6 Automation Methods That Will Allow You A Full Time Income On Two Hours A Day

At my last Buying Event, I taught how to buy properties with no down payment and no credit and we
actually made offers right there from the conference room.

It’s a sight to see everyone in class on the phone putting together deals…
kind of like the old Jerry Lewis telethons.

And although there were lots of happy investors, there was some serious business
going on and a lot of “Yes” responses and deal memos signed.

I spent most of the day teaching this technique on Friday, but I spent most of
the rest of the weekend talking about automation and systems.

Here are 6 Automation Methods that we discussed that make it possible to
dramatically reduce the amount of work you need to do in order to cash out on

I had multiple students at the event who were already implementing these things
and bringing in six figure (or sometimes much higher) incomes with very little
work each week.

We got several of them up in front of the class to explain what they were doing
and to answer questions from the group.

These were all folks who started at the event over the past few years and the
stories they told were nothing short of life changing.

We even did a few interviews with them on video while they were there. I’ll post
some of those videos in the upcoming days and weeks so you can see what they are
doing and hear their case study stories.

So, here are some ways you can automate your business STARTING today.


METHOD 1: Email blasts to craigslist. If you send out a simple email to
craigslist “For Sale By Owner” ads that says, “Would you consider selling your
home Rent To Buy rather than selling it outright? If you would, please contact
me. My name is Joe and my number is 222-222-2222.”

When we send this message out, we get an average of 7% response rate. (ranges
from 4% to 16%). Half of the responses say “Yes” and if you are any good on the
phone, 20% of those will sell you their house on terms.

Try it yourself – send it to 100 ads on craigslist (make sure to use 8 or 10
different “From” email addresses and vary the message slightly that goes out or
your messages will not get through craigslist filters. If you don’t do this, you
may not get a very good response.)

NOTE: When the leads come in, there is a learning curve to getting good on the
phone – this doesn’t happen overnight. It is taught in the Training in the
Automarketer and in my book on Amazon “Automated Real Estate Investing.”

These blasts take 5 minutes to set up and send out and save a huge amount of
time. Even this 5 minutes of work can be regularly outsourced for $5 to $10 per


METHOD 2: Text and Voiceblasts. I’ve been doing voiceblasts to these same leads
for years with amazing success. The Automarketer does these blasts in minutes
and responses come in almost immediately. This method is faster than the email

Textblasts are new for our system and they blow away the response rate and speed
of email or voiceblasts. You can also include a link to one of the websites that
sell people on working with you. The message to these folks is essentially the
same as the message we send to Voice and email blasts.

We rotate through multiple messages to see which one gets the best response.
This makes it possible to keep getting better and better response rates if you
pay attention.


METHOD 3: Get digital signatures giving you control of houses WITHOUT talking to
the Sellers.

Nobody believes me when I tell them about this the first time. It doesn’t happen
all the time, but I have very few people who have used the system very long who
don’t get the Online Lease Option Memo signed – and they get it signed WITHOUT
first talking to the Seller. I know it surprised me the first time it happened
to several years ago.

Essentially, we blast the message to the Sellers, they respond and are directed
to our website that sells them on our system. You can see an example of the
sales site here.

When they fill out this first form, they are sent a link to the online Lease
Option Memo, which gives you control of their property and makes it possible for
you to sell it on terms to a new buyer and take a profit. It’s a beautiful


METHOD 4: Outsource someone to sell your houses. You can hire one person to sell
your houses in multiple cities. They do all of their work remotely and never
meet with the Buyers in person – just on the phone.

Using these techniques, they can show the house, qualify the buyer and close the
deal over the phone and through emailing of documents and wiring of funds.

One of my students at the event told us that he has NEVER met with a buyer or a
seller since he started implementing my system. In fact, he doesn’t even live in
the same State where he’s doing business.


METHOD 5: Outsource someone to help you find more Sellers. One of the guys at
the event coined the new term for this person – the “Deal Maker.” This is an
advanced strategy that I am only teaching to my mentor students. I’m not trying
to be cagey or hide information, but I only teach it to the advanced group
because you won’t be able to do it if you are a beginner.

There is a method we use to find Deal Makers, hire, train and properly pay them
without risk or using much of your time. I taught this technique and
brainstormed some new ideas with my advanced students at the event.

I think one of the reasons I love these events is because I learn so much from
my students. I get to see how they are using my techniques and the tweaks and
improvements they make to the ideas they’ve learned. It’s extremely gratifying –
especially when all of these automation techniques are growing and changing with
technology every day.


METHOD 6: Lead follow up systems. Right now, one of the primary lead follow up
systems is the email autoresponder. When a new email lead comes into the system,
they are automatically put into an autoresponder.

An autoresponder is software that sends out a pre written series of emails to a
specific lead over days, weeks, months and years, depending on where the lead
came from and how they responded – without you doing ANYTHING.

For example, if someone responds with a “Yes” or a “Maybe” to our email blast,
the email filter recognizes it as a positive response (it’s a pretty accurate
artificial intelligence system) the lead automatically gets a automatic response
that sends them to a webpage with our offer.

Then, over time, if the lead doesn’t agree to work with us immediately, they
continue to get emails from us saying we are still interested in their house.

If the lead said “No,” they get a different message and are put into a different
email series campaign.

Over time, you build up a giant database of sellers who haven’t yet sold their
property and many of whom are getting more and more desperate to sell.



I’m just scratching the surface on the automation that we are using right now.
In addition to these things, we have other systems in place that we are using.
Most of them are in the Automarketer and Clone Sites system here:


So that’s if for now – there are lots of ways to automate your investing
business. There is no reason to work too hard at all this if you build a
systematized, automated, outsourced business using the techniques I teach.

I wish you the best as you get your business up and running.

Joe Crump
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And here is a link to the Automarketer page with lots of video information
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