I’m Projecting My Average Deal To Be About $5,000


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Trish Fee – Lansing, Michigan

I believe the best way to learn the business of real estate investing is to hear how others have done it.

When these interviews were recorded, I asked Tom, the interviewer, to ask questions that would help the viewer see how these folks got started.

I wanted to hear the struggles, the successes and a clear path and explanation of what they had to do to make these deals happen.

I did NOT want them to be a bunch of people telling you how wonderful Joe Crump was. I wanted content, examples and real life experiences.

I hope we succeeded.

My 6 month mentor program:

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“I’m Projecting My Average Deal To Be About 5,000″

Trish: My name is Trish. I’m from Lansing, Michigan. I heard about Joe’s program because I was looking online at some options for owning my own business and becoming independent financially. And I saw a lot of Joe’s videos online and they were very good, well put together and I really liked Joe because he seems very honest and genuine and having met him, he truly is the real deal.

Trish: I started Joe’s program about five months ago. For my first deal, it took me approximately 3 months and I made $3,000. From beginning to end my first deal took approximately I would say under 20 hours. As I’m studying all of Joe’s paperwork and reading through his books, the girls at work are asking me, “What is that? What are you doing?” And I said, “Well, I’m taking this real estate investment course and I have a mentor,” and so we got talking about real estate and one of the coworkers said, “Well, I have a house. I’m having a lot of trouble selling this house, and I need some help.” And so as I was talking with her, she was in an upside down mortgage, and she basically needed time, which is what Joe’s program gives them in the for rent method. It gives them someone else paying their mortgage that’s not them. And it was a perfect situation for her. It’s exactly what she needed because she needed someone to help her pay down the principal and took care of all her taxes and insurance and gave her about $150 positive cash flow, which, of course my coworker loves that. And so it worked really well for her.

Trish: I’m projecting my average deal to be about $5,000 per deal. As a real estate investor I have two primary goals. My first primary goal is to make money for myself and to become independently wealthy as far as to the point where I have an automated system that will consistently bring in positive cash flow for myself so that I can quit my job, get to the point where I can quit my job and do real estate. Because that really leads me to my second goal which actually is helping people. The more I do this and the more I become passionate about it, I realize that it really does help people. It’s a great service that people really need. They really do need help selling their homes and actually making a profit from it and the people who want to get into those homes that are wanting to rent to own, they really need this. They need this service and they need help repairing their credit. They need the services that we are providing for them.

Trish: The impact that Joe’s program has had on my life has been great. It’s really exactly the boost that we needed. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and that has really sparked that and given us a very direct avenue to be able to fulfill that entrepreneurial spirit and to realize that our goals and our visions and our dreams of having a steady income, of being able to give back into peoples’ lives is within our reach. It’s tangible and it’s something that we can accomplish very easily with Joe’s program.

Trish: My plans with this sort of program, I would like to become a real estate investor and an entrepreneur. I will be quitting my day job as soon as it is economically feasible. It’s definitely within my goal to do that. My advice for someone who is wanting to get into real estate who doesn’t have, you know, any realtor degree, or anything in that, it’s actually very easy with Joe’s program. He really lays it out nicely. He takes you from knowing absolutely nothing, teaches you, coaches you, mentors you, takes you all along the process, gives you the correct contracts that you need and it’s actually made the whole process very streamlined. I’ve gone from not knowing anything about real estate, real estate investing, to feeling very knowledgeable and competent in doing so.

Trish: Actually, I have been looking for a business that I could own that would take me to the wealth level that I want to go to, that had no cap. I’ve been looking for something that, you know, you couldn’t necessarily cap out and with real estate, there is no cap. You know, as hard as you want to work and as much as you want to put into it, there’s enough avenues that the cap — there’s no cap. And that’s what I was really looking for. That type of business. I’ve been dabbling in a few businesses, but I really love this. I love the, all aspects of it.

Trish: I feel like for myself the most challenging part is getting sellers on board, allowing them, allowing me to work with them. The, getting the buyers and the tenant buyers in there is super-easy. There’s absolutely no problem with doing that. I actually have way too many of them that want this sort of an option, which is what drives me, what makes me more passionate about doing this because I really feel like it’s a service. As soon as I can get more houses, I have absolutely no problem, I have no hesitation that I will be able to get people in there for them.

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