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How Effective Is The Automated Text Blast System For Acquiring Leads?


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How Effective is the Automated Text Blast System With Acquiring Leads

Joe: Hey it’s Joe. I’ve got another one. This is another one about automation. And it’s about the automated follow up text blast system. This is in the Automarketer that we’re doing this. This is a sequential text blast procedure. So we’ll go in, I pick the city, I pick the category For Sale By Owners and I’ve queued up the last two weeks of leads that are for sale that are two bedrooms or more. And I’ll put them into the follow up system. The follow up system immediately sends them an email and tries to get them to respond by email. It also sends them, on the same day, at the same time, a text message that says, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than selling outright?” And the email will probably get between a 4%, 5%, 6% response. The text blast will get anywhere from 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% response rate. I’ve seen them go up to 70% response rate on text blasts. They’re amazing.

Joe: So we get a text blast and that comes in almost immediately. The email, it’ll take a day or two or three days to send them out because it sends it out very slowly because that’s the way we had to design it in order for those emails to actually get through. But the text blast goes out all at once and then you start getting responses back within 5, 10, 15 minutes and you’re getting responses back that you can immediately call and start trying to put together deals. So that’s the first blast that goes out. Then, three days later, another text blast goes out. This time it puts in the url, the link to the rent to own seller site so it sends them a link, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy? If you would, take a look at this website.” And it takes them to this website and it tells them exactly how the process works without you having to say anything.

Joe: If they like the concept then they can fill out a form that says here’s my property, here’s the address that I’ve got, here’s information about the property, how much I want for it, how much I’ll rent it for, et cetera et cetera et cetera. And they hit that form and it sends you an email, puts this person into a database, it automatically sends that person another email after they’ve filled out that form that says, “Here, go to this website and fill out the lease option memo.” And then asks them to go and fill out the lease option memo and some of them do it and some of them don’t. Sometimes you have to call. But if they fill out that form in the first place, that’s a very good lead. You need to be talking to that person.

Joe: So you get that person on the phone, if you have any competency at all you can probably close that type of lead. But let’s say they don’t respond or they don’t go to the link, or they don’t do it. Or they send you an email saying, you know, “Stop sending me this stuff.” And it’ll take them off that list automatically most of the time. We’ve got a lot of key words that we look for. We looked at all of Google’s profanity words and all the different spellings of, there’s like 500 different profanity words that we’ve put into the system. So if anybody sends back a text with any of those things it automatically puts them on a black list and doesn’t send them anymore.

Joe: But everybody else it’s going to keep sending the text to. Every week after the first week it starts sending them once a week and it does it for three months. And it sends them to the “We Buy Houses” site, you know, guaranteed offer on your home. It sends them to the For Sale By Owner, FSBO – I’m sorry – the Subject To site, that sells them on selling the property subject to. It sells them, sends them just regular text messages without any url and it scatters them out over time through that process so that you know, different, and we’ve been tracking the response rates on these. It drops down a little bit every time it sends out, but by the last one that it got to, it was still after three months, we were still getting a 20$ or 30% response rate on these text blasts even though they’ve gotten them over and over and over again from us, they’re still looking at them and then not just reading them, it’s not just a reading rate, an open rate, it’s an actual response rate. They’re sending back a message saying, “Yeah, I’d consider that,” or “No, I still don’t want to do it,” or whatever.

Joe: But the idea is that home sellers, being able to work with them, it’s like a moving parade. They’re always moving forward, always moving forward, they’re all at different places in the process. Some people just listed it on the, on Craigslist last week and they want to try it. They don’t realize that they are not going to be able to sell it. 85% to 95% don’t succeed. They don’t realize that yet but maybe after two weeks, or after four weeks or after six weeks or after two months or after two and a half months they start to think, “Yeah, you know, this guy’s been pretty persistent, you know, maybe he would do a good job. Maybe he’s serious. Maybe he’s not just a fly by night because he’s being consistent about following up with me.”

Joe: Follow up goes a long way with people. And then once they respond, then any response that they do goes into the CRM system. The CRM system notifies you that it’s there. You go in and call everybody that has to be called, or you have your telemarketer do that call for you and do a two-step process to try to convert them. If they say no, then you put them into a follow-up you know, hard follow up system inside the CRM that sends them a series of emails or voice blasts or text blasts or gives you a series of tasks that you do, maybe send them out a snail mail. Or maybe give them a call or maybe have one of your people give them a call and you can task it to specific people on your group. Because we have a team system within the CRM that allows you to have multiple people working for you. It’s very cool, CRM.\

Joe: Anyway, hope that helps. Thank.

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