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Chuck: My name is Chuck. I’m from Midlothian, South Dallas in the Fort Worth Area. The best deal I’ve done so far was a split with someone. I made about $6,500. It was after I had done a few deals already and had a list of buyers and we had just recently sold a home in this area and had someone else on my list that was very serious. They had cash. They were looking for a property that needed to be in a specific location. And so I contacted a few people that I knew that were doing the same thing. They had a house in that area, and so with two phone calls, I had a house with a buyer and made about $6,500 on that deal.
Chuck: This is kind of shameful – maybe 30 minutes. Once I started, my first deal came to about four to five weeks. I bought Joe’s course in June and I kind of put things off for a few weeks. I purchased the Push Button Method. Then I didn’t really do much for a few weeks, but after that I finally got serious. I forced myself to sit down and start making phone calls. And when I did, after about ten to twelve phone calls, I finally found my first deal and about four to five weeks later, I found a buyer, closed the deal and made $4,000 on my first deal.
Chuck: Over $100,000. Since July and since that first deal I’ve been averaging probably $7,000 to $8,000 per month a lot of that income comes from actually splitting deals; working with someone else. We’ve been splitting a lot of deals, and I’m making about that. I’m here now to find just a few more of my own sellers consistently, and of course, if I add one or two of my own sellers to the mix, that’ll bring my income back $4,000 to $6,000 a month.
Chuck: Tom Parris. Everybody’s seen his video here. Tom – he’s the king at finding sellers. And he finds so many sellers in our area that that’s how I ended up contacting him when I first started. I looked at his website, saw all of his listings, and said, ‘Hey Tom, can I help you out?’ He’s in the North Dallas area. I’m in the South Dallas area so when he finds something down my way, he flips it to me, I pick it up from there, we end up splitting everything, and then vice versa. If I find something up in his area, I don’t want to be driving back and forth to north Dallas – I’ll flip it to him.
Chuck: I heard about Joe’s program years ago while searching for real estate investing methods and I had been getting his emails off and on for years and years. And as I’ve already told Joe, I bought a couple of programs with all the flash and the hype and the rock star stuff, and how you’re going to go out and make $15,000 a deal and get rich. Not that those aren’t good programs – I believe most of the programs out there work, but there’s always something lacking. But when it came down to it, I finally bought Joe’s program. He just seemed to be so credible and to have so many people that were doing the program. You can’t argue with all the successful testimonials that you see there. So I finally signed up. I’m glad I did.
Chuck: The impact that it’s had on my life has been just incredible. I was in a job where I worked for Berkshire Halfway Company. It was real estate related but the stress was just incredible. And of course, I was hours away from my family. I had to work on Saturdays. Not that I don’t have to work on Saturdays now, it’s just that I do it now because I want to, not because I have to. So it’s really freed up my time. I’m my own boss. The income’s still there. And I’m just barely scratching the tip of the iceberg here.
Chuck: I know Joe probably doesn’t recommend this, but I quit my job before I signed up for Joe’s program. I was that fed up with my job already. I couldn’t take it another day. I just felt like I had the skills to take something and run and like I said, Joe’s program seemed perfect for me. So on a leap of faith, I went ahead and quit my job first and then got his program, and just went for it. Losing or failure wasn’t an option for me.
Chuck: I’ve just started to do that. Tom’s kept me so busy with sellers as far as automating the business that I’m just now getting around to hiring. I just placed my ad in Elance for a virtual assistant to start farming for sellers. I’ve also recently set up my phone system to where I’ve got the buyer’s voicemail because typically what I’ve been doing for the last six or seven months is that I’ve been personally fielding every single phone call that comes in and doing little mini interviews. That’s been fairly time consuming so I’ve been fixing to automate that with the buyer’s voicemail which Joe gives us.
Chuck: I signed up for the websites back in July as well. I did that for credibility. If folks are out there thinking, ‘How do I get started? How are people going to find me credible?’ I signed up on the website, got the listing website (which is kind of how I found Tom – I started doing the data feed and data fed some of Tom’s properties onto my site) and it’s just been off to the races from there.
Chuck: My plans for the future – more automation; more outsourcing – freeing up more time. Since I’ve started, I’m still doing some of the things the hard way, still learning everything and figuring out what parts I want to keep doing myself, what parts I want to outsource or automate, and definitely looking to add to the income.
Chuck: It’s just an incredible opportunity. Like I said, Joe’s program has been a perfect fit for me. Joe’s a legitimate guy – he’s the real deal. He kind of flies under the radar so to speak and that’s prefect for my personality. So anybody that’s out there asking themselves, ‘Hey, does this really work? Can it work for me?’ – This is the program.

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