A $48,000 Payday Using Automation


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“A $48,000 Payday Using Automation”

Allan: My name is Allan Andreoni from Port Huron, Michigan. Well, I’ve been following Joe’s programs for a long time, too long to mention, but I found him on the internet. Originally I had looked at other programs and been involved with other programs and one of the things that I really liked about Joe’s stuff was that he gave away a lot of free information and the information that he was giving was information that I personally found that I could immediately take and use to actually make money. And I hadn’t found that to be true with a lot of other stuff that I looked at and I thought you know, he just seemed like a very genuine person.

Allan: I’d already been in real estate so I was kind of traveling a path that was close to what he was teaching. So, when I got Joe’s information and I took a look at it, I just made a very small change to what I had already been doing and after that it was very, very easy. So, kind of a long way around the barn, but I would say I did my first deal within three weeks, you know, after getting his information. That deal if memory serves me was less than three hours’ time start to finish.

Allan: It’s kind of a broad category, but I’ll take a stab at it. And why I say that is we’ve done a lot of really, really good deals, some of them within our Roth IRA, you know, some doing the for rent method and others buying properties that we keep in our portfolio. But probably a deal that we did within the last year, we bought a house for $6,700. It had a cosmetic flaw that the city inspectors red tagged. We recognized it, it was just cosmetic. We bought the house for $6,700. We ended up putting about $3,000 into it so we had roughly $10,000 total. We sold it a little over a year later after getting a tenant buyer in there that paid us a pretty significant amount of money coming into the house and then they bought the house like in the thirteenth month and we netted $68,000 off that one deal. You know, that’s after taking out the $10,000 initial investment. So we figured that was probably a 680% cash on cash return just from that one deal. You would never get that in the stock market. I don’t know anybody who’s ever done anything like that, especially lately in the stock market. So that would be a very good deal that we did within the last year.

Allan: Per deal, on the for rent method, we try to get $5,000 on every single deal. Some of the deals we get a couple thousand dollars and then they sign a promissory note for the remainder. But we try to get $5,000 on every deal. We are, we kind of backed off to focus more on building our portfolio so we’d have you know, more of a steady monthly cash flow coming in. And I think we did eighteen in 2015, either eighteen or twenty. Because we put in the work, there’s, the system only is as good as you know, how you’re willing to work it. So there’s certain things that are a must and if you realize what those are and you do that consistently, whether it’s us or anybody else who has had success you know, you’ve got to be willing to consistently put the work, and it’s not a lot, but you have to consistently do it. And I think that’s a primary reason for our success.

Allan: Well, like anybody else, a personal goal, my personal goal as a real estate investor, you know, we want to be financially independent and have the kind of money to do the things that we want to do without having to put in 80 – 90 hours a week working somewhere. But aside from that you know, we want to do it the right way and the right way is to care about what we’re doing and who’s involved and then you know, other personal goals that I would have would be that we’d like to be able to take that anywhere we want to. So my wife and I want to go to a warmer climate then Michigan and be able to transfer the same business that we do there. And we also have some other things that we would want to do that we feel now that real estate you know, investing will afford us the opportunity to do.

Allan: Well, what the program has done for us is that I think it’s really rounded our ability to do a lot of different things in real estate, you know, look at each individual deal ten or fifteen different ways. And you know, another thing that the program allows us is a pretty vast wealth of knowledge that we can tap into at any time whether it’s Joe or anybody else that’s in the mentor program. I’m always, I always feel very, very comfortable knowing that if I have a situation that I can contact a lot of different people all over the United States and now, you know, outside of the US if you had to, and get the information that you needed. And it’s not just on real estate investing. It’s other things, too, so you’ve got this fantastic knowledgeable network that I’ll have for the rest of my life. It is. I’m a full time real estate investor now. I’ve had offers to do other things which I’ve declined, you know, for great reasons like I don’t have to work that hard and I can derive the income that we want to and still have a lot of fun and screw off. In 2001 I was a marketing director for a utility company and one day we were all called in and 300 people statewide lost their job, so it kind of made the decision easy for me. And you know, I went full time, but I had other things for a little while to you know, just to make sure that we could pay the bills. And so from 2001 on I was full time but you know, again, I did substitute some other positions to just make sure that we had enough income. So I would say 2001 on.

Allan: We’ve used as much automation as we possible could. We did some things different in 2015. Now I’m going to get back in fulltime with as much automation as we can introduce and what I look at is anything that we do in our business I’m pretty results oriented and so you know, we look and see what you know, always what we’re doing and what the results are from it and in 2015 the automation that we introduced was very successful and I think that with what Joe has going, 2016 is going to be just as good and we’re hoping better.

Allan: Let me give a very general response to the success we’ve had based on how the automation works. I can tell you that every deal that we did in 2015 was directly related to something that I have automated. Whether it’s you know, whether it’s by phone or a computer or a system, so all of the things that came in in 2015 you know, were based on something that had to do with automation and the systems that we’re learning.

Allan: It’s a great time to come in to the business and the advice that I would give is that listen to what Joe is saying. His program has been proven time and time again and so you know, in the beginning don’t vary from it. It’s a step-by-step process that, I’m not saying it’s easy, but from experience it’s a lot easier than anything that’s out there and if you get involved with the program and the mentor group then, and not necessarily the mentor group, but just with the information that you know, he’s teaching, you have a very, very good chance of being extremely successful if you listen to what he’s saying and you put the time in you know, where you have put the time in. So, probably a summary of the advice is you know, get the system, use the system, talk to the people who are using the system. If you have questions there’s always somebody there to answer and you know, cheers to your success.

Allan: I think the only thing that I would add is that once you get into real estate and especially I’ve found you know, since I’ve been involved with the mentor group and the people that are here, when I come to Indianapolis, you know, every year I learn so much and there’s so much to real estate you’ll never learn it all. But you can learn enough to be you know, to make it very profitable. But the other thing is that I’ve met so many great people. And they stand for a lot more than just the wealth that they’ve generated and I’m always surprised every time I come how that you know, that just stands out to me and when I talk to people, you know, they all want to make money but it’s secondary to making it by you know, making good choices and doing the right thing for other people. And I think that’s extremely important.

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