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I Want To Get Rich Quick. Can You Help Me?


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Read Transcript for “I Want To Get Rich Quick. Can You Help Me?”

Can you get rich using what I teach? Yes, you can, but – this is a business building program, not a get rich quick scheme. I’ll explain more…

“I want to get rich quick working very little. Can you help me?”

Joe: Well, at least you’re honest. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This is a business building program. You have to treat it like a business or you won’t make any money.

Joe: Let me give you the statistic of the people that are successful in my program: 80% fail and 20% succeed. Sounds like a miserable statistic, I know, but in fact, it’s a phenomenal statistic.

Joe: Most of the other programs out there teaching this type of stuff have a 4% or 5% success rate, so my success rate is 400% higher than what’s happening. It’s because of the things that we’re doing – it’s because of the buying events, the constant follow-up, the fact that they have contact with me (the creator of the program) rather than somebody I’ve trained, plus, they have all of the materials that they can look at to keep growing and building their business.

Joe: It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but you CAN do well with it if you follow through. Don’t ever think that anything out there is going to be a get rich quick scheme. Even winning the lottery is a long shot – the likelihood that that’s going to happen is a way long shot, and then if you do win it, you have to know how to deal with that money or you’re going to end up where you’re at right now in just a few years, or at least that’s been the case with most lottery winners.

Joe: So, there’s no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ – there IS such a thing as ‘get rich’, and – get rich by building a business.

Joe: It doesn’t have to take a long time, and depending on what your perspective of what rich is, you can be rich in a year or two years – some people think that making $100,000 a year is feeling rich – some people feel that they have to make a million dollars a year – and some people feel that they have to make 100 million dollars a year before they’ll feel rich. Well, whatever that number may be, you can get rich in this business and make it happen, and, you can grow from a beginning that I can give you in this mentor program. I hope that answers the question. Thanks, now.

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