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We Came Home From Joe’s Buying Event And Did 4 Deals Right Off The Bat. The First Gave Us 4K CASH


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Read Transcript for “We Came Home From Joe’s Buying Event And Did 4 Deals Right Off The Bat. The First Gave Us 4K CASH”

Fred: Basically, I had been investigating real estate places and courses online, and having not liked the current state of the economy, and I felt that if this Joe Crump was a real person… I spoke to my better half Janine, and told her that I think we’ll pull the trigger, and literally a week prior to the course a year ago, we paid through the credit card when Janine called (because she’s got more of the moxy with the calling than I do) after my conference being shot a bit. And he got back to her (the live Joe Crump). So I reviewed the site one more time and then said, ‘Let’s go. We’re going to learn something with alternative financing.’ And the rest is history.
Fred: A little slow at first, more due to me being, again, afraid a little bit, that conference – just not trusting. I mean, I’m educated. I’m not a dummy by any stretch; I’m very, very computer literate, well read, marketing sales, managing people in a 35 man shop. I’ve managed groups of 60 people before. I’ve got no problem hiring, or firing – you name it. But I was just a little beat up there, and I didn’t trust my instincts to say, ‘Hey, make a phone call,’ or ‘Can I go visit and see a seller or listen to buyers?’
Fred: Finally! And we did three deals for crying out loud, after coming home from the course! I gave her a call the first day we did it – I got 4 grand in cash. I gave her a call. I was stunned! I go, ‘You wouldn’t believe this. I got 4 thousand bucks – in cash!’ I said, ‘I’m not sure what the hell’s going on. We’re going out to dinner for starters.’ And we did, right, Janine?
Fred: Then it faded. She’s got a full time job. I started, again, feeling sorry, not pushing the buttons, leaving lists for her when she got home. That’s how beat up I was. And it took until somewhere in June, July or August, a little soft, not my partner the love and my companion – that was more me. We took the bull by the horns. I got a lot more aggressive on the phone, with answering the phone, and shooting out emails. I would actually do the emails anyway, but calls would come in and again, I would wait. I would look at the phone when it was ringing. I’m telling you, I would look at the caller ID and I wouldn’t answer it. I’m dead serious. And then, again, for some reason, reading enough Joel Osteen, book ‘We’ve reviewed Joe crump.’ Listening to Jim Jarrell on Thursday evenings, I’d look in the mirror and say, ‘You’re as good as anybody else. Take the ball and start doing something.’
Fred: We got more serious in September, and in October we do a couple of deals, November we do a couple of deals. You know, we’ve been talking to you, Jim, on Thursday nights, literally three out of every four, and we’ll hear Jay over there and some other wonderful people. And in September, we did two and a half deals. We had a deal where a person calls us up just for the paperwork for 675 bucks or 650 bucks. And I emailed it and a check came two days later in the email. I was like, ‘Oh my.’ The confidence and belief that you could succeed was certainly growing.
Fred: We have a grease board up there – we have a loft up in our home and in there, I wrote down goals: I want to do 3 average a month this year of rent to own deals for cash flow so we can live, vacate, and again, pay the bills, go out to dinner; that type of thing. And after that, we came out here a year later, this anniversary, to learn more about subject-to’s and land contracts to start building some real equity and value for ourselves. And I don’t see any reason why that isn’t doable.
Fred: This past January just before coming here, as Janine said earlier, we were almost crying the other night – we did our fourth deal and almost our fifth and our sixth in the month of January. And going into February we have four wonderful leads with a realtor who we just connected with. And we have two other potential rent to own deals where they’re prequalified by our mortgage guy. And if they are hits, we just want to continue that effort and effect.
Fred: I’m thrilled to be here, and actually meeting Mr. Jim Dralle for the first time, which has been a goal of ours as well. And I mean that sincerely.

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