3 Things You Need To Become Wealthy In Real Estate


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3 Things You Need To Become Wealthy In Real Estate

It only takes 3 good leads per month to become wealthy as a real estate investor.
I know that sounds a bit outrageous, but it’s been proven over and over again by me and my successful students.
The average number of sellers an experienced investor will need to talk to in order to get an offer accepted is, on average, 3.
So every time they talk to 3 motivated sellers, they typically put a deal together.

This statement raises some questions…

  • What is a motivated seller?
  • What is an experienced investor?
  • What is a good deal?
  • What is wealthy?

So let’s ask them all…
What is a motivated seller?
A motivated seller is someone who wants to sell their house.
That’s it. It’s not complicated.
So many people think that “motivated” seller means someone who is desperate.
That’s just not the case. Any idiot can take advantage of a desperate person. You don’t need skill for those types of deals – desperate sellers believe whatever you say and do whatever you ask. They also have the fewest options and the biggest problems.

BUT – these kinds of sellers are few and far between. They are hard to build a consistent business around.
AND – more importantly, when you do come across them, if you don’t learn how to take care of them and solve THEIR problem, your conscience will start to nag at you – or you will turn into a sociopath.
It takes a competent, ethical investor to solve a problem for a seller or buyer who needs their help.

If they want to sell, they are looking for the best way to do it.
Your job is to show them their options and let them PICK which option makes the most sense for THEM.
They don’t always choose the option to work with you, but I find that most of the time, working with us IS their best option. The options we can provide will usually give them the most money in the shortest period of time. So – the next question is…

What is an experienced investor?
The most important skill you can develop as an investor is your ability to analyze a seller’s situation and give them all of their options.
Once you learn how to do this, you’ll start putting together deals on a regular basis.
I find, on average, it takes a new investor 100 conversations with sellers before they learn how to close a deal (basic competency). Some do it faster, some a bit slower.

If you put in the work and make offers the way I teach, you will become competent. I guarantee it.
Practice making offers is the single most important thing a new investor can do. It is how I start every new investor who comes into my mentor group.
You will make real offers to real sellers your very FIRST week in my program.
I’ve never seen a newbie investor NOT improve with practice – no matter how bad they are when they start.

I’ve never seen a new investor NOT put a deal together after they became competent.
Sometimes they put deals together BEFORE they become competent (we love it when that happens) but that’s just luck and you’re still going to have to learn how to be competent if you want any kind of consistency in your business.
I don’t talk to sellers or buyers anymore. I have others do it for me. Once you become competent, you can do the same. I love good marketing systems!

Next question…
What is a good deal?
A good deal is one that makes you money.
It might be a small amount of money or it might be a very large amount of money.
It’s good to make large amounts of money. But small amounts of money consistently, reliably, and without much fuss is pretty good too.

I’ve had students get excited about making $500 for their first deal. And I was excited for them because it’s a milestone. Once you do it once, you can do it again. And next time it’s going to be easier and you’re going to make more money – and more money again the time after that.
I’ve had students make $100,000 on quick flip deals. And I’ve had students make much more than that over time by holding properties for the long term.
Doing just one deal a month can make you a millionaire in a very short period of time – 2 years. Check out the millionaire matrix I teach. It shows you how to do it.

Last question…
What is wealthy?
This is different for everyone. For me it’s not about money, it’s about freedom and having control of my life. It’s about being able to give a good life to the ones I love. It’s about not being under the thumb of a boss or overseer. It’s about having time to give back and pursue my other interests. It’s about seeing the world.
It’s about consistent income that will feed you until the day you die and continue to feed your family after you’re gone.

You build wealth two ways.
1. Regular income through consistently flipping properties.
2. Holding properties long term and building equity and cash flow.

Use them both – integrate them into your business system and your life.
3 leads = 1 deal per month
6 leads = 2 deals per month
9 leads = 3 deals per month – and so on. You get the idea.
I give away so much free information you could probably start doing deals without paying me a dime for your education.

On the other hand, if you would like my help to ‘cut to the chase’ and start doing deals faster, you should think about allowing me to train you.
If you can afford it, there is nothing like getting a hand-up when you’re trying to climb the ladder of success. I can personally give you that hand-up.
If you can’t afford it, don’t give up – put the work in and use the “hard knocks” method. It’s how I learned – and was painful and it took longer (I won’t lie), but I got through it and I’ll never look back.

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That’s it for today!
I hope you will join me.
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