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What Are The Best Sources For Finding Motivated Seller Leads?

  Read Transcript ____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Program – Automate your business: My 6 month mentor program: My Two Day Buying Events My Real Estate Investing Blog: My home study program (there are 68 free Read More…


How Automation Creates A Constant Stream Of Seller Financed Deals With No Money Down And No Credit Needed

  Read Transcript Sometimes, I walk down to my office at my house and I sit down and have to think a while about what I need to do. I answer a few emails from my students. I look at Read More…


Is It Easier To Find Buyers Or Sellers

  Read Transcript Everyone asks – what should I do first – go for sellers or build my buyer list? And which is easier – and why… Watch this video to know my answer…. ____________________________________________________________ My PushButton Automarketer Program – Read More…


I Don’t Want To Make Phone Calls To Sellers. Can I Still Be An Investor?

  Read Transcript Oh, how I hate to get on the phone with buyers and sellers. It’s even worse if you are brand new and don’t know what you’re talking about. Here is how to set up a business so Read More…

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