A 30 Year Real Estate Investor Veteran Talks About Using 21st Century Automation


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“A 30 Year Real Estate Investor Veteran Talks About Using 21st Century Automation”

Bill: Yeah, my name is Bill Rafter, and I live in Lexington, Kentucky. Well, I’ve known Joe for years. I mean, way back in I think 2003 is when I first heard about him. So, I’ve been getting, yeah, I’ve been a newsletter subscriber of Joe’s and also, you know, bought his original Pushbutton System and I think I was one of the original beta testers for Pushbutton years ago.

Bill: Let’s see, I just joined the six month mentor program, so I just joined that, but it’s been probably I think 2007 when I first got the, you know, the Pushbutton method and that type of thing and that’s when I started using, Joe’s concepts.

Bill: Well, I mean, I’m always looking to, somebody that has cutting edge materials in real estate so that I can do more business in a better way. And what attracted me to Joe’s program is really specifically that the Pushbutton automation system. To be able to harvest leads off of Craig’s list and other websites and then be able to send out emails and texts and voice mail blasts to that list and have the list prescreened so only the people that raise their hand and say they would like to do business with me are people that I call, which saves a tremendous amount of time and makes a lot more money a lot quicker.

Bill: Well, I’ve been doing deals for thirty years so that’s not a fair question – as far as your system goes. But as far as, you know, Joe’s system goes, I mean, I started doing, you know, off the original newsletters and stuff like that, I mean, I started doing deals right away. So, I easily I think in the first thirty days I started doing lease options by using the rent method system. I like lease options. I do a lot of them.

Bill: First least option deal I made probably about $5,000. Well, you know, in those days it was before virtual assistants and all the other technology that we have today, so I would say probably about eight to ten hours’ worth of work. You know, by the time I negotiated the deal and found the tenant/buyer and showed it a few times and stuff like that. So, you know, yeah, the return on investment was excellent.

Bill: Probably one of the best deals I’ve done, you know, using Joe’s subject to system was I bought a property subject to the mortgages and I took over the first and the second, had the seller pay for the second mortgage, the payments on that for three years. And then I took over the first which automatically gave me $400 a month cash flow on the property. And then I turned around and lease optioned the property to a contractor and his wife and they went in and did the little bit of fix up on the property and then they, within three years, they were able to get a new loan and cashed it out. I made I think about $450 to $500 a month in cash flow and let’s just say that was about $6,000 a year times three, $18,000, plus another $20,000 on the back end when they refinanced the property because you know, I got all the benefit of the loan pay down on the first and the second that the seller was paying and so I actually built equity in the property over the three years on a deal that I was into for no money.

Interviewer: What is your average income per deal would you say?

Bill: It varies between about $4,000 and $5,000. Yeah, I mean, it, that’s what real estate investing is all about. If you want to be successful at it, you’ve got to find the things and the tools like Joe offers that allow you to be successful and you have to do them consistently. You have to follow up with the phone calls, you have to make the offers and you have to do it on a consistent basis. And that’s true of any business as well as the real estate business. If you do it consistently and you use the right tools, you’re going to be successful.

Bill: Well, I mean, Joe is able to take very complicated techniques and simplify them in a way that people can understand them and make them usable in the real world. You know, he teaches you how to talk to sellers, how to talk to buyers, and how to use the tools that he teaches to solve their problems and you’re income in real estate is going to be in direct proportion to the amount of problems that you solve for buyers and sellers in real estate. And what Joe does is he gives you these great tools like a mechanic has, teaches you how to use them, and then you know which tool to reach for to solve a seller or a buyer’s problems with the tools that he teaches you. Really a great system.

Bill: Well, I mean, you know, I’ve been pretty successful over the years and so I just want to have a number of free and clear properties in the next three or four years and a consistent cash flow so that I can go ahead and retire and go down to the beach and soak the sun and not do anything.

Bill: Joe’s system has allowed me to collect consistent cash flow in the easiest method possible which is the for rent method that Joe teaches. It’s the quickest way to collect a check if you do what Joe tells you to do. And then you go out, you learn how to do it and then you go out and make it happen, then you’ll consistently checks and obviously if you’ve got income coming in to pay your bills and then some, it just makes life great.

Interviewer: Is this what you do full time?

Bill: Yes.

Interviewer: What made you decide to start doing it full time?

Bill: Well, I’ve been doing real estate full time for it must be at least fifteen years now. It’s because I – it’s a business that I really love. No, I haven’t, which is the reason I came to this weekend’s event is to learn the new Pushbutton automated system so I can incorporate that into my business. I’m really excited about that and can’t wait to learn about it tomorrow and then upload it and get started on it first thing on Tuesday when I get back.

Bill: Well, it’ll save an enormous amount of time and you know, because of the old days, with Joe’s previous system which you can still use today if you want, if you don’t want to automate, is the only way to get seller leads was to literally get on the phone and call sellers in the newspaper and on Craigslist. What this does is this precontacts all these sellers from Craigslist and the various other websites. It give them a little bit of an idea of what you’re wanting to do, whether it be a lease option or subject to, or whatever, and it asks the seller essentially, “Would you be interested in something like that?” And if they are they raise their hands so only those leads that have indicated an affirmative answer they’d be interested in talking to you, do you spend your time talking to.

Bill: You don’t have to go through the fifty other leads to get to the four or five that say yes. You’re going to be talking to the four or five that have already said yes and that’s going to save you an enormous amount of time and obviously get to the money a lot quicker.

Bill: If you’re really short on money, then the first thing I would recommend that you do is immediately subscribe to Joe’s newsletter and also go online and Joe has a tremendous amount of free information online that will really give you a lot of good ideas on how to get started and maybe earn a little bit of money and then as soon as, you know, set some aside, and as soon as you enough money that you can afford to get involved in Joe’s other programs including the six month mentor program, then by all means do that. But go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter, listen to Joe’s videos, try to do some deals and get them closed, and then take that money and go ahead and enroll in Joe’s six month program and then you’ll learn, you know, the full gamut of everything that you need to know.

Bill: I’d just like to say that anybody that’s thinking about real estate investing should seriously consider Joe Crump’s program. His six month mentor program and the other programs that he offers, including the newsletter which you should subscribe to immediately. It’s one of the best systems out there for sure and it’s a system that’s going to bring tremendous success to you as a real estate investor, whatever the definition of success for you is.

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