What Are The Different Kinds Of Marketing I Can Do With Your Automation?


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What Are The Different Kinds Of Marketing I Can Do With Your Automation?

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This next one is from Frank Carney. Frank says, “Joe, is there a way, at a modest cost, to send a certain number of emails to nonsubscribers with an unsubscribe feature without getting in trouble? Is there a way to send a text blast of a certain number to nonsubscribers without getting in trouble?” If you’re sending to nonsubscribers and you’re doing, it’s not a commercial, it’s not a response to a commercial lead, then it’s spam. And you can’t do that. One of the things that we do in the Automarketer is we respond to people who have put, placed an ad in the paper. So, or in Craigslist. You know, or we’ll send them a text blast because they’ve advertised their phone number saying, “We’re interested in selling our property,” and our text blast sends them a text that says, “We’re interested in buying your property.” So we’re responding directly to their ad and that’s legal for us to do. We’re not, we don’t have to worry about consumer “do not call” lists at all because we’re going, we’re not going to the consumer, we’re going to people who are advertising properties for sale. We’re going back to businesses. Even though they may be consumers, they are you know, regular people that just have a home to sell. We’re still, they’re working as a business because they’re selling their business and we are contacting them that way.

Joe: So if you send a text, unsolicited text, unsolicited emails, that’s considered spam and the canned spam rules cover that. In some states they have the same rules for text blasts and I have a feeling we’re going to see more and more of that happen. But we’re, you know, in a great situation because we’re working business to business by going to these people that are selling these [properties] and saying, “We’re interested in buying these properties,” we’re going after them for exactly what they’re trying to sell. And we’re saying we want to buy. So there’s nothing spam or illegitimate about the way we’re doing it. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t irritate some people. We get that as well. We get people that are irritated, say, hey I, you know, I got, you know, I’ve got other people that text me. I’m irritated by it. Don’t send me any more of these texts. So, we put them on a black list and we take them off the list. And that’s kind of the way you do business.

Joe: If we don’t call our leads, you know, if we don’t call people that are potentially our leads, if we don’t do advertising, we don’t have a business. Every business in existence markets and advertises. If you don’t do it, and you don’t do it properly, you won’t be in business very long because business isn’t going to come to you. You have to go out and get the business. All right. Hope that answers the question.

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