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Amazon Book: Automated Real Estate Investing

My Amazon Book: Automated Real Estate Investing

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just published a new book on Amazon titled, Automated Real Estate Investing: How To Get A Constant Stream Of No Down, Seller Financed Deals To Contact You?

You can buy it right now for $2.99.

Here is the link.

It’s a big book and has a lot of very specific details about how to do no money down, no credit or income verification deals.

It also shows you how to automate your business so 90% of your work is done by robots. It’s a pretty amazing system.


The book is a downloadable Kindle ebook, but you do NOT have to own a Kindle to read it. You can read it right on your PC, your MAC, your iphone, ipad or smartphone.

My last book has been very successful and I want to continue that with this new release.

Take care,
Joe Crump

PS: ALSO – When you download it, would you be willing to post a five star review? If you would, I will see your name and although I can’t bribe you for a review, I want you to know I will appreciate it deeply. If you don’t feel you can give a five star review, rather than post a lower review, would you tell me why so I can address the issue?

And did I say? THANK YOU! ;-)

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