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My First Deal In 1 Week $10k Earnings First 2 Months


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Read Transcript for “My First Deal In 1 Week $10k Earnings First 2 Months”

Louis: My name is Louis D’Agostino and I’m from Brownsburg, Indiana. I joined the program and I’ve been active for about two and a half months now.
Louis: I dabbled in real estate for about 20 years on and off, just buying and selling properties; rehabs and stuff like that. I got a little bit more serious about it because I’m in the racing industry and used to travel all over the world and was fortunate enough to do that, and after a while you decide that it’s time to maybe settle down a little bit and look at some residual money that I will need for the future. Racing doesn’t always provide that. With racing, you make a very good living, but we don’t have pension plans in racing. We don’t have 401k’s. We don’t have a lot of things that are necessary to sustain your life after retirement.
Louis: So I needed to find a way to not only find a residual income but to subsidize what I currently make now, because we all like to spend money. And I looked around at different real estate programs and I happened to get online and do a Google search and Joe’s name came up along with a lot of other real estate gurus. So I did some homework and looked over all of the different people that were selling products out there, and then I come to find out that you start to get on message boards and what have you, and you find that there’s a lot of garbage out there.
Louis: And I decided, ‘Well, let me see who’s real.’ I got Joe’s number and called him and told him who I was and that I was interested in his program and he was the only one that called me back. I made contact with him, we talked quite a while on the phone and right there and then I decided that that’s the guy that I wanted to go with. Not only did he call me back but he was also local so I figured at some point we’d be able to meet and talk and he’d be a perfect mentor for me.
Louis: So I did that. I joined the Six Month Mentor Program and it’s the best thing that I ever did. The first week I started with Joe, I told him that every bit of money that I paid to him was well worth it and anybody that doubts that, I’ll show them why.
Louis: So, we’ve gone on and any time I needed help or assistance, Joe was always there. I would make a phone call. I wouldn’t always get him but I got him more often than not, so that’s pretty cool for a guy who’s as busy as he is and has the type of program that he doesn’t really need to do anything anymore, fortunately for him.
Louis: It’s been great. I’m excited about it. There’s a lot of great people out there. I got to meet a guy named Jim Dralle who also gives his time very generously. So it’s really neat. It’s been a lot of fun so far.
Louis: You look at all the different programs out there and everybody wants to be your mentor. They all want to charge you money but are they really going to be a mentor? Are they really going to support you? And that’s really what I wanted. I wanted somebody that would support me, encourage me and bring me up when I was frustrated, and so far in this short period of time, Joe’s done exactly that.
Louis: And so, for me, this is something that’s fun. I don’t have to do it right now because fortunately I’m still doing consulting engineering so I’m fortunate enough to still make an income adequate enough to support my habits. But it allows me also the time to spend learning about the program and having somebody like Joe mentor me. So to answer your question, I think that when you start doing enough research, you realize that you have to have a mentor in this program, because I did the exact same thing in my consulting business. People come to me for that mentorship and I realize how important it is when you’re doing something that you really don’t have enough knowledge for that particular subject. So that’s why I felt that it was important to have something like that and Joe happened to be the guy that was there.

Interviewer: Were you shocked that others didn’t call you back?

Louis: Yes, I think so. I think that that just tells me that they’re just a group out there to put some sort of program and material together and are just going to sell it to you and take your money and you’ll never really have any worthwhile contact with them. So it inhibits your learning, it inhibits your growth. And it’s not the money – it’s not the money that you spend – I mean, with the money that you spend in any program, you look at the value of what you can get out of it. You can go to a library and buy a book on real estate; you can get information. But you need somebody who’s been there and done it, has had failures, has had successes and can bring you through the ups and downs of starting a business. And so you go to the guy that I believe now, for sure I believe it, has got all of the necessary tools that he can give you so that you can be successful.
Louis: I’ve done 4 deals; 4 deals. And I would have done a lot more but I’m funny, because I want to make sure that I understand all of the processes and steps. Even though Joe tells you, ‘Don’t worry. Go out there and make mistakes.’ For me it’s different. In the racing industry, you don’t make mistakes. It’s difficult. Especially at my age, you get to the point where you have these old habits and with these old habits, you’re afraid to really make that mistake because you know the consequences, especially coming from my environment, so it’s taking me a little bit longer.
Louis: I feel I can do plenty of deals. I’m learning how to speak to people, both buyers and sellers. I’m getting much more confident with that. I can pick up the phone and talk to a seller without any problem. Most of the time, they have enough confidence in me to where we do the deal right now. I list the house. I have probably about 15 houses in my control right now.
Louis: And so it keeps getting better and better and I keep learning more and more of course. And so it’s good. I’m pleased with the way things are going.

Interviewer: So in 2 and a half months, you’ve done 4 deals. About how much money does that come to?

Louis: 10 grand.

Interviewer: This is the first seminar that you’ve been to, a live seminar?

Louis: Yes, first seminar.

Interviewer: So you were able to take the reading materials and the phone calls and turn that into…

Louis: Yes, with his help and between everybody that’s out there, the phone calls… God, it’s like I told him, I go to sleep with his voice on my mind. It’s like, ‘Okay I know what you sound like.’ And just doing it, and just being part of the conference calls, and being part of the whole program and taking the initiative – yes, you can do it. Anybody can do it. If I can do it, anybody can do it, so yes.
Louis: And like I said, I think there are so many more deals that I could have made. With the first deal that I made, I didn’t make a lot of money at it. I took his advice and just closed on the deal, so I made very little money on it. But, I made the deal and that was probably more significant than not.

Interviewer: How long did it take (I’m jumping in, sorry) – how long did it take you to get the first deal?

Louis: Less than a week. As soon as we started calling, I was kind of stepping over my tongue a little bit and certainly not nearly confident in what I was doing. But it was funny – I just started talking to the people and we started getting the conversation and the dialogue going and before you know it, I was getting people to say yes. And I would go and get a lease agreement memo signed, and then – done deal. And then I was able to start learning how to market their property besides the signs, getting on the Craigslist and Fillmyproperty and all of those areas that you can market.
Louis: And it’s been good. And again, it’s been just a steady learning curve for me. I know I’ve been getting better at it. I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s one of those things where you see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just so big – if you look at the big picture, it’s just huge, absolutely huge what you can do with it.
Louis: I’ve learned that I’ve spent my money well. It’s an investment. It’s the best investment that I’ve made. I’ve made my money back. I personally own properties. My properties are all slowly being converted to the rent to own method. I’ve learned so much more bout real estate. Right now I feel confident that – a lot of the real estate agents that I know don’t know half of what I know. My learning curve is so steep right now, and I also realize how much I don’t know. And I think that’s more significant because now it really makes me hungry.
Louis: And, it’s a cool business. When I get up in the morning, I don’t have to work my butt off. I can use my head instead. I can make a couple of phone calls. I can get on my computer and get a couple of deals done. So, there’s so much to go. Now I see the potential and it keeps growing and I’m even more hungry than when I first started. And that’s what’s cool about it. Then you see it start to mushroom and the business start to grow. So, I’m pretty pleased.

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  1. Lance van Merlin
    February 25, 2014 at 3:02 pm · Reply

    Hi JOE, I must have been ‘guided’ to find your web side ! We recently bought a House & a proper in Panama, & we need more training in this endeavour.
    Greetings, Lance van Merlin

    • Joe Crump
      February 25, 2014 at 3:24 pm · Reply

      That sounds good Lance. There are a lot of good resources on this blog that will also apply to Panama and other countries.

      I’ve had students in Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Belgium, Malaysia and Costa Rica use these techniques.

      Most free nations transfer property based on a system created in 14th century England, so it’s easy to translate my techniques just about
      anywhere in the free world.

      Hope that helps.
      Best Wishes,

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