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Will Becoming A Real Estate Investor Increase My Business As A Real Estate AGENT?

  Read Transcript About half of the investors who use my system also have a real estate license. Most of them tell me that it not only finds them real estate investing deals, but it also increases their income as Read More…

Investing 101

How Do I Find An Attorney Who Understands Real Estate Investing?

  Read Transcript Using a good attorney is smart, but finding the right person who understands creative real estate investing is much harder than a quick google search. Here is what I look for in an attorney. You can watch Read More…

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I’m An Agent – Can I Do What You Teach Without Breaking The Law?

  Read Transcript Many agents use my system because it brings in leads. Most of them start out with the concern that they might be breaking the rules if they invest with the methods I teach. Here is how to Read More…

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The Market Is Booming In My Area. Why Would Anyone Do Seller Financing?

  Read Transcript Here are some of the reasons a seller would choose seller financing in a booming market. If you understand these reasons, you will start to see that the market condition doesn’t really affect our ability to get Read More…

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