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Read Transcript for “$15,000 In 1 Week – First 4 Months, $55,000 Total – Real Estate Investing”

Jean: Hi, my name is Jean Clairjeune. I’m a real estate investor from Queens, New York and I joined Joe, Jim and Tim and I’m doing very well. In less than 4 months, I’ve generated 55 grand. Before, I could not do anything with all of the courses that I purchased from a late night guru; I’d start from one area and then not know how to finish up the rest of the deal. So I was frustrated and wasting money, until by luck, I found Joe, and from Joe I went to Jim, and now and I’m doing pretty good. I have no fear. And I’m ready to move on and do better deals, one after one. From Tim, I’ve gone where I was supposed to be from the beginning, from the get-go. Right now, there is no challenge – I can do whatever I want. I quit my job after I started making those deals. It is not a scam; I am not skeptical. Anybody can do it. This is the best thing I’ve found in my life.

Jean: I don’t have a boss. I wake up in the morning. I’m so happy about it now, and every morning I wake up, I wear a bowtie, I’m right in front of my desk, which makes me feel like I’m the boss because I have nobody going to breathe over my shoulder to say, ‘Are you done yet?’ Sometimes I feel like waking in two hours, so I wake in two hours. Some days I don’t feel like waking today, so then I don’t wake today. But with the way these people trained me, I’ve got the software and the website and the voicemail. Sometimes I program my stuff, because I learned from them that if you have a business, and you’ve got to stay behind it all the time, you’ve got a job again – it’s not a business. But if you can run it by itself or you spend only a total of a few hours there, then yes, you have a business.

Jean: And everybody can do it. There’s no excuses or this or that – that’s not true. That’s not true. Maybe you don’t have the right mentor or the right people to guide you but once you find the right person and you listen to what they have to do – and they’ve been doing that – they are not like these people, the late night gurus (I have to repeat that) that are going on stage or know how to speak English very well, or have never been in the field and selling this or the book, who, then after, you say, ‘Great, I want to do it.’ And then you see that’s a dead end zone and you don’t know what to do. Then they say you can call and they will be there for you when you call or email me – and you never hear anything from them. But these people that I’m doing now – you make the call, you email them, and you get an answer and they’re going to close the deal with you and you’re learning from there; there’s nothing difficult there.

Jean: So I’m happy like I’ve never been in my life like that. I do this and I travel all over now from New York to be here. If it wasn’t working, I would never come here and pay that kind of money – its working and this is it – sooner or later I’m going to be a millionaire. And it’s not to show people I’m rich – I’m a guy that likes doing charity; I like to help people. So I want to be rich to help people out, because the only way to help poor people is not to be poor. And there’s only one way I know right now to do it which is to join a business guy that can help you to do it. No matter what circumstances the market is in, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know what you’re doing, you will make it. So it’s been working for me. I’m not going to change the wheel. I’m going to keep going.

Interviewer: Jean, How many courses did you look at or try before you came to Joe’s?

Jean: If you can call any names that you know out there, I have them at home. I couldn’t even put them in my article, so many real estate courses that I took. And I wasted over 65 grand.

Interviewer: How long have you been in Joe Crump’s program?

Jean: As a matter of fact, this is my first segment, but I bought Joe’s Push Button course and a week later, I make my first deal – 15 grand, then I kept going, a couple flips, left and right – now I’ve got two properties; kind of like a subject-to, but I wasn’t doing it right so I’m going to pull each back, which will give me a cash flow on each of them of 300 dollars a month. Plus, in the 4 months with Joe, I already made over 55 grand in 4 months. And it could have been more than that if a certain lawyer didn’t step in my way, because there is no skin there, because they’re jealous that they’re not making money. So they made a certain seller not do the deal with me. But eventually – I don’t lose hope – I leave the door open – I let them know that if they change their mind, they can come back, and I know I got those deals and they are mine; they’re going to come to me eventually.

Interviewer: So you’ve been with Joe’s group for 4 months and you’ve made $55,000?

Jean: Already, yes. And I’ve been taking courses and studying for 2 years and I’ve never made one deal.

Jean: The best thing about my new life now. First, I can wake up any time I want. And when I’m coming downstairs where my desk and office is, I feel like I’m the big boss. And I’m with the family. And even my kids are not small any more, but it allowed me to pay $2,500 monthly for my daughter’s university. She’s going to be a doctor. We found out now that the situation is that I couldn’t put her in one of the public colleges, but now I can afford it. And that’s where she’s going to stay. And I’m happy; freedom, being able to live my life as one. I don’t know what the best blessing God gave me is that knowledge that you guys… I’m so happy and I’m lucky also.

Jean: January 21st, year 2009.

Interviewer: The market has been in the newspaper and real estate has been all over the news. Nobody’s making money in real estate, right?

Jean: Not me – I don’t have that problem because I’m not doing what other people all learn, or been victim like me on all of the other courses. I found out a bunch of agents quit and are doing taxis because they’re not selling and they cannot survive. I don’t blame them because they learned only one way. Crump, get the loan, and close the deal – that’s the only 3 things that they know. But we, as a real estate investor, especially from Joe’s area, we can take one deal in 3 states and make it 5 different ways. We’ve got so many different options to close a deal. That is because we don’t have that kind of problem they’re having. They’ve only gone one way in and one way out. We’ve got so many different ways to do it. That’s a different better way from the agents or the people that went and learned from the wrong person.

Jean: I have no problem, I have no fear, and I have no challenge. And the market doesn’t affect me at all. I love challenge now. I love to challenge anything that can thwart me now, because I know where I’m at now.

Interviewer: Was it complicated?

Jean: No, not at all. All you have to do is follow the procedures, and listen to and call your mentor if you feel like it, which I push on this deal because every deal has a different way to do it. Some people say it doesn’t work in the area that I’m at. If I can do it in a tough market like New York, there’s no way, anywhere you go, that you’re not going to do it, because I don’t know of any areas that’s tougher than New York and California. And I have friends that went to the same course, when I tell them do this and do that, and they closed the deal, they were very proud of me and they were very happy. It’s not only mimicking me – I’m telling people how to close the deal and they close the deal. So maybe I know I make only 55 grand, but what about all of my friends who I helped close those deals? Let’s say if it was my deals – I still can add them up and say in less than 4 months, I make over 150 grand!

Interviewer: Where are you from originally?

Jean: I’m from Haiti.

Interviewer: How long have you been in the states?

Jean: In the United States, I’ve been approximately 25 years in this country.

Interviewer: If you could say one piece of advice or one thing to somebody who’s out there, looking at real estate stuff and trying to find their way, what would you tell them?

Jean: First of all, I will tell them – I would ask them a question first before I guide them. I would say, ‘Okay, you’re interested in real estate. Are you taking a course from anybody?’ If they say yes, I’d say, ‘What did you learn?’ and I would say, ‘Compare your cost and I’m giving you a website, now, compare your costs to Joe Crump and Jim Jarrell. And all of the stuff – look through it, and sign to get a free brochure from Joe and follow there. Tell me what you learned from there and from the place that you started. Let me know – have you made any deals with these people? And come to Joe and I’ll show you how quickly you’ll make your deal.’ I’d want to tell them, ‘Learn from my example.’ Because they will know I will struggle. Even to people who don’t know me, I would say ‘Listen, if you ask me how I’m doing good, I’ll say, ‘This is where I learned. Go and learn and then you will be the same as me now.’ There is nothing difficult. You’ve just got to do what they said and go out there and do exactly what they want you to do. No excuses; don’t say you don’t have time you don’t have money, or you don’t have this and that. If you want to buy a flat TV, of course you’re going to pay 25 to 45 grand – why can’t you pay for a course that’s going to help you for the rest of your life?

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