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We Set Up Contracts With 3 Sellers At The Buying Event Today


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Read Transcript for “We Set Up Contracts With 3 Sellers At The Buying Event Today”

Jane: Jane Koenig, Crown Point, Indiana. I probably signed up for my first program about two years ago and we’ve continued to try different ones over that time. The information presented was good. It’s just that it stopped short of getting us to the end point. It gave us a lot of information and a lot of ways to do different things but once we got to a certain point we could never close the deal, and that was where we were lacking in every program we tried.
Jane: In fact, it was funny the first time he called. I was in no way expecting to ever hear from him, and I was sitting in my home office and the phone rang, and the caller ID said Joe Crump, and I thought, ‘Okay, it’s his office.’ I picked it up and it was actually Joe and I thought, ‘My gosh, I’m actually speaking to Joe Crump.’ But it was nice because he asked me questions, I was able to ask him questions, and he pretty much critiqued what we were currently doing even though we still hadn’t been to the buying event and was very hands on from day one. This has been several weeks now that he’s been calling us and emailing us and being very accessible to us.
Jane: Well, right now we’re in the middle of a rehab. And I think that’s going to be our starting point of jumping that first hurdle of getting some money in the house and things like that. Joe is offering us a really good idea on lease options that we didn’t think about, which was calling the for-rents because with the for rent program, we had been calling buyers. We had been using expired listings. We had literally exhausted every possible buyers list we could possibly use. And today, in fact, he had us calling on for-rent, and we’ve already had 3 people that we’ve sent contracts out to, so we’re very happy.
Jane: Well, initially our goal was to replace my income. I have a full time job in downtown Chicago. I’ve been there over 23 years. And our initial goal was to replace my income so I could join the business full time and work from home. We think we’re about a year away from that, but as quickly as we’re able to pick up the lease options and execute everything all the way through – we’re hoping to speed that up.
Jane: I think the goal is to take me out of the necessity of commuting and to basically be our income for both of us. I’m hoping not to have to work it 40 hours a week, but it would be a better 40 hour work week than it is now with the commute and still putting the full time in the other job, plus the home job. So we’re hoping not to have to do it 40 hours a week.
Jane: I like the personal interaction and I love the networking among the people. Joe gets you right into the meat of things and in a lot of the other programs that we’d been to were more teaching, not necessarily showing. And I love the hands on – I really do.
Jane: Joe’s program gets you right in the thick of things almost immediately that first week; a wealth of information and a lot of emails back and forth showing you how to get started within 4 or 5 days. The others pretty much teach you the process and then leave you to figure it out yourself, and that’s not what Joe’s doing. Because we’ve been in investing a little while, we’re kind of a little step ahead of others, but it’s good for us to go back to the beginning and do a little refresher and I like the idea that he can get you going in 4 or 5 days and get you some money in the house.

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