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What Automated Marketing Method Brings More Leads – Email, Text or Voicemail Marketing?


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“What Automated Marketing Method Brings in More Leads – Email, Text or Voicemail Marketing?”

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. Another question. “I’m sending out email blasts from the Automarketer every week and I’m getting about a five percent response rate. How can I get more leads from the Automarketer?” Text and voice blasts. When you send somebody a text the response rate is five to ten time as great as it will be with email. People look at their text blasts, or listen to their voice mails. They’re going to use that. Now, a text blast sends out a message that says, hey, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than just renting it outright?” And by the way, you can change that message to anything that you like. We send out that one because it happens to get us a lot more leads. Voice blast, same way. In the text blast you can actually send out a link to one of your clone sites that explains how we work. So you send out a link to one of the websites If you go check out that, that’s one of the clone sites that it sends it to. And that’s the rent to own seller site, selling the seller on the idea of working with us.

Joe: We also have another site that we have a series that sends out to. which is just an “I’ll buy houses” type of site. We have another one that is for sale by owner, subject to for sale by owner campaign and it teaches people how to, how you can buy their property subject to. And that brings in subject to deals. So all these types of websites can help us and if we send a text blast out to those people explaining those things then they can fill out a form and it’ll send us a lead and we can call those people up. And then they fill out that form after reading what we do those leads are, almost a hundred percent can be converted if you have any skill at all talking to these people.

Joe: Now, a word of warning here. You have to learn how to talk to people before you can convert even the best leads. So that’s why we make sure that you talk to as many leads as possible. That’s why we do voice blasts without a url so people will automatically call us back or a text blast without a url link so that they automatically text us back and then we can call them. One of the beauties about using text and voice blast is that as soon as we send it out, within five or ten minutes after we start the blast we’re already getting back responses. And some of them are going to say no. But some of them are going to say yes, or tell me more, or yes I’ll do it if you’ll give me $20,000 down. You know, we get all kinds of crazy responses. But, when you have people that some interest at all we want to get them on the phone and we want to talk them through the process and help them understand why what we’re doing makes so much sense. And whenever you’re talking to these people, one of the things that you always want to go back to is what is their best option?

Joe: So if you look at the Automarketer there’s a sheet in the Automarketer on the lead sheet, it says, “Seller Options,” and if you click on it it’ll open up all the seller options that that particular seller has and you can look through it and you can say, okay, well, they could work with a realtor, they could sell it under market value. They could go into foreclosure, you know, there’s a bunch of different options that they have. And if you understand what all their options are and look at their situation and you ask them questions about their situation and find out where they’re at, then it’s pretty easy to show them that what you’re suggesting makes more sense than anything else that they have at their fingertips, any other option that they have available to them. You’ve become the best resource that they have.

Joe: Anyway, I hope that helps. It’s a good way to get more leads. Thanks.

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