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Why Do Real Estate Investing Teachers Charge So Much?


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Read Transcript for “Why Do Real Estate Investing Teachers Charge So Much?”

In this video, I’ll explain why I charge so much for my Mentor Program and how I keep it at the highest quality possible.

“I know there is a lot of money to be made in real estate. If there weren’t, all the richest people in the world wouldn’t be in it. So I have been studying, researching and probing for several years to find a way into the game. What I’ve found is that the people who know how to make money in real estate make even more money off of the marketing information and mentoring people who want to learn how.’ – Brian LaPlante

Joe: There are a lot of people out here that are teaching real estate investing. Some of them don’t do what they teach. Some of them do. I would try to find someone who’s actually in the market doing the business that they’re talking about, and hopefully someone who’s making more money in their real estate business than they’re making teaching it.
Joe: My real estate investing teaching business makes me a lot of money, and I’m in it for the money and I want to make a lot of money at it. That’s why I’m doing it.
Joe: But, it’s also a lot of fun – I really get a kick out of getting up in the morning and getting on the call with my mentor students and teaching them about real estate, seeing them succeed and then having them come on the phone and to my buying events, saying, ‘Joe! I just did my first deal!’ or, ‘I just quit my job! I’m going to do this full time. I’m making enough money now. I’m making twice as much money as I was making on my job, and I’m only working 15-20 hours a week.’ – I love that.
Joe: I think that anybody that’s in this business who is serious about it is going to enjoy that process, too. It’s fun to see people succeed. Do I charge for it? Yes. Do I charge a lot of money for it? Yes. But that’s because I can’t service thousands of people. In my program at any particular point in time, there are never more than a hundred people because I can handle that many people.
Joe: We can come to events together and talk together more closely. Most of the events that I have don’t have more than 30 to 40 people show up. Most of the coaching calls don’t have more than 15 to 20 people on them at any particular point in time. I’m able to handle that many people.
Joe: And, what I find is that when I have too many people in my group, I raise my price because it lowers the amount of people that are there, and then I can service and help those people on a much deeper level.
Joe: I have to make a decision – do I want to help a bunch of people on a very surface level, or do I really want to get into the lives, hopes and dreams and help the businesses grow of the people who are involved and spend the time with those people? I think it makes more sense for me to charge more money to make it worthy my while and still be able to give the best teaching I can to the people that are involved instead of outsourcing it to another coach that teaches this but who doesn’t have the experience or the knowledge that I do.
Joe: I hope that answers the question. There is a reason that we’re involved in this program. I want to make money – I don’t mince words about that. But I also want this to work for you, and I want it to work for what you can do.
Joe: You have another choice. You can do the hard knocks methods. That’s how I did it. I made a lot of mistakes because I didn’t have anybody teaching me how this process works. You can go out there and make a lot of mistakes or you can also find someone to teach you.
Joe: One of the suggestions I made to folks in the past is to put an ad on Craigslist. Find the guys that have these listings that say, ‘I’ll buy homes for cash’ – the people that are out there being investors.
Joe: Some of them are real investors (most of them aren’t) and if you can find one that’s a real investor, make them an offer. Tell them, ‘Look, I’ll come and work for you. I’ll work 20 hours a week, no charge, for 6 months. You teach me as much as you can in that period of time. I’ll bust my butt for you. All I ask in return is that you give me the knowledge.’ I’ll bet you can find somebody doing it that way.
Joe: Now, you’re going to bust your butt for a long time. But you have to decide if you have more time or if you have more money. If you have more money, then it makes sense to invest in your training. Pay somebody who you know has a training program and is ready to go for you and is worth investing your time in if you don’t have the money.
Joe: Either way, you can make this work. It’s entirely up to you. You have to decide whether or not you’re going to move forward or not, or whether you want to pay for it or learn it yourself. It’s your call. I hope that helps, Brian. Thanks. Bye.

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