me happy.

BUT – there is also a selfish reason – a reason that benefits me.

My goal is to increase my rankings on Amazon with this book, so that I sell more copies to folks OUTSIDE my current list in the future. Amazon is a huge marketplace and I want to tap into that traffic and build my real estate investor list.

My last book has been very successful and I want to continue that with this new release.

By having a lot of people download the book on a single day, my rankings go up substantially – which means I show up in Amazon and Google searches more often. By coming up in these searches more often, it will help me sell more of these books which will, in turn, keep the rankings high.

So as you can see, it makes sense for me to enlist the folks on my current investor list and give them some nice perks for their help, in order to accomplish my greater goal.

I guess that’s it for now. I just wanted to give you a heads up and make sure you knew about this launch so you’d put it on your calendar for Wednesday the 31st.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to speaking with you personally on the upcoming conference call.

Take care,
Joe Crump

PS – If you wait till Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 to download the book, you will get it free! If you buy it before then, it will only cost $2.99. Either way, you will also get access to my Q&A call that no one else will receive.


PPS – When you download it, would you be willing to post a five star review? If you would, I will see your name and although I can’t bribe you for a review, I want you to know I will appreciate it deeply. If you don’t feel you can give a five star review, rather than post a lower review, would you tell me why so I can address the issue?

And did I say… THANK YOU! ;-)


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