Actually Working Directly With Joe Has Been The Difference With This Mentor Program


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David: My name is David Shihadeh in Indianapolis, Indiana.
David: I already had a few houses that I’d been working with and I needed some kind of help to get me back on track. Then I saw that Joe’s program was a complete program. Because in real estate, with the market having changed so much, you need all the help you can get, and I like knowledge. So I thought his program looked perfect because he’s the only one that I know of that’s mentoring his own students. And that was very attractive to me.
David: I have a few properties for sale right now. I have four properties for sale. I haven’t sold them all yet. I sold a couple of them. But if I sell them, I’ll be making about a 15 or 20 grand profit on them. But they’re not sold yet right now. However, I did sell a property recently. I have another one in escrow right now I’d be making $15,000 on but it’s not sold yet. There’s one deal I have right now in escrow on an apartment building and it’s supposed to be closing on the 16th or 17th of this month.
David: My goal right now is to acquire as much property as possible and to rehab it and rent it and sell it to investors to help them have cash flow. I’m free; I feel I can go anywhere I want to go and do anything I want to do. And especially with the system that Joe has right now. It’s structured in such a way that, really, I can use it anywhere. And if I just put the time into it, I can basically be anywhere I want to. And I’m free – and I love to be free.
David: Of course, I’m always learning. It’s a never ending thing, especially in Joe’s program – you get so much of it – I haven’t even done 5% or 10% of what he’s got to teach. So there’s so much out there to be done.
David: I encourage people to come to Joe because I’ve taken many other courses before, so I really had been an experienced investor before I got involved with Joe. As I mentioned to you, I had different properties before that. But I like his system – because you go from A to Z and if you follow the system he teaches you, it’s a no-brainer – you’ll make money. And I recommend to anybody to follow his system. I’m definitely going to go for the whole thing myself – because it makes sense.
David: In my experience so far, I think Joe Crump is the only mentor I know who actually mentors you himself. He’s the only person who’s out there, who when you call him, he’ll answer the phone. If he’s busy, you’ll leave a message and he’ll call you back, so you’re dealing with the mentor himself not some of the people he assigned for you. That part I like. When you go to meetings, he’s there – he’s the one coaching. I think that this just gives you so much more security. Nobody’s ripping you off. The guy’s there, and so far, he stands behind everything he said. I recommend Joe to anybody.

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