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How Do You Get Documents Signed Online?


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If you are going to do all your business remotely, you need to be able to get your documents signed and delivered over the Internet.

Watch the video to learn how to do that…

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Read Transcript for “How Do You Get Documents Signed Online?”

“I have two questions. How do I see and print out the copies of the lease agreement memo…” (she’s talking about the lease option memo) “…and the “Subject To” form if they’re filled out and signed electronically?” – Denise

Joe: Well, Subject To isn’t online. We don’t have an online Subject To form. There’s actually a whole series of forms. And if you want those, you can get that from the (not Push Button Automarketer – remember those are two different things). Push Button Method is actually free if you buy six months of the Push Button Automarketer, so go look at and before you buy that for $997, go get the Push Button Automarketer for $995 for six months of that and you get the Push Button Method for free. It’s just an incentive to get people to pay for six months instead of one month of that program. You also get it in the mentor program as part of the mentor package and download on the members site as well. And that’s just Subject To we‘re talking about.
Joe: The lease option agreement memo, though, is online. It is part of the Automarketer, and what happens is when they fill out that form and click ‘sign digitally’, it sends you an email with a copy of it, it sends them an email with a copy of it and it puts their name into your autoresponder database so that you’ve got them permanently online in your system. So you’ve got three different ways to prove that you have access and you have control of that property and that they signed it, so it’s a good thing.
Joe: Her second question here is,

“Why is it that when I do a ‘filter my list’ and ‘search’ in the Push Button Automarketer that it finds 700 listings? For example, I ‘select all’ and ‘queue’ that it only sends out 200 emails?”

Joe: She’s saying that when she does a filter of her list, the filter looks at everything that’s been scraped and she’s probably pulling stuff that’s a month or two or three months old, and the older that lead is, the less likely that lead is to still be on Craigslist. Before our system sends out an email to those people, it will first look on Craigslist and see if that ad is still up. If it’s up, then it sends it out. If it’s not, then it throws that one away and then goes to the next one.
Joe: So if you’re sending a bunch of old ones out, it may go through 700 and only find 200 that are still active because the other 500 have been taken off of Craigslist. We don’t want you to waste your email credits because you only get a certain number of them in the system. We don’t want you to waste your email credits on ads that no longer exist, so that’s the reason that happens.
Joe: Alright, I hope that helps. Good luck, Denise.

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