Are You Queuing Up New Leads For Your Real Estate Investing Automarketer?


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Read Transcript for “Are You Queuing Up New Leads For Your Real Estate Investing Automarketer?”

In this video, I’ll show you how to queue up your voice and email blasts to get new leads in and have more time for other things in your business and life.
Joe: As you send out your leads, they go out and then eventually this will get down to zero, and when that happens, it will show up as ‘Start Mailer Again’ and that it’s idle and this will be a zero.
Joe: What you need to do is go back and filter your list. You’re going to pick your most recent week and then you’re going to scroll down the page, and as soon as it loads, queue them up.
Joe: It’s really quick and easy. Click on ‘Select All’ and it’ll fill this little checkbox with a check on all of these. Then hit ‘Queue’ and it’ll put all of them into the queue and turn that into a green plus. Then, all you have to do is scroll to the top of the page and hit ‘Email Campaign’ and once you get there, if it hasn’t been running, it may say ‘Start Mailer’, and if that’s the case, just click ‘Start Mailer’, and if it’s already running, don’t worry about it – just let it run and it’ll start sending out these emails and you’ll begin to get lead responses.
Joe: Do the same thing with your voice blasts. Filter your list and then go to your voice blast campaign and start your voice blast as well so that you have that going. If you haven’t set up your voice blast, make sure to do that by going to account settings, or, there will be a link here if you haven’t set it up yet that says ‘Set Up Your Voice Blast Account’.
Joe: That’s all I have for now. I just wanted to remind you that you need to continually fill your queue. It takes about five minutes to do. If you do it once or twice a week, you’ll have enough leads coming in over the month to keep you very busy, so I really encourage you to do that and then get over there and listen to the training if you haven’t done so already.
Joe: Keep the ball rolling. Take advantage of the time I’ve given you on this program for so little money, and get everything happening. Good luck to you.

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