Sometimes I feel like an idiot

I sell a program that teaches people how to do something that I don’t even like to do.

In my system, I teach you to talk to buyers and sellers. It may be the best
training for learning how to get buyers and sellers to work with you that has
ever existed. I’ve never found one better.

But – I hate talking to sellers. I hate talking to buyers.

I’m good at it, but I don’t like it – I’d rather futz with my computer and bring
in deals.

So I don’t do it anymore – at least not very often.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t use my system. I do. In fact, I use it every
single day and it makes me a lot of money.

But the reason I can do it without talking to buyers and sellers is that I’ve
added one more step to the system that I don’t normally teach. I don’t teach it
because it’s an advanced technique and you may not be able to pull it off unless
you have some skill talking to sellers.

So, with that said, I’ve decided let the chips fall where they may and, for one
time only at my Buying Event, teach you how to extract yourself from talking to
sellers and buyers.

Let me step back a minute…

I’ve told you before that you need to extract yourself from your business -
otherwise, all you have is a job.

Here is how you do that:

1. Eliminate all the stuff you don’t need to do.

2. Automate everything you have to do to make money.

3. Outsource anything that can’t be Automated.

I’ve been teaching the Automation because it is 90% of the work and I felt like
it was the easiest to implement.

But although I teach how to get a robot to do the 90%, I’ve been teaching YOU to
do the 10% that can’t be automated. SOMEONE has to talk to buyers and sellers if
you want to create a steady stream of deals.

When you are just a beginner, getting someone to talk to sellers for you is more
difficult than doing it yourself. It also takes more time to accomplish.

But once you learn to do it properly, you can expand your business far beyond
what you ever thought possible. You can also do all your business remotely – you
don’t have to be in or near the town you do deals. You just need an internet
connection to that town.

Here is what your business would look like…

When you use this new system, you will:

> NEVER have to make a phone call

> NEVER have to talk to a Seller

> NEVER have to talk to a Buyer

> NEVER do any of the work yourself – outsource it all for pennies

> NEVER spend a dime on down payments

> NEVER need or use your credit

You still need to oversee it and make sure it’s running smoothly, but the time
it takes to do this is tiny compared to what you have to do to keep it running
without this knowledge or automation.

Once it’s set up, the daily work is done for you.

It is the closest thing I’ve ever created to a money machine. I know that sounds
like hype, but I’m not feeding you a line here – this is the real deal.

Here is how it works:

1. You either hire someone to do it for you or you use my software to send out
messages to Sellers asking if they will sell on terms. This takes about 10
minutes per week – zero minutes if you have a low priced assistant doing it for
you. This gives you a CONSTANT stream of motivated Sellers who will consider
seller financing contacting YOU.

2. When you use the Automarketer software system, it scrapes powerful, motivated
seller leads from several websites. The software does the heavy lifting and
gives them anywhere from 100 to 800 new leads per WEEK to email, voiceblast and
textblast – it’s a never ending new source of sellers and they are free to
gather and free to email – there is a cost of 2.5 cents per message when you
voiceblast and textblast. And these are B2B leads for you Internet marketers out
there, so contacting them is NOT spam.

3. After the message is sent to the Seller, responses come in. If they are from
emails, the response come in over a few hours and a few days. If you send
voiceblasts or textblasts, the responses usually come in within minutes.

Email responses are automatically plugged into our autoresponder and they all
start getting a sequence of emails that drive them to one of the Seller websites
(there are several designed for different purposes, but I won’t get into them
all here). A small percentage of them will read the site and fill out the online
form. They will also fill out the online Lease Option Memo and *give you control
of their property.*

They do this WITHOUT talking to you! I’m not joking. Some of them will get your
email, but do nothing – our autoresponder will continue to send them emails
FOREVER until they sign up or unsubscribe or die. It’s amazing how many deals
come in with this system months after we first contact them.


WARNING: Only a small percent will do it this way. The rest of the leads will
need to be called by either you or someone you train. Finding and training that
person is the ADVANCED session I’m going to be teaching at the Buying Event to
my mentor students.


At the beginning, you will be the one to call these Seller leads. It’s
imperative that you learn this process if you want to move on to the ADVANCED
training to learn how to hire and train someone to do it for you.

Once you learn it, it will be a lot easier for you to use my techniques to find,
train someone to do this work for you – and in the process protect yourself from
having them leave and do nothing but become your competition. You are going to
love the things I have in place to do all this – it’s very, very cheap to do and
it won’t even dig into the profits from your local deals because you are going
to start new people like this in areas outside your normal working cities.

What happens when you do this is that your base EXPANDS and you start doing more
deals. You don’t have to let your business drop off while you are bringing in
new help. It can work beautifully if you set it up correctly.

4. Once you have the deal and control the property, you need to either hire a
Realtor to sell the property for you or train someone to show the property while
you deal with the Buyers on the phone – this is not very difficult to teach. If
it’s a Realtor, you don’t pay them, they get paid ONLY if they sell your
properties and they are very reasonable. If you pay someone besides a Realtor,
it will be CHEAPER and often easier… even though you may have to give them $50
before you get it sold if you are paying $10 per hour.

5. The buyer person you hire is going to put YOUR sign in the yard (cost $3
dollars), take some digital pictures (their camera) and put their lockbox on the
door. They are also going to contact the Seller by phone and pick up the key and
introduce themselves.

6. Your ($5 to $10 per hour) Virtual Assistant is going to post your property
for sale using the online sites we tell them to use. Again, I have written this
process all out for them and created videos to explain it, so there is no
guesswork. Remember, you can do all this work yourself – and maybe you should on
your first few deals, but it can all be outsourced or automated.

7. Buyer leads will come in and be put into your database (that we set up for
you) either automatically, when they fill out the online form OR manually if
they call you. But again, this is done by the person who is handling your

That’s it – once it’s set up and working, it will start making you money. It has
worked in every market we’ve ever tested it. And if for some reason it doesn’t
work for you in one area (not likely), you can always try it in another area or
even MULTIPLE areas. Yes – it’s scalable! You can do this NATIONWIDE – even
worldwide if you like.

Pretty cool, right?

Have you ever heard of a business system that did so much of the work for you
from DAY ONE?

If this isn’t getting your juices flowing, you have no business being a real
estate investor.

There is NOTHING like this system ANYWHERE in the world. Companies spend
millions of dollars to create systems like this. I had to try hundreds of
different techniques before I found the right combination of automated
activities, software and processes to make this work.

And you can do it from ANYWHERE.

You can sit on the beach and manage this entire system with nothing but your
laptop and an internet connection. You can do it in 8 to 10 hours a week…
often less – and this is BEFORE you find someone to work with your Sellers.

>>> And here is the part that is going to make it irresistible.

If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to pay me a dime. I mean it. I guarantee 100%
that it will work if you do it the way I teach it.

I am ONLY going to give this system to the people who come to my Three Day
Buying Event here in Indianapolis, Indiana. You MUST be there to get this

I’m going to invite all my past Six Month Personal Mentor Program students to
this event for FREE. If you are a past or current mentor student and you want to
come, you MUST reserve a spot (they are limited) – send me an email and I’ll get
you the hotel details.

If you are not yet a member of my Six Month Mentor Program, you can sign up.
I’ll put some links below that explain the program and the other things that are
included. It’s NOT a cheap program, but there are some discounts if you qualify
and a payment plan available (see the link below).

But it cost PENNIES compared to buying a business. And if you compare it to
getting a college education, it’s WAY faster and WAY cheaper.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to this program is that you have ME there to help. I
don’t pawn you off to some inexperienced underling – you get to speak with me
personally on my conference calls, you get to meet with me personally at the
events and you get access to me by email and fax.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

You need to ask yourself if you are ready to make a change in your life. Are you
ready to take control of your future and stop saying with a wistful voice
“Someday I’ll make a change.”

I’m going to put some links below that will explain the Mentor program, what it
costs and what is included. I will also give you a video interview with me where
I talk about the techniques I teach in this program. AND I will give you a video
of what we do at the Buying Event (these are methods and systems in ADDITION to
what I’m talking about above).

If you are already a mentor student or have been one in the past and you want to
come, just send me an email. I’ll put you on the list. Again – there is no
charge for you to attend.

If you want to sign up – don’t wait till the event to do so – you can get
started RIGHT now – today. The more you learn before you come, the more you will
get from the event. I’ll teach you how to make real offers on property without
using money or credit on the FIRST day in the program. It’s phenomenal.

You can also bring your spouse or business partner for no extra charge.

If you are interested in signing up, call me. I want to talk to you personally
and ask you a few questions to make sure you are right for the program. If you
have questions that aren’t answered on the links below, feel free to call me -
but please only do this if you are serious and have the resources to come. I do
not allow anyone to do this program on “spec.” It would be unfair to my other
students and not a good business model for me.

I wish you all the best of all good things. I hope to meet you soon.

Best Wishes,

Joe Crump


PS –  Here is a link to the page that explains the Mentor Program.

This link is a video interview with me explaining what I teach in the

Here is a video that talks about the Two Day Buying Event coming up.

And here are a bunch of my Student Interview Videos: This is a program that
really does change lives. I’ve seen it over and over again since I started
teaching my systems back in 1999 and they’ve grown like crazy since then. You
can even watch a few videos from some of my recent students and see the results
they’ve had in my program. It’s nothing short of amazing when you hear some of
the stories these folks tell. AND you will learn how they put their business
together – they aren’t just patting me on the back, they actually tell you how
they did it. You can watch them here:



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