Can I Use The Automarketer In More Than One City?


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More and more of the investors who use the Automarketer are expanding into multiple cities and multiple States. Some are working remotely while they travel the world.

I just got an email from an Automarketer user who is in the south of France visiting vineyards. They are talking about moving there and continuing to do their business here in the States.

And why not? She hasn’t been to see a property or have a need to leave her home office for business for the past 2 years.

Watch the video to learn how to get started building a business like hers…

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Read Transcript for “Can I Use The Automarketer In More Than One City?”

“I’ve been thinking about purchasing your Automarketer. I had questions but no one to ask so I’m grateful for your opening to ask questions. How has the Automarketer been affected with the new changes to Craigslist, not being able to scrape phone numbers unless you manually hit the contact button? With the Automarketer, can you use it in multiple states or restricted to one state? If restricted, why? Joe, thank you for your time and your response.” – David Carmichael

Joe: The first question here is about the changes that Craigslist came up with. They decided to hide the phone number on each ad behind a button, so you had to click an extra button in order to get that data. We solved that problem pretty much the same week that it happened. I’ve talked about some of the changes that Craigslist creates that we have to deal with.
Joe: Craigslist isn’t the only site that we use but Craigslist is one of the primary sites that we use to gather data. It’s a wonderful place, it’s a wonderful site and it’s got lots of traffic and we really like it, so as soon as they make changes, we make changes to solve that problem. I’ve got a really smart coder who handles this stuff for me. I wish that I could write code like he does but he’s a wizard. He’s also a PhD so he knows what he’s doing.
Joe: ‘With the Automarketer, can you use it in multiple states or are you restricted to one state?’ You can use it in up to five different Craigslist areas, five different categories. So you could use it in los Angeles, you could use it in Indianapolis, you could use it in Minneapolis – you could pick five different general areas to use it in and if you wanted to expand beyond that, you’d have to get an additional Automarketer.
Joe: Now, if you’re going to work in more than one area, most of the advanced students that I have that work in multiple states own multiple Automarketer’s. We’ve got one guy that has 10, we’ve got another one that has 8, another one that has 4 and another one that has 6 and as we go along we’re getting more and more people using multiple Automarketer’s because they want to have an infrastructure in that particular area. So if they’re going to work in let’s say, Indiana and they’re going to work in Minnesota, so they work two different areas, they’ll want to have websites that are set up with those names on them. If they’re working in Minneapolis, they want it to say Minneapolis, Minnesota not Indianapolis, Indiana. So you’d want to have it in more than one area.
Joe: Now, you might want to test more than one area. If you’re just getting started or if you’re deciding to expand you could say, ‘Let’s try another area. We won’t set up a separate Automarketer for that area yet.’ You can do it with up to five different areas.
Joe: Ultimately, if you want to send out enough emails to be productive, you’re going to want to have multiple Automarketer’s. And if you’re making money in each of those, just paying $200 for an Automarketer in that particular state is not a big expenditure if you’re making $5,000 on a deal every month or every year for that matter; it’s still a pretty good deal. So it does make sense to have multiple Automarketer’s if you’re going to do that.
Joe: And no, you aren’t restricted to just one area but you are restricted to a certain number of areas. The reason that we do that is because every time we add another city to the scraper, it adds a load to our system and it slows down the scraper so we want to make sure that we have sufficient resources. We can speed up the scraper by paying more money for the infrastructure that we have (me personally). So we continue to build our infrastructure (our backend) so that it can handle more speed on the scraper.
Joe: There’s a lot of technical jargon that I could explain that would probably make sense to very few of you but just suffice it to know that we try to keep the load down on the system so that it can serve everybody properly and the likelihood that you’ll need more than four or five at any particular point in time is very small anyway and when you get to the point that it does make sense, just get another Automarketer and do it that way. Okay, I hope that helps.

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  1. KOleti Wilton
    June 2, 2015 at 11:28 am · Reply

    Hi Joe!

    Thank you for giving me the time to respond to my question.this is the probably the 4th email I have sent you and I haven’t had a reply yet! I’m at the frustration stage because I haven’t made any money yet but I know I will eventually!! However what I wanted to know is will your Autoresponding automated system work here in New Zealand! The reason why I’m asking is we don’t have Craig’s List! We have Trade Me! And Face book! We don’t have anything big due to our population of 4 million only! Trade Me and Face book are big here! Will it work here Joe??

    I realy want to buy your Auto responding system Joe! But will it work here in New Zealand??
    I realy look forward to your reply!
    Thank you Joe!!:):)

  2. Don
    April 17, 2015 at 3:15 pm · Reply

    The changes Craigslist has made hiding emails and phone numbers in various ways, including the latest method of using javascript “show contact info” buttons the user must click, has rendered most of these scrapers irrelevant.

    Also seems to have a robust regex formula that grabs obfuscated emails and phone numbers as well.

    • Joe Crump
      April 20, 2015 at 5:06 pm · Reply

      Yes, we are aware of these issues, but it hasn’t interrupted our service. I don’t know of anyone who can scrape Craigslist effectively *except* our system. – Joe

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