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This must-see video reveals the perfect property investment business system template. You’ll be shown the right path for starting a profitable business.

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A Perfect Property Investor Business System Template

Joe: Hey, I’m Joe Crump. I’m going to show you how to create the perfect real estate investing business system by using a template. And the template is the Automarketer. And I’m going to show you the different pieces of the Automarketer that do different things.

Joe: To be able to run a successful real estate investing business, there are certain things that have to get done. You have to do marketing. You have to get a lot of leads coming in. You have to be able to convert those leads. You have to be able to drip on those leads over time. You have to be able to talk to those leads individually. You have to be able to take the properties and be able to research the properties that you’re working on and get the information that you need on those properties.

Joe: You need to be able to automate as much of the process that you can. And my system is set up so that I can automate about 90% of my business. That still leaves another 10% and I don’t want to do all that business, either, so, what I do is, I have about 9% of that work outsourced to other people. So it makes it possible for me to run my entire business by doing about 1% of the work, which still takes me a few hours a week, but it makes it possible for me to sort of extract myself from the business and work at a very high level where all I’m doing is sort of directing everybody to make sure that things are getting done and monitoring things to make sure that they’re getting done.

Joe: I also create checks and balances within my system so that the people that are working for me check on each other. Because one person can’t do their job unless the other person does their job. And if they don’t get their job done, if that one person doesn’t get their job done, then the other person finds out about it and eventually if it doesn’t get done then I find out about it. And so it keeps everything on track and moving forward without me having to do very much at all.

Joe: So, let me show you just the different pieces of the Automarketer and how that process works so that you can implement these same things in your business as well. And you don’t have to automate. You could do things manually, you could have somebody else do the stuff manually for you and still not do it yourself, but I want you to understand at least the pieces of what a systematized business looks like. So, let’s first start out with marketing.

Joe: The marketing part of it is the Automarketer. And let’s go to the Automarketer that runs on Zillow. We’ve got one that scrapes and markets to FSBO’s on Zillow and one that scrapes and markets to leads on craigslist. Let’s look at Zillow because that’s a pretty good typical way to get this process going. Basically, what it does is, is it goes to Zillow based on the criteria that you give it. Let’s say you want it to look in a specific city and state, Indianapolis, Indiana, for example. And you’re going to have it go in and scrape all the FSBO’s in Zillow that fit that criteria and it’s going to pull all those phone numbers, pull all the data from those properties and it’s going to send out a series of text messages to those people over a three-month period. These are all templated tasks that we already have set up that you can use. Or, you could create your own. But you need to have some kind of follow up drip system.

Joe: And it’s going to send out a text message automatically to the leads that it scrapes and it’s going to get a response from a certain percentage of them. So if you look at this particular one you can see that we set up a campaign to go out to this one area. It scraped about 400 ads. It sent about 294 and it got about 77 leads out of it. So, about 26% response rate. And if you’ve ever done any marketing before you know that 26% response rate is extremely good.

Joe: Now, one of the things that, you’re going to get no’s as well as yes. And 80% to 90% of the responses you get in the Automarketer will be people saying, no, I’m not interested. And the message that we’re sending them is, “Would you consider your home rent to buy?” Because we’re looking for properties that we might be able to buy on terms and start a conversation with these sellers. And 80% to 90% of the responses we get will be, “No, I’m not interested.” 10% to 20% of them will be people that say yes, or maybe, or I don’t know that much about lease options. Those yeses or maybes are the ones that you call first. You call the no’s second. You want to make sure you call the no’s, or at least have somebody on your team who’s calling the no’s.

Joe: And then third you want to be able to call all the people that didn’t respond at all. Those are called the system leads. And you can do that as well. So, the system is set up so that all these leads come in and you can work them. And if you ever get to a point where you feel like you don’t have enough leads, all you have to do is expand your area because the way the system is set up it allows you to work remotely. You don’t have to go out to these properties. You can do it anywhere you want.

Joe: So I can be in Indiana and I can work in Los Angeles. Or I could be sitting on a beach somewhere in Bali and I could be doing work in Minnesota. So, I can do work anywhere that I want and have as many different areas up and running that I want to have up and running. I will need boots on the ground in those areas, but I have systems in place here that allow you to get boots on the ground pretty easily and make that stuff happen. So, it’s not difficult to make that happen. And begin able to manage a team in your system isn’t hard, either. I’m going to cover that real quickly in a minute.

Joe: So, that’s the basic Automarketer. I’ve got other videos that go into this in great detail and show exactly how it works. But today I just want to give you and idea of how systems work and how a marketing system is vital to the whole process.

Joe: The next thing we’re going to look at is the lead management when your leads come in after they respond to your text messages, or your other ads that you’re sending out. These leads are going to come in and you’re going to have access to these leads and you’re going to have a lot of information about each of these leads. You’re going to have the address that was scraped on Zillow. You’re going to have their phone number, you’re going to have a tag that shows you exactly what lead campaign you used. It’s going to show when the date, when it was created, and when it was updated because it may be something that they didn’t respond until two months or three months into the campaign. You want to know when they originally got the lead.

Joe: When you go into this information about the property, it’s going to give you more details about the property and you’re going to see that there’s a property here and you can actually go in there and look at that particular property. You can call these people directly from the system by opening up the phone dialer and calling them directly and talking to them through your system, or your people can do that. So if you want to hire somebody from out of the country and you want them to call your leads and you’re in Indiana and you want them to call from an Indiana phone number, all you have to do is buy a phone number from the phone system with a 317 Area Code so that the person who’s calling from the Philippines will look like they’re right there in Indiana calling from Indiana and they can do it through your system and it doesn’t cost any more than if you were in Indiana to call that person.

Joe: So, it makes it really cheap to call these people and it makes it really easy to outsource it to other people to do that work for you. Also, if I wanted to work multiple areas, if I want to work in Indiana and Los Angeles, I could have a campaign going out for the 317 Area Code when the texts go out that ask them if they want to sell their home rent to buy, it’ll go out from the 317 Area Code. And if I send, do another campaign for Los Angeles, I can buy a phone number in the phone system – and these are $3.00 each per month – I can do another phone number from Los Angeles, the 213 Area Code, and have it go out from there. So it’ll look like I’m in that area.

Joe: Now, if anybody asks me I always tell them were I’m at. I never lie to people. But, most people never ask. They just see, oh, that’s a local phone number and then they talk to you. And that’s all you need to have worry about. And that way you can work this stuff remotely without ever going to these properties, without ever dealing with the stuff and still have the system in place. Or, you can have people that are working for you do that for you.

Joe: The next thing here is the Power Dialer. The Power Dialer allows you to take your leads and call them much, much quicker. The statistic is that it’s about 400% quicker than if you had to call them manually. And what you can do is, you can take the list of leads that come in from any particular campaign that you do and you can put them into a Power Dialer campaign. And that Power Dialer campaign will have the leads in it. So, you can see here, here’s a Power Dialer campaign that was set up. So far, none of these have been called – 0 out of 10 that they called – and as soon as I’m ready I can click on this “Start the dialing session” and it’ll bring up the first lead and I’ll be able to hit the “send” button and it’ll start calling that lead. And I could talk to that person.

Joe: As soon as I hang up with that person I can go to the next person, then I go to the next person, and I go to the next person.

Joe: And it does it actually automatically, so it makes it so much faster. And the way that I pay my outsourced workers for the time that they have on the phone is hourly. And I pay people who do phone work for me 150% of the hours that they work. So, if they work an hour for me, I pay them for an hour–and-a-half because I know it takes a certain amount of time for them to get to the next call. But I pay them for the time that they’re actually on the call. So, the system keeps track of how long their phone conversations are.

Joe: So if they have talked on the phone and I’ve got 10 hours of recordings from them that are in the system, then we can actually look at the phone system and it’ll tell us, you know, how much time they’ve spent on the phone. I know that I need to pay them for fifteen hours of work. So it makes it really easy for them to know exactly what they’re doing, makes it easy for me to monitor them, keep track of them. It records their calls so I can keep track of that and I can turn off the recording if I need to. But, it records the calls so I can train them, I can help them through that process, make sure they’re not saying anything crazy that I wouldn’t want them to say.

Joe: So, that Power Dialer is a really powerful tool, and especially if you’re just getting started and you want to be able to learn how to do this. Because when you’re just getting started you need to learn how to talk to your sellers. And it takes practice. Typically, you’re going to need to talk to a hundred people and not get off the phone until they say “no” at least five times before you start to get good at this. And this is what I have all of my mentor students do. And it usually takes them three or four months to get through that, dialing eight to ten hours a day, talking to sellers, you know, getting good at it. So, if they’re willing to do that, I almost can guarantee you that they’re going to make money. If they don’t do that work and they don’t learn how to talk to these sellers, they probably won’t make any money in this process. So it takes a little bit of time to make that happen.

Joe: But once you learn it, it makes it a lot easier so your conversion rate goes from 1 in a 100 to 1 in 10, or 1 in 5, or 1 in 3, you know, you’re almost able to convert put together and make money on them. Which means that the amount of effort you can put into it is reduced dramatically.

Joe: So, these are all things that the system can do for you. The system also has a calendar in it, which works very much like Google Calendar and it can actually be synchronized with Google Calendar so you can see everything that’s on your Google Calendar as well as when you’re supposed to call your next person. You can also broadcast messages, so, when you finally get a lease option memo signed, you get a property that you want to sell, you can send out a broadcast to say, your buyers list. And you can create a buyers list that over time will help you sell a lot of your properties.

Joe: I find that once you have 500 to 1,000 people on your buyers list – which doesn’t take that long to do. It takes a few properties advertising to make that happen. But once you’ve done that and you’ve got that many people on your list, and you’re consistently marketing to those people, you’ll find that you’ll sell 10% to 20% of your properties directly to your list without doing any other marketing when you’re trying to sell those houses. Which is an amazing percentage because typically the sign in the yard is the most powerful marketing tool that we’ve got. And that typically sells about 20% of our properties.

Joe: But now, having a buyers list like this makes it possible for us to sell 10% to 20% directly to that list because we develop that list and there’s a drip system for that list so your buyers can, they get to know you. There’s actually an email series that goes out to those people. So, you can develop a relationship with those people and send them out properties as you get them. And it makes it a lot faster and a lot easier to do that.

Joe: The system also sends out snail mail. It’ll send out postcards to people. And there’s a bunch of “We Buy Houses” style postcards, letters, self-mailers, and you can set up a drip system so that it can send out one card or it can send out thousands of cards, depending on what you want to do.

Joe: And let’s say you’ve got a bunch of absentee owners and you don’t want to send just to FSBO’s but you want to send out to absentee owners, or maybe expired listings, or some other demographic or some other list that you’ve got. Let’s say you don’t have four numbers. All you’ve got are resident addresses. You can actually send out postcards to those people through the system at a very reasonable cost and you can do it in a series or you can do single mailings. And all you have to do is put in the leads and hit the button and it’ll send it out for you without you having to do much of anything. It’s all taken care of by a mailing system that does that work for you.

Joe: You can also look at your inventory and all the properties that you’ve got will be in your inventory. And you can also use what we call our data feed, so other people that are using the system, a lot of you agree to allow their properties to show up on your website if you choose to have them on your website. So, let’s say you’re in Texas. You want to have some other properties you’ve got in your clone site, and you don’t have any properties on the clone site, so it makes it look like you’re not in business. So, you can use a few of these data feed properties. They’ll show “Sold” but at least they’ll be up there and it’ll look like you’re in business and that you’re active in this business. So, you can use the data feed to give yourself credibility.

Joe: Let’s go down to the clone sites real quick and let me show you a couple of these clone sites. Because the listing site and the clone sites can really help add to your credibility. These days, you don’t have to have a brick and mortar store like you used to. Used to need a brick and mortar store before people thought you were in business. But today you just need a website. And if you have these different websites that we’ve got, the listing site, we’ve got a “Rent to Own” buyers site, we’ve got a “Rent to Own” sellers site. We’ve got the lease option agreement memo that you can sign online with an automatic signature. We’ve got the “We Buy Houses” site which is pretty much a wholesaling type of offer site.

Joe: And then we’ve got the subject to offer page, as well, that allows us to make an offer subject to. Now, our text campaigns that we’re sending out through the Automarketer, the three-month campaign that’s set up, it has links to these different sites throughout that campaign. So, on day one you’ll distribute a text with no link to it, but on day four you get a text with a link to the “Rent to Own” sellers site that explains how rent to own works and how we flip rent to own properties and how we can buy from them rent to own. And it gives them more details about the properties. So, what we’re trying to do is develop these leads over time and have this all done automatically so we don’t have worry about it or think about it ourselves.

Joe: Let me just show you real quickly what these websites look like. Because they do help give you credibility and make it look like you’re in business and nobody questions anymore, you know, “How long you been doing this?” Unless you just sound like a complete idiot on the phone which, you know, granted, most people do when they just get started. After a little bit of practice you’re not going to have that problem. So, we’ve got some ways to collect leads and we’ve got ways to show them our properties and you can put as many properties on these sites as you like to using that data feed system.

Joe: I’m not going to show you all these about different sites. I’m going to do that maybe in a future video. But I just want you to have an understanding that everything is in place for you to use the system. And if you have a system in place that can do your marketing, that can manage your properties, that can help you sell your properties as well as get them, it’ll also help you manage your team, it’ll help you manage your phone system, and being able to manage your team and being able to manage the workflow that you’re doing makes all the difference. Because it’ll make it easier for you to speed up the process. And when we used to have to do this all manually and do it on a yellow pad or a bunch of yellow pads, it was a lot more confusing. And it took a lot more effort than it does today. So, being able to automate 90% of the process makes a huge, huge difference.

Joe: The follow-up campaigns can be used in a lot of different ways. The main way that we use it is with the Automarketer. So, the Automarketer scrapes craigslist and Zillow and then sends out these campaigns. The campaign can be modified any way that you like. And you can have different campaigns to do different things. So, if I have a campaign that just sends out to people who filled out my Rent to Own Buyers site, if they said, “I’m interested in buying a property rent to own, so I’d like to have more information on it.” So it’ll send them out emails that give them more information about it. And it’ll drip on them with multiple emails that explain how the process works and what they have to do to qualify, how they buy properties and how rent to own works. And builds a relationship and educates them and it gets them to pull the trigger to work with you.

Joe: We’ve also got the campaigns for the Automarketer which I’ve talked about already. We’ve got campaigns that are not just marketing campaigns, but they’re campaigns for your team. They’re called Task campaigns. And those Task campaigns could be a series of jobs that need to be done every time a certain thing happens in your business. So, let’s say we get a lease option memo signed by our seller finder. Our seller finder gets a lease option memo signed and now certain things have to happen, we need to sell that property. So, we know that the boots on the ground has to put a sign in the yard. They have to put a lock box on the door. They have to take pictures.

Joe: The admin person needs to log everything in. Needs to make sure all the documentation is done. You know, the seller has to be called again to get all these details. And there’s a whole series of things that have to happen every time we get a lese option. And it happens the same way every time, and the same people on my team do it. Well, you can set this Task process up, this Task follow-up process up, to remind that team member that this needs to be done. And so what happens is, they’ll get the memo signed, they will then take this follow-up campaign and they’ll attach it to the lead in the Lead Management campaigns, they’ll attach it to that lead, and then it’ll automatically start sending out emails or texts to my team members telling them what they’re supposed to do. “We need the pictures.” “We need the documents.” We need this or that. “We need the lock box.” All these other things. I’ll tell them what they need to do.

Joe: And I can have it sent out to just one team member or I can have it sent out to all the team members. So the admin person knows what the boots on the ground is supposed to do and she knows that she’s going to be expecting to get those pictures from the boots on the ground in the next day. If they don’t get them, then she can call him and say, you know, I haven’t got those pictures. What’s going on? And if he still doesn’t get them to her, she can tell me and then I can call him and say, “What’s going on?” And then if he doesn’t do them we can fire him and get somebody else. So, that way it gives you these checks and balances in your system to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Joe: And it takes a little bit of time as you build your team to build these task lists because there’s not really any templated process that we use, that I can give you to do that because your team is going to be different than my team. But, they’re not that hard to create. And you can create a task that has a series of events that happens over time. Not just on the first day, but on the third day and on the thirtieth day and on the sixtieth day. And on the ninetieth day and on the one hundred and twentieth day. So, you can continue these things for as long as you want and you can have processes that repeat, or you can have processes that are unique.

Joe: You could also have texts that go out to the client to remind them of certain things and then you could have another text that goes out to the team member to remind them to call the client, to remind them to do something else. So, the goal is to get all this stuff out of your hands. And you can make this as complex or as simple as you like, depending on the needs that you have in your business. And I think the goal is going to be that it’s going to be pretty complex, eventually, and you’re going to build it over time.

Joe: At the beginning it’s going to be pretty simple because you’re going to be doing all the work. You’ve got to learn this process, you know, it’s like if you go out and buy a McDonald’s franchise you’re going to go to Hamburger University. They make you go to Hamburger University. And they make you do all the different tasks that a business does, that a McDonald’s does, and so you’re there cleaning the floors. You’re there flipping the burgers. You’re there, you know, working the drive-thru. They teach you how to do all of those different tasks so that you know that the people that are working for you, what they’re supposed to be doing and whether or not they’re doing their job properly.

Joe: If you understand all the different pieces of the system, then you’ll be able to teach it to your team members and then they’ll be able to do it for you in the future and you can walk away the process, have all the checks and balances working in the background, and all you have to do is keep your finger on the wheel occasionally to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. And if you see problems, step in and solve those problems, which means that you could get yourself down to 1% of the workload like I do and still have deals coming in on a regular basis, making money from real estate, flipping real estate deals and making that business happen. So, that’s the whole goal of this and that’s why we created the system the way we did so I that I could use it for my business. And then, of course, we started selling it to you guys as well so that you can use it for your business at the same time.

Joe: There’s a couple of other things here that also make things easy. We’ve got a tracking URL thing that works very much like bitly. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that, but, it allows you to create a new URL, a link, that’s much shorter perhaps, maybe you’ve got a long domain name, and you want a quick one. You can have a real short link that’ll fit in a text message and not use up all your characters. It’ll also track how many clicks, unique clicks, and actual clicks that it gets. So you can keep track of that and see if your marketing is working.

Joe: Your phone system allows you to have as many phone numbers as you want, keeps track of the team members. You can assign certain phone numbers to certain team members. You can record all your conversations. You can keep track of how long they’ve been on the phone, how much time they’ve spent without outbound messages and how long they spend with inbound messages. You can route all the messages back and forth from people. There’s a lot of different functionalities within the phone system that allows you to do that.

Joe: There’s also a huge number of tutorials in the system that’ll teach you how to do all this stuff and walk you through each of these functions individually and it’ll make it pretty easy for you to learn this stuff over time. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Joe: Each one of these menu items has its own tutorial and then of course within each one of those menu items there’s multiple tutorials. And then of course there’s also training audios and other things that you’re going to need just to build your business and learn how to do real estate investing on top of learning how to use the system. Because if you don’t understand how to do real estate investing you’re going to need to learn that as well.

Joe: The team management, I’ve talked about already. You can have as many team members as you like, and you can also tell them, you can set their permissions. So, if you don’t want them to have access to everything, you can set just the specific permissions that they have. So, if I have somebody that the only thing I want them to do is make calls I can give them access to the Power Dialer and the Lead Management system and then restrict access to everything else. If I have five people that are making calls I can have a different account for each one of those people. They can access their own leads and not access anything else. If I have an admin person that only does certain things I can have them access those things. If I don’t want them accessing my credit card information or other things like that, they won’t be able to access that information. So, you can set up those things.

Joe: Of course we’ve also got support. If you get confused or you have problems technically, because this is a very complex system and that may happen, and you can’t find the information here in the tutorials, all you have to do is send an email or open a ticket and our guys are pretty good about getting back with you within twenty-four business hours. They don’t usually work on weekends or holidays, but if you send them an email on Friday you’ll hear back from them on Monday and they’ll tell you what the problem is, or at least, if it’s a problem that they can’t fix themselves, they’ll bring that to the coder and have them take a look at it and see if they can resolve that problem for you as quickly as possible and get you back on track and make things happen for you.

Joe: We know how important it is to keep this process going, to keep the system running, to keep everything going. We do have problems occasionally. We’re a small business. We’re a small software business. Occasionally there are problems, but most of the time the thing is up and running. 99.9% of the time it’s up and running and there’s no problems and everything goes pretty smoothly. But don’t expect it to happen overnight for you. It’s going to take a while for you to understand this process.

Joe: What can happen overnight is you can get the Automarketer started and you can have leads coming in immediately. And you can start making calls to those people and learning how to talk to these sellers so that you can put a deal together and usually what I find is, for a beginner, it takes them three or four months of making eight to ten hours a week calls, maybe calling through a hundred people, before they actually get good at this. So, within three or four months you can expect to start making money in this system if you do it the way that I teach.

Joe: All right. So, that’s a business system. If you have a business system, you know, all those in place for you, all you have to do is start running it. I’ve talked about this before, but in the real world, 80% of all businesses that start, people that are starting a new business, fail. But 80% of all franchises succeed. And the reason is is that franchises have a business system in place. Everything’s already in place for them to do it. All they have to do is follow through and follow the rules and follow the process and everything will fall into place for them. So, franchises have a much higher success rate than regular businesses where people don’t have the business systems in place.

Joe: So, get a system that has system advice, or at least create your own system so that you can have a better chance of success in your business.

Joe: All right – I hope that helps. Good luck – talk to you soon.

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