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Prince Amos: My name is Prince Amos. I’m from Longview, Texas. Well, the first real estate transaction I did with Joe actually was part of the Cash Flow Newsletter, which for quite some time I never really got on board with. As soon as I entered the mentor group, I had seen that I needed some one on one assistance, and as soon as we did that, with little tweaks here and there, and having that influence there, I was able to close my deal within about 3 to 4 weeks that I was there.
Prince Amos: On the first deal, I made about 3 grand. I didn’t put too much work into it. I just made some phone calls and we did sign the lease option just like he says to do, put out the signs just like he says to do, and just follow it. We were able to sell it and make a quick profit.
Prince Amos: About 5 to 6 hours maybe, total. We spoke to a seller, got the lease option memo signed, went through the biggest things just as we were instructed to basically, put the sign in the yard, and in a couple of weeks, we sold the property.
Prince Amos: I found out about Joe’s program just looking online. I was always interested in real estate investing. I was reading books here and there. And what I did is I actually went online and I kind of stumbled across his newsletter, and his sincerity stuck out to me – that he really seemed like he was a real person and was willing to help. So, we signed up for the Cash Flow Newsletter and we took it from there and it couldn’t be better since.
Prince Amos: What made me decide to get into the Mentor Program was the one on one help that I knew I needed. You need guidance in business and you need somebody by your side and what’s awesome about the group is that I knew that he was dead serious about helping us. And like I said, the down to Earth real person that he was kind of came across, and then we just pulled the trigger from there and we were able to move forward.
Prince Amos: The best that I’ve done (I’m kind of excited). I think I signed up the 29th of this year (we were already doing some deals) – so I signed up the 29th of this year and I sold it on the 3rd and made about $7,000 on that, so that means it took about 5 days to make $7,000. I put about maybe 2 days’ worth of work into it, signing it up, putting the sign in the yard, meeting the buyer, and so we sold the property that quick.
Prince Amos: Yes, we just started automating the business. We’re just starting now. With the program as far as automation is concerned, we’re starting the sellers first and we’re looking forward to moving into doing the virtual assistants and things of that nature so that we can focus on the bottom line as far as being more effective in making offers. So, having it outsourced and automation is definitely going to increase that for us so that we’re not doing so much of the leg work. So it’s an awesome concept, definitely.
Prince Amos: The different automation techniques that are the reason we went with Joe Crump are the voice blast, which is awesome, and we’re starting to use the List Builder as well, and with just that, in and of itself, we were able to get more marketing out there and more contacts and we were able to follow up with them. Then, of course, that means more deals for us.
Prince Amos: I’m trying to do over $150,000 this year. That’s my goal. My ultimate goal as a real estate investor is to be a millionaire, definitely. I just turned 23, so by the time I’m 30 I definitely want to be a millionaire.
Prince Amos: So far, the impact that the business has had on our lifestyle is awesome. Knowing the fact that you can take control of your own life and you can create the income that you want for your family just by having the correct knowledge and implementing that knowledge makes you feel good about yourself and give you a different on the world as well.
Prince Amos: We’re planning to quit in the next few months, so in the next two months, we can’t wait to quit. I’m sorry – I love everybody, but we can’t wait to quit.
Prince Amos: What we’re doing next to build the business, from this event that we’re going to take away from it, is as far as hiring virtual assistants. And, to go ahead and start delegating and outsourcing more in order to free up more of my time so that I can continue to make more offers and have more of the legwork taken care of for us so that we’re not working so much IN our business but ON our business.
Prince Amos: Massive – I want our business to grow massive. I believe there’s no limits on what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. I believe honestly that you can do anything. So definitely, there’s no limits.
Prince Amos: The advice that I’d give to somebody interested in going into real estate investing is to take control of your life and to do it – the business works. People, when they speak of real estate, know that 90% of millionaires now either came from real estate or put their money into real estate. So, actually, just from looking at the numbers – do what works. It can become a passion and you can create a future for you and your family as well.
Prince Amos: Go for it. And believe in yourself, first of all. It doesn’t matter where you come from or your background because if you stay focused, you can move forward and then create a life and a lifestyle that you want for yourself and your kids as well.

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