The Secret To Making Yourself Get Things Done


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We all have problems getting things done. We need accountability, but that seems harder to come by than you’d think.

Here is the method I use to accomplish the things I accomplish.

Watch this video to know how to do that….

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Read Transcript for “The Secret To Making Yourself Get Things Done”

“I’ve followed you for years and have even owned the push button automation program for a while but never got it operational to the point of having distressed sellers calling me to sell their home. How can I restart with your automation program with the lease costs and put accountability in place so that I follow through? I know that once I start receiving seller leads, I’ll follow through and talk to them and start putting the FOR RENT METHOD together and subject to deals together and start making money.” – Kim Glasgow, Erlington, Washington

Joe: There’s no way that I can make you accountable. You have to follow through and do the work. But I do know that I’m kind of like you – I’m not very good at being consistent over time – I have to have systems in place that get things done for me so that I can make these things happen. It’s just like when I record these videos. I’ll give them to somebody and then they’ll be the ones that’ll send them out on a regular basis, so I don’t have to worry about every other day.It’s all done for me. I can sit down and create 20 videos at a time and we can trickle them out over time to the log and develop it that way. That’s why I’m wearing the same shirt every day that you see – I’m doing this all the same day.
Joe: But if you want to be accountable, one of the best ways to do that is to get somebody else to do it for you. Let’s say you hire somebody on oDesk or Elance and they run the Automarketer for you. They go in once a week, it takes them twenty minutes and they’ll queue up your leads and they’ll start sending them out. What I would suggest is that you get a bunch of leads coming in because you want to talk to a lot of people. So use the email, the voice blasts and the text blasts to get it going.
Joe: That means on Monday, pull up all of the leads that came in over the last week, queue those up for email and start sending those. Those will trickle out between 50 and 75 emails per day that’ll go out, and leads will start to trickle in over the days. On the same day, do a text blast to that same list, to that same last full week of phone numbers that you have – do a text blast and within minutes, leads will start coming in. You can respond to those leads immediately. Make sure you’re available when you send out the text blasts when you call people back because you’ll get leads almost immediately.
Joe: Then you wait a couple of days, and on Thursday, do a voice blast to that same group, that same previous week list that you did before. So now you’ve hit them three different ways. Will they get annoyed because you hit them so many times? – Some of them will – some of them will say, ‘Quit contacting me!’ That’s okay because some of them will not check their email or it’ll go to spam. Some of them will not respond to a text but they’ll respond to a voicemail. So it’s a little different. Some people don’t have texts – their phone numbers aren’t text numbers so when you send them a text, it doesn’t go through, so you send them a voicemail instead and it gets to them that way. So, it doesn’t really matter.
Joe: Plus, it shows consistency and it shows that you really are interested in what they’ve got, so that when they see that you’ve come in three times… Remember, in the old direct marketing training that you’ve had, they always said 8 or 9 contacts before people start responding. We don’t have that problem, but if we send 2 or 3 contacts at a very inexpensive cost – if you send out 500 of these, it’s not going to cost very much to get those people to respond.
Joe: 2.5 cents per piece – that’s very little money that you have every week going out in order to get these leads coming in. Even if you only send out 200, it’s just going to be a few bucks. It’s not going to be expensive when you look at the big picture, especially if you were running classified ads in the newspaper, other places, i.e. TV ads, $75 per lead – we’re talking about a dollar or two per lead that you can get and get them consistently and not have to worry about the marketing. You can do it over and over and over again and make that stuff happen and have somebody else do that for you. So that’s the way that it’s going to make you accountable.
Joe: You have those leads coming in. But I also find that you can have leads coming in and then not call them. If you don’t do that, you’re not going to make any money. One of the ways that I do it with my folks is that I send out emails to my mentor students saying, ‘Come on my conference call,’ and I ask them, ‘Have you been making your calls? Do you have any questions about the responses that you’re getting? Are you talking to these people? Send me your success log. Tell me what you’re doing.’
Joe: That success log helps because I expect people to send it to me every week. They don’t all do it, and if they don’t do it, I can’t help them, but if they at least do that, it lets me know what’s going on and if I can look at that success log, I can say, ‘Hey, why aren’t you making the calls? Why aren’t you doing that? This is the most important thing that you should be doing at this particular time in your business. The most important thing that you should be doing in your business when you start is making offers on properties, building up your inventory so that you have properties to sell.’
Joe: Once you have properties to sell, then you can turn around and sell those properties and you can make money. But you never want to stop building your inventory. And eventually, you don’t want to do it yourself – you’re going to have somebody it for you; you’re going to outsource that. But at the beginning, you’re going to be doing all that yourself. You’re going to be ultimately the rainmaker. Although these leads are going to be coming in and you’re going to be dealing with those, so you’re going to be talking to people that are much more qualified than just cold calls. Cold calls are no fun. Anyway, I hope that helps. Good luck.

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    October 6, 2014 at 2:01 pm · Reply

    When is the next buying event after the 18th of October. I’m working on money to get to it. Do you have the exact date for them? For the next year

    • Joe Crump
      October 12, 2014 at 10:26 pm · Reply

      I will have this info posted by the end of the month.

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