“My First Public Challenge Take A Random Person And Show Them How To Make $10,000 In 90 Days”

This article will tell you how to get started as a real estate investor using the ideas and techniques that I teach. I think it will blow you away when you see some of the stuff I am teaching.


I took a person at random… one of my lucky subscribers and I showed them how to make $10,000 in 90 days. I know this claim sounds amazing and unbelievable, that is why I had a contest to pick one lucky person and make them at least $10,000 in 90 days. We randomly picked Mike Brickhouse from Virginia and he made over $14,000 in the first two weeks using this method. It didn’t even take him 90 days!

Is this really possible?

Yes, it is. And it is easy. Basically, all he did was buy a property on terms and turn around and sell it on terms for a profit. What is important for you to learn is the way he did it. The methods he used, the way he found the seller, the way he talked to the seller, the words he put in his contract, the way he structured the deal, how he sold the property and how he cashed out at closing. Knowing the specific techniques he used is vital to your success.

It all comes down to having the right SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE

This program is the real deal and if you want to know how to make some real money, real fast, read on…

What You Need To Do To Get Started


What I am about to show can change your life if you listen. This is how to make thousands and thousands of dollars in the next few months. I am not exaggerating… I have students who do it all the time.

If you want to dramatically increase your net worth in the coming months then listen closely.

Do you want to know how to buy properties without using your own credit, your own money, and without putting any of your finances at risk?

If you are anything like most people, you haven’t got a clue how to structure deals so that you come out ahead no matter what.

Did you know there are three cheap ways you can use to have people begging you to take their properties? In fact, they will even pay you thousands of dollars to take their properties.

I remember a nurse who suddenly found out that she had to transfer to Louisiana and she just moved into her house a year ago. She had no equity, she called me up and I explained her options to her. Her husband was an accountant and he got on the line with us. I explained to both of them how properties sell, what they can expect a traditional sale to cost them and I showed them the only two methods they could use to sell their property fast.

Business man and business woman making a treatyBottom line… at the end of our conversation they were begging me to take $4,000 cash from them AND to come and take their property off their hands.

Now remember that this guy is an accountant… they were not dummies that I was taking advantage of… and he saw the value in paying me $4,000 to take over his property.

I remember a student of ours in Nevada who was having a hard time understanding why the homes in her area were not selling. After I talked to her for five minutes, it all became clear to her. Most of the sellers in that area were married couples who were getting a divorce, owners who had purchased less than 2 years ago, or people who had to deal with job transfers.

When these people would list their properties “for sale” with a real estate broker, they had no idea that there were Seven Deadly Mistakes they could avoid simply by working with my student instead.

Most people who buy homes have no idea what they are getting into. They don’t understand why nearly one-third of the people who try and sell their home don’t succeed and those who do end up paying over $9,000 or more to get it done.

They have no idea that there are three SURE FIRE ways to get your property sold for 10% OVER market value in 11 days or less. These poor owners don’t realize that four simple words on a purchase agreement could ensure that their credit and their money is never tied up. They are so much “in the dark” it is no surprise that they will often pay tens of thousands of dollars just to sell their home.

The Heart Of The Matter


Let me throw out a scenario that is very common to my students and I.

For example, let’s say somebody wants to sell their home. They want $70,000 and it is worth $100,000 after doing some minor work to it.

What does that mean to you? What if you don’t have the cash or can’t go out and get a new loan for $70,000? Can you still make money on this deal?

You bet you can, if you know how to set it up.

Maybe you’ve been lucky and have already been exposed to some of my techniques and you have an idea of how to set this thing up, but just in case you haven’t, I’m going to show you how to do it.

By the way, a student of mine made over $600,000 last year using this exact method. He was a part of my mentor program. How much do you think this information was worth to him?

Okay… You have a seller who wants $70,000, but let’s say you can’t get a loan. You can still write up an offer with that seller right then and there, you can put together a legally binding agreement and get it signed.

You can offer him $70,000, but you are going to add a short line at the end of the purchase contract. You are going to put the phrase “offer contingent upon third party approval, and assignable by buyer.” That little phrase is going to make sure this deal does not close unless you make money.

Depositphotos_18435271_xsDon’t glaze over that last paragraph. If I had known that one phrase and had used it in my purchase agreements, I would not have gone through what I did… I would not have been at risk. I would not have lost my money and I would not have destroyed my credit.

That phrase alone would have been worth millions of dollars to me, if I had figured it out before my spectacular fall.

But there is more… much more.

Now all you have to do is find somebody to buy this property from YOU… that’s right, now you can actually sell the paperwork. You don’t have to have the deed to the property to control it… to OWN it.

Here Is Where You Start Making Money


An investor is going to come to you and give you, lets say $5,000, then you give them the paperwork… you assign it to them and that takes you out of the deal with 5 Grand in your pocket! Was that easy or what?

Investors are a dime a dozen, by the way, if you have a good deal to sell… you don’t have to ask your Uncle George for money, investors will be fighting each other for the chance to buy your properties.

After you assign it, it’s up to the investor to get the contract prepared, inspect the property, appraise the home, etc. You are out of the deal, you never used your credit or finances, you were able to make money immediately.

And did you notice that the Investor was the one who had to do the appraisal, the loan, the inspection, the title work? Did you notice it was the investor who had to do the fix up, take a risk on a new loan and put up money?

And most of all… did you notice that you were the one who got paid IMMEDIATELY? The deal didn’t even close yet and YOU MADE $5,000!

Get excited about this… the potential is HUGE. This method is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what I teach, but I think you are starting to get the idea.

Do you see why motivated sellers will be dying to work with you? It’s because you can provide them something nobody else can. You can buy and sell properties like this all day long once you understand how to structure the deal and explain it to a seller.

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