The Contest Is Over – Congratulations to the 100 Winners!!

The Contest Is Over

Congratulations To The 100 Winners!

The Winner Emails Were Sent At 1:30p Eastern 02-05-14, So Check Your Spam Filters – The Subject Line Has The Words, “You won.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though the contest is over, I have turned the quiz section of the training below back on so that you can still listen to the training audios and videos.

Scroll down this post to see the links to those audios and videos.

I hope you enjoyed the game!

Questions: click the links below to go to the short training and quiz questions.

HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS: Click the link below each question to get the training and the quiz question.

LAST QUESTION – #29 “I Jumped In During The Worst Market In Years While Working A Full Time Job And Doubled My Income”

Question 28 “Can You Do “Subject To” Deals With Sellers Who Are Late On Their Mortgages?”

Question 27 A Completely Automated System That Will Bring You “For Rent Method” Sellers Who Understand What You Are Doing And Are Ready To Sign The Lease Option Memo

Question 26 “How I Did 40 Deals Part Time While Working A Full Time Job”

Question 25 “Safe Ways To Invest Using Your Home Equity Line”

Question 24 “Why 90% Of “We Buy Houses” Leads Are Useless If You Don’t Understand The Hierarchy Of Zero Down Deal Structures”

Question 23- “Did My First Deal In 2 Weeks – Paid For The Course…and everything else has been icing on the cake”

Question 22- Audio- “How Can I Protect My “Subject To” Deals From The Bank’s “Due On Sale” Clause?”

Question 21- Video- An automation tool that does deals without you doing the work.

Question 20- Video- “Freedom And The Time To Live Well, Be With My Family And Give Back”

Question 19- Audio- “Do I Need State Specific Contracts When Tying Up Properties?”

Question 18 - Video – “How To Sell Your Properties Quickly And Look Like A Pro On Your First Day In The Business”

Question 17 – Video – “A Multi-Million Dollar Internet Marketer Seeks Passive Investing Income

Question 16 – Video – “How Does Someone With No Money Or Credit Get Started In Real Estate?”

Question 15 - Video – “How To Get Sellers To Call You And Agree To Sell Their Home “Subject To” BEFORE You Ever Talk To Them”

Question 14 - Video – “$15,000 In 1 Week – First 4 Months, $55,000 Total”

Question 13 – Audio – “Can You Do “For Rent” Deals With Properties In The MLS?”

Question 12 – Video – “How To Make It 10 Times Easier To Get Your Lease Option Memo Signed By The Seller”

Question 11 - Case Study Interview – “I’m On Track To Make $100,000 My First Year”

Question 10 - Audio – How Do You Qualify Buyers For Lease Option Deals?

Question 9 “How Automation And Outsourcing My Business Allowed Me To Put It On Autopilot, Quit My Job And Spend More Time With My Family”

Question 8 - Video – $156,000 Annual Income And More Time With Our Kids…and being with them is everything

Question 7 – If You Are Doing The “For Rent Method,” What Do You Say If The Seller Wants The Lease Option Fee?

Question 6 - How To Sell Your “Rent To Buy” Houses In 30 Minutes

Question 5 – Why A Top Producing REALTOR Becomes An Investor

Question 4 – How Do You Keep The Seller From Stealing Your Buyers Out From Under You?

Question 3 - “I’m a Newbie. What Do I Say When A Seller Asks Me How Long I’ve Been In The Business?”

Question 2 – “I Was The Personal Chef For Joe’s Family Until He Taught Me Real Estate Investing”

Question 1 – “If You Lost Everything Tomorrow And Had To Start From $0, What Would You Do?”




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  1. mike guter
    February 3, 2014 at 4:15 pm · Reply


    Does this get me an extra point? Just kidding , just wanted you to know Amazon is working.

    Michael R. Gunter, a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.

    Automated Real Estate Investing:…

    Automated Real Estate Investing:…

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Joe Crump is Great!
    November 8, 2013

    • Joe Crump
      February 3, 2014 at 4:37 pm · Reply

      Hi Mike,
      I can’t give you points for the contest, but I CAN give you my thanks. Having good reviews makes a huge difference to my search position on Amazon and that affects the number of books I sell.

      So… Thank you for the great review! It means a lot to me.

      Good luck with the contest!

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