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Don’t Take “Yes” For An Answer


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When you make Zero Down Real Estate Offers to Sellers, you will often get questions. Answering these questions in a way that gives us credility, shows that we know what we are talking about and helps the Seller understand we can solve their problem is vital.

Here is what we do when they say “YES, I’ll sign the deal.”:
“Don’t Take “Yes” For An Answer”

You can watch it in this video.

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Read Transcript for “Don’t Take “Yes” For An Answer“

Joe: This next objection in the process of talking to sellers about renting their home rent to buy is a little counter intuitive because it’s not really an objection – it sounds like they’re saying yes to you. They say, ‘That sounds really good. Would you send over the lease option agreement memo so I can take a look?’
Joe: Now, the reason I call this an objection is because it’s very common for a seller to use this tactic to get you off the phone. Sometimes they’re really interested but if you let them off the phone without solidifying the deal, you may never get them to return your call again in the future. So what you want to do is say,
Joe: “Absolutely. Let’s get going. So you think this is something you’d like to do?” You’re confirming the deal. You go and get a response from them, i.e. “Yes, I’m kind of interested.” “Do you have any questions about the process? Do you understand how it works?”
Joe: If they don’t understand something, you want to make sure you find out what it is. You don’t want to get off the phone and have an objection that you can’t be there to answer.
Joe: “Is there anything you aren’t sure of?”
Joe: Again, you’re just driving the nail into the coffin. It sounds repetitious but it’s not. What you’re trying to do is really bring out the problems that they might have and to find out if they are for real. It’s hard for people to lie to you two, three or four or five times in a row. Every time you ask them the question again, you may start to hear some hesitancy in their voice – “Well, I need to talk to my wife about it. I need to talk to my attorney about it” or this or that. Then you answer that question or objection when it comes.
Joe: At least you’ll know what you’re dealing with. It’s much better to get a no and move on with your life than to get a yes and have to try to follow up with it later and do a lot of work to try to make these things happen without any hope of making it happen. So get the yes now – a REAL yes not just a tentative yes like this.
Joe: And so if you still can’t bring them down on this, then maybe it makes sense to meet with them. Now, if you’re doing this all remotely, that’s not going to be possible but if you’re doing it local to your area, say, ‘Why don’t we just meet over at the house and I’ll bring along the memo. I’m not near my fax machine anyway and I need to see the house and get some pictures. Would you be able to meet me there this afternoon?”
Joe: So that’s the basic objection technique to be able to get into the house, meet with the people, get a lease option memo in front of them and find out if they’re real or not. Alright I hope that helps. Thanks.

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