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First Deal In 4 Weeks – Profit $4,000


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First Deal In 4 Weeks – Profit $4,000 “

TJ: My name is TJ Jancuska and I am from Clayton, North Carolina. I started investing in real estate in I think 1996, but I started working with Joe’s program probably six years ago, six, seven years ago. The appeal in part with Joe’s program is you really don’t need any money at all, and that’s the biggest hurdle most investors face. The first deal I did working under Joe’s program probably took me about four weeks to do. And it was a pretty simple deal in terms of I was able to get in and get out pretty quick and probably profited about $3,000. The process, I did make cold calls. I was able to secure a house with the lease option memo and market it shortly thereafter and get it under contract, get it to a position where I could turn it back out.

TJ: The time I put in that deal was fairly minimal. From beginning to end probably four or five hours would be about it. Best deal I ever did was a pretty large house on a golf course and I was able to pick it up and in thirty days have it resold and gone. So, it was a good deal. Very good deal. On that particular deal once I got it under the agreement, under the option memo, I really just started marketing it from there. Getting it under the, getting it under the option memo was fairly easy. I marketed it pretty hard for about two weeks. I showed it several times. I was able to turn it back out within thirty days from the initial signing date. Very good deal. It was on a golf course. A very nice house.

TJ: Average would probably be $4,000. So probably between $3,000 and $5,000, but $4,000 would be a pretty good average.

TJ: Not as consistent as I would like to. I have not put as much energy into it as I should and I could, but when you do put the effort into it the results are there, absolutely. You have to, you have to work it. It’s going to take, if you dedicate eight to ten hours a week you’ll get some very consistent results. As a real estate investor I would like to do deals on a more regular basis, very consistent. I’d like to average four to six deals a month in addition to other real estate as far as picking properties. I’d rather be subject to or even as a licensed general contractor, and build my own investment properties.

TJ: It’s had a very positive impact on my life and that trickles down into the family. When you’re able to close deals and make the extra money it allows for a lot of good things to happen. I want real estate investing to be my full time job because of the residual income. So in addition to making the chunks of money or the option fees, have a residual income on rental property so you don’t have to wake up and go to work every morning.

TJ: I have, I’ve been using the Automarketing program for about a year now and again, when the effort is put into the results are there so I do use the Automarketer and it is a very powerful program. Very successful when you use it. I load up in the Automarketer, I put my specifications in. Once I put in my specifications it pulls out all of the potential properties sends the email blast out to them and then I start getting responses and when you start getting responses then that’s when you have to basically have turn around, pick up the phone and call them back and continue the process. So it’s the initial three hundred emails that are sent out that is the huge time savers. It’s, that’s the most beneficial part to it right there.

TJ: The advice that I would give them, two things, one, I would definitely look at Joe’s program because, again, like I said earlier, yeah, no money is need to get started. You can do it without the automation. You can do it with the, basically an internet connection and a phone. So the recommendation I would make is get in touch with Joe, learn what he has to offer and just do it. If you take the action, results will happen. I think real estate investing is the way to go and Joe’s program is a great way to get started and create cash flow and create wealth.

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