TextBlast Marketing is Here! – Seller’s Will Finance Your Deals

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We’ve been working on a new addition to the Automarketer system that allows you to send out TextBlasts to every For Sale By Owner with a cell phone on Craigslist and several other sites… and it is finally ready to go.

The response is lightning fast – watch the video below and I’ll show you the kind of leads I can produce in 15 minutes.

If you already have an Automarketer account, go to the “Training” tab and watch the “Quick Start Video.” It’s about 3 minutes long and shows you how to send a blast. There is also a longer video that shows you how to modify your messages, add domain names, add tracking links and some other cool stuff.

It’s also very cheap to send these out – compare 2.5 cents per message vs. .50 per letter mailed – and the response rate is the closest thing to instant that you will ever see.

All of these responses are folks who have their home for sale and have read our message asking if they would consider seller financing… and many of them are saying “yes” or “tell me more.”

AND, you can modify and change the messages and the links to your sites anyway you like.

ALSO – I’m adding a way for you to do “Subject To” deals using this blast – and I’ve already written the marketing messages for you. All you have to do is turn it on and start getting leads.

Watch the video, then, if you are interested, check out the website about the Automarketer for more details about what this is all about.

NOTE: If you already have an Automarketer account, press CTRL +R to clear your cache in order to see the new changes to your account. If you have problems, put a help ticket in at http://joecrump.com/help

There has never been an automated system like this before – ANYWHERE. You may think you’ve seen other people who claim to have a system like this, but I challenge any of them to go up against this system.

The Automarketer will bring in real leads – very quickly – who respond to your seller financed offers. That means you can do deals with nothing down and no income or credit verifications.

The training and the systems are all include.

I hope you will give it a try.

Enjoy the video.

Best Wishes,
Joe Crump


Read Transcript for “TextBlast Marketing is Here! – Seller’s Will Finance Your Deals”

Text blast marketing is finally ready! I’m excited to show you how you can use it to get phenomenal responses to your real estate investing offers.

Joe: We finally got the text blasts up and running. We’ve been testing it for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been getting some really phenomenal results. I’m going to show you how it works here and hopefully, you’ll get as excited about it as I am.

Joe: This is for everybody that has the “Automarketer” program. If you don’t have the program, you can go to PushButtonAutomarketer.com and read all about it and get the details about it.

Joe: What we’re doing is sending out email blasts, voice blasts and now, text blasts that, essentially, are going to people who have their homes for sale and asking them if they would consider selling their home rent to buy rather than just renting it. That’s the “For Rent Method”.

Joe: We’re also using the “Subject-To” system with voice blasts and text blasts. You can actually upload phone numbers or text numbers and you can send out to those, or you can use the filter and the scraper we’re using, which is what I’m going to show you how to do right now.

Joe: Let me go first to the category and location. If you’ve been on the site before, one of the changes that we’ve made is that we’ve added two more sites: eBay classifieds and kijiji.ca. This allows people who are in Canada to use our site and use the Canadian site. Craigslist is great in Canada as well, but Kijiji adds another layer to this.

Joe: All you have to do when you set it up (and you only do this part one time) is select the city and state and the category that you want to work in. Do that with all of the pages and sites that you want to use. For most of the people that are in the United States, they’re going to be selecting Craigslist, Backpage and eBay Classifieds. If you’re in Canada, it’ll be Craigslist and Kijiji.

Joe: Once you do that, you can click on this ‘click to save’ and it’ll save that, and then it’ll take a few hours for it to scrape. It works on what’s called a ‘crone task’, so every few hours what it does is that it goes in and makes a scrape. If you open this little tab on the side, it’ll show you when the next scrape is going to be: 10:30 at night, and it’s about 8 o’clock right now, so that’s about two and a half hours from now. It runs every three hours. It just ran recently.

Joe: Now that you’ve got that done and you’ve waited your three hours to get started (or if you’re already using it, it’s already been populated for you and been scraped and its pulling up new listings every two or three hours) you can go to ‘filter your list’ then scroll down the page.

Joe: Let’s pick a time and date. Let’s go back. I’ll go back a month and pull some of these up from a month ago. I’ve been doing so many recent ones now that I’ve hit most of them, and I want to go back a little bit and try to get ones that I haven’t hit. I’m also going to put the ones that have at least two bedrooms. That’ll help me get rid of some of the vacant land on there, and I’m also going to put ‘must have a phone number’ (because we can’t send a text message without a phone number).

Joe: Once we do that, then we scroll down the page. I’ll send out 100 of them this time, so I just pick 100 to a page, and then click on search, and down here below, it’s going to pull up a bunch of listings from that time period. I’m going to click on ‘select all’ and it fills all of these little boxes in, so its selecting all of these listings (each one of these is a different ad from Craigslist that we’ve scraped) and then we’re going to press ‘text blast queue’.

Joe: It’s going to turn this little red minus on, and then we choose ‘add or remove listing from the SMS blast’ which is a text blast queue and when I click on ‘text blast queue’ it’s going to turn that to a red plus all the way down the page for all 100 of these. Then, when I go to the top of the page to ‘text blast campaign’, I’m going to see that there are 96 in this text blast.

Joe: Sometimes, it finds duplicates and it doesn’t put them in right away, so it put in 96 of the 100 that I looked for, which is good. Next, I’m going to go over here and look at the message that I’ve got. I’ve already prewritten four different messages for you. Two of them are for “Subject-To” and two of them are for the “For Rent Method”.

Joe: If you have this Automarketer system, “Subject-To” isn’t defined – it doesn’t teach you how to do “Subject-To”. It’s a little more complex than the “For Rent Method” so I didn’t put that training in there. It’s in the PushButtonMethod.com and it’s in my mentor program.

Joe: But you DO get the clone sites and you get the web sites for the Subject-To in this system, so if you want to give it a test, you can do that and go to the websites and learn how to do Subject-To’s just from the websites.

Joe: To get all of the contracts and documents you need, you need the other program. With the Automarketer program, if you buy six months of the program in advance, you get one month for free so that means you only pay for five months, and you also get the $1,000 “Push Button Automarketer” program (it’s usually $997) for free. So if you’re going to buy the “Push Button Method” system, you might want to get six months of this program instead because you’ll get both for the same price.

Joe: You can look at what these messages say, and if you open one of these up, it’ll have the text that’s going out. You can send out 150 characters to them. This is one that doesn’t have a URL. That means it doesn’t have a domain name, so it’s not sending them to a link – it’s just telling them that you’d like to make an offer on your house. If I open one that has a URL, it’s going to have a tracking URL, and it is going to be already set up so that it goes to your Subject-To website you have as part of your clone sites. It tracks how many clicks it gets.

Joe: If you notice, we’ve got a really short domain name, so it leaves more room for text if you want to make your message a little bit longer, so that’s kind of a cool thing.

Joe: The way this is going to work when I hit ‘start blast’ is that it’s going to start rotating through these four messages and each one of them is going to get the same number of messages. Then you’ll be able to look at it later when they respond to see what kind of response rate you got from each one of those messages, so why don’t we go ahead and start it?

Joe: By the way, this also has the ability to upload your own phone numbers if you want to. You just browse for a .csv file. A .csv file is a file that you can use in Excel and save in the file format.csv (that means ‘comma separated variable’). You want to make sure that you put your phone numbers all in one column, and if you do that, it’ll recognize it and upload them to the system. It’ll queue them up in the system here and then you can start the blast to them.

Joe: You can send them any message you like. You don’t have to send them THESE messages – you can create another message by just adding a new message and can click on ‘active message’ and pick the one message you want it to send. So, if all you know how to do is the “For Rent Method”, you can send just For Rent Method links, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by this. You can just send out one message and deal with that one message all the time.

Joe: If you want to create a new message, and you click on this, name the message (that doesn’t go to the user. That just tells you which message it is). You put in the type of message you want in there. Let’s just show you here: ‘new message’.

Joe: And if I want to add a tracking link – let’s say I want to put my website in there. This is my support site. If I add it in there, it’ll create a tracking link (not the same one that I’m sending) so if I wanted to save it, it’ll add it. I’ll add it to this list here, and if I want to keep it active, I can do that or I can deactivate it if I don’t want it to go out to anyone. So, I’m going to activate it and then delete it because I’m not going to ever use that one, and then it’ll remove it.

Joe: If you remove any of these things, you’re not going to be able to get them back. You’re going to have to type them back in, and you’re going to lose any stats that you had, so instead of deleting them, you’re just going to deactivate them.

Joe: All of this is taught in the training program on the site when you go there, so you’re going to want to watch that separate video. I just wanted you to have an understanding of how this works.

Joe: Now I’m going to start the SMS blast. Now it’s going to start going through these. Some of these are going to be duplicates and some of them are not. It’s already ‘finding’ them. I’ve been sending out so many that I’m probably going to be sending out duplicates, but I’m going to pause it for a couple of minutes and then I’ll come back.

Joe: I’m back, but it hasn’t been ten minutes – it’s been about ten hours. This is the next day, actually. The reason that happened is because I was getting ready to do this and then I realized that it was after 8pm that I was sending these out and they can’t go out after 8pm. It’s set up now so that they go out only between the hours of 9am and 8pm so that we don’t bother people in the middle of the night accidentally (like I was getting ready to do).

Joe: Anyway, they stopped going out, and I wanted to wait until this morning. It’s now just about ten until ten o’clock. These went out immediately at 9 o’clock, and then we started getting responses back. So out of the 100 that I sent, there were 35 of those that were duplicates that I’d sent out previously, and I’ve been sending out a bunch of these things over the last few weeks so that’s not surprising.

Joe: 65 of them went through. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics on it by going into the stats. We can look at just today and just what went out of the 65. We’re showing that these many have been received. With the FSBO message that had no URL and no link to the web page, we got six responses back. There was no link there so we didn’t get any clicks. With the one that had the “For Rent Method” with a link in it, 14 of them were sent and we got one response back, so we got about a 7% response.

Joe: Typically, we’re expecting between a 6% and 8% response, so a 7% response is good. A 37% response is outrageous. We’ve been seeing a lot of really outrageous response rates on this text messaging, but don’t expect it to be that high.

Joe: If we get a 6% to 8% response, that’s a pretty sufficient number. The one that did have the link got one response and one click and the one that had no link got four responses and no clicks, so it got a 23% response. The one that had the FSBO Subject-To offer got one response. It’s been literally 20 minutes since these went out.

Joe: The numbers on my stats here aren’t very accurate because I’ve been trying different things, i.e. I’ve been deleting things, adding things and changing things around a little bit, so they’re not very accurate because of the way I’ve been testing it. I’ve been trying to break the thing by trying it different ways. But I just wanted you to see that a response comes in immediately and quickly.

Joe: Then let’s take a look at the leads that are actually coming in by going to text blaster leads. You can see that we’ve got a lot of leads that are coming in. Let’s take a look at a few of these responses.

Joe: This one says, ‘Give me a call’. You can look at the link to the house by clicking on that little green button and see the house that they had advertised that we called about. This dropdown menu will show these people have run a bunch of different ads apparently for the same property. They may have changed the price. So, you can kind of get a feel for what they’ve done here.

Joe: So, that’s something worth looking at. Plus, you can view the original ad if it’s still up on Craigslist, and if it’s not, you’ll have to look at it in here. If there are pictures in the ad, they show up here as well. This one didn’t have a picture in it. Here’s one that says, ‘This house is sold’. This one says, ‘I texted you twice and never heard back.’ That’s because I’ve been doing lots of testing and I haven’t talked to everybody. This one has no idea what we’re texting about. This one says, ‘I need a regular sale – sorry.’

Joe: Typically, what we’ve been seeing is that half of them are saying, ‘No,’ half of them are saying, ‘Give me a call and let me know more,’ and a few of them say, ‘Go away’ (maybe not in those polite terms, so be prepared for a few things like that as well).

Joe: The response rate is amazing. You can also put the people that are not nice on this blacklist. So that’ll make it easier so that you don’t have to keep calling them back. Also, they won’t get another blast for at least another seven days, because the thing is set up so that it can’t keep hitting people up every time you send out stuff. We don’t want to make people angry at us.

Joe: You can look at your stats here by pulling up this little window and this will fill up with stats here in just a few seconds and give you some details and how much it’s costing to send this stuff out and all of that. So you can see that you can send out a lot of stuff for not very much money. It’s about $35 to send out all of these outbound SMS messages, so it’s really very cheap.

Joe: I hope that helps and that you get excited about it. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, you can go to my site at this link: PushButtonAutomarketer.com and find out more. There are lots of videos there. Or, you can read about it, watch more videos about it or you can see other people that have taken my training programs in the past. And, it talks about the pricing. You can also go to my blog. You can watch a little video there. It’s a little animation that we created that explains how the “Automarketer” works and how the process comes together. It’s a fun little animation that might be helpful, so take a look at that.

Joe: Anyway, we’re excited about it. We’re releasing it. It’s all ready to go, with the new text blast, and of course we’ve still got the email blasts and the voicemail blasts, and the clone sites are all included in this, so there’s a lot of pieces to this puzzle. But it’s not that difficult to learn – once you get inside this, there’s a training tutorial and a quick start videos that can get you started in literally five minutes with text blasts, email blasts or voice blasts right away.

Joe: It doesn’t take that much to get it set up; maybe 15 to 20 minutes to get everything set up. We click a button and it builds the site and the account for you, gets you the training materials and gets you moving in the right direction. The thing about this is that it’s bringing in a ton of leads, leads that are seller financed deal leads, not just any type of lead – these are people that are saying yes or maybe to seller financed deals, no money down and no credit, which is the whole point of most of what I’m teaching.

Joe: Thanks a lot. I hope you’ll enjoy this and that you’ll take advantage of this system. Thanks now. Bye, bye.

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  1. sri
    February 1, 2018 at 2:22 am · Reply

    Does SMS/text blasting work as two way messages, based on seller’s response, system sends followup text? Almost interactive text messages based on workflow nothing crazy but to make sure conversation moves forward

    • Joe Crump
      March 24, 2018 at 5:07 pm · Reply

      Exactly. It will respond or categorize the lead based on keywords that come back from the lead. Check out some of the newest upgrades to the system here: http://www.PushButtonAutomarketer.com

      Best wishes,

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