“Fear Creates Failure”

When you are in a business, whose sole purpose is to help folks succeed in their life and their business, you discover that many people encounter enormous fear everyday.


It is a fear that paralyzes and can ultimately kill its victims.


Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best in his 1933 Inaugural Address…

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

This week, I got a better look at this fear than normal. A woman sent me 7 or 8 separate emails this week asking me about my real estate program (which I don’t mind answering, by the way – lots of people have perfectly legit questions).

It soon became clear to me that she was extremely frightened of spending the $97 that my ebook cost and I suggested that it might be best if she waited and purchased at another time… a time when she felt more confident in herself and her finances.

I don’t believe that you can be successful in any venture if you are ruled by fear.

FrustrationIt will eat you up.

She didn’t take my advice and went ahead and purchased my book online. Within 24 hours, she returned the material with the explanation that she would not be able to do the things necessary to accomplish it.

It was clear by her comments that she had not even read the book.

Now I’m not complaining about returns. I promise a full 100% money back guarantee and I always honor it… even when I feel that I am being taken advantage of in some way. Only 3% of my books are returned… an amazing statistic in this business. Most businesses that sell online books expect a 20% return ratio and I have a more openhanded return policy than just about anyone.

But my point here is, no matter what you do in life, if you want to succeed, you must take some risks. I’m not talking about bungee jumping from hot air balloons. I’m talking about stepping outside your comfort zone and taking a shot at your dreams.

“So what?” if you fail… you try again… and then again. Never give up. As long as you live, keep trying. Life is not finished until you are dead.

All right… I’ll get off my soapbox – at least till next time.

What’s Holding You Back…?

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  1. Kale Harmon
    May 7, 2013 at 2:50 pm · Reply

    Well, a man doesn’t like to admit that he’s scared of taking the plunge into a new venture, but dealing with such big cost items such as houses and land does make me quake in my boots a bit. I can understand the woman in your example, and hopefully she went on to be successful in some other venture. Me? I’m pushing through the fear and going for the gold.

  2. Cmarten
    May 5, 2013 at 4:44 pm · Reply

    People don’t want to fail, especially if money is tight. I’ve also found that some people seem afraid to succeed too, which confuses me a bit. I think in general, they might be afraid of what they will have to do – the effort and things they need to learn – to get to the point they want to be at. You and Roosevelt were right.

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