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I Was Able To Quit My Job. Now I’m Home And Around To Help My Daughter With Her Homework


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Read Transcript for “I Was Able To Quit My Job. Now I’m Home And Around To Help My Daughter With Her Homework”

Latoria: My name is Latoria Reynolds and I’m from Pensacola, Florida. My partner was surfing on the internet and was trying to find some ways to have residual income coming in and to have a better lifestyle and he came across Joe’s program. We pondered it a little bit and decided to look at it a little bit further and he said, ‘Let’s go for it.’
Latoria: The first deal that we did actually happened while we were up here. My partner made the phone call and by the time that we got back, he had returned our call and said that he was willing to work with us. And he signed a lease option memo. We made about $1,500 within a few days actually.
Latoria: Our next deal might have been about a week or two later or so; within a week or two. It quickly started snowballing.
Latoria: My goal as a real estate investor – I would like to become a millionaire, then after that is to help people to try to have a better lifestyle if they’re seeking to have control over their own lives and situations.
Latoria: I was actually a CNA so I had a bit of experience in helping people. I just wanted a different challenge. And so prior to working with my partner, I kind of always inquired about learning a bit about real estate, and it just went from there. I kind of already had written down what I wanted to do and it just came to pass (this blessing).
Latoria: Yes, I had a lot of people. Some were excited for me and then there were some to where their attitude changed toward me until I Started making money and they saw results and some were still excited again, and we had some who were like, ‘Hm. Okay…’ – we had to show proof.
Latoria: It is amazing. It changed very tremendously. From doing a lot of strenuous work as a CNA to practically doing nothing, just sitting in a chair from the comfort of your own home is what I like – being able to be at home for my daughter and help her more with her homework.
Latoria: I can’t recall what would be difficult. I guess the learning curve; the learning curve was a bit difficult. You have to be patient, of course. In that process Joe did explain that there is a learning curve. By the time of the beginning of the year prior to entering Joe’s program, the learning curve was over and everything just snowballed very quickly.
Latoria: My partner and I had an experience with one particular one. I think we put about $450, maybe 500$. We didn’t actually see the person that created their program or their system. They had someone that was previously a student and now they’re teaching a class. And it was very expensive. It was between $30,000 to $60,000 just to maybe see him for like 3 days.
Latoria: I quit shortly after coming back from getting Joe’s program. A lot has changed. A lot of sellers – we have picked up a lot of sellers and buyers so kind of getting a little in so we’re definitely going to start automating.
Latoria: I would definitely get Joe’s program, implement everything he says and does, go over every material and take action. Once you get it, take action. And then from there, there is really no problem.
Latoria: It’s still surreal (that I’m saying it) so of course it’ll be surreal for the viewers that are going to see this interview – just, when you get the program, take action and you will see results. It’s still exciting and amazing to me almost every day.

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