As Your Skill And Income Level Increases, The Number Of Hours You Work Will Go Down


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As Your Skill And Income Level Increases, The Number Of Hours You Work Will Go Down

Joe: Hey, this is Joe Crump. This is the last video in my series of structuring zero down deals and all the example deals that I gave you. Hopefully, you can use that information to go out there and start making offers right away on properties. The beauty of this situation is you don’t need credit. You don’t need cash down. You just need the ability to understand how these deals work, give people their options, show them the different ways that they can do this and let them choose what’s best for them. You can create a long term sustainable business if you do the best you can for people, if you treat them like family, if you treat them like someone you love. If you do that then it makes your life a lot more fun, it makes your businesses sustainable and it makes it easy to sleep at night plus you put a lot of money in your bank account because people trust you and they will work with you to make this stuff happen.

Joe: As long as you speak honorably to people and you treat them well, let them make the choice about what makes the most sense for them, not necessarily what’s going to make you the most money, and I think you’ll find out that eventually you are making the most money because you’re getting repeat business and you’re going to get people to come back to you over and over again, or refer their friends to you. And it makes your life a lot more fun that way. That’s how I request that you use this information that I’m teaching you.

Joe: I also want to talk a little bit about my mentor program and teaching. I would like to apply for the position as your mentor and kind of show you the ropes as we go along. I’ve been doing this for a long time, since 1986, is when I started investing. I’ve been a realtor, an agent, I have a broker’s license. But my love is investing. The stuff that I’ve been teaching is investing. I have about 120 students that come through my mentor program every year. So about 60, since it’s a six-month program, about 60 people at any particular time, which is about all I can handle. Anywhere from 60 or 70. What we do is, every two weeks we have a conference call and I get on the phone and there’s usually between 15 and 20 people on those calls on average, and all we do on those calls is me answering questions. We also do role play every once in a while. Learning how to talk to people as I’ve mentioned in these videos is maybe the most important part. So sometimes we do role play and I’ll listen to you and how you’re talking and I’ll show you what you can say and help you learn this and get better and where to put your focus and where to put your energy. Then once you start learning how to put together deals, teach you how to automate this process, how to systematize it, how to find people to help you do this work so you can outsource it for very little money so you can get to the point where you’re putting in far less hours and making far more money.

Joe: Because as you get better at this, as your skill level goes up, your income also goes up and your hours into this business go down. It can be dramatic. You can be working four or five hours a week and making what you’re making in a 40-hour job right now and you can usually do that within the first year in this business.

Joe: Now, the mentor program’s expensive. It’s a $10,000 program. And there are some discounts. You can get in for as little as $2,000. But I make no bones about it. It’s expensive. It’s like going to college for a semester. It’s not four years of college, but it is like going for a semester. It can be impossible for some people. Just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn this. I still have other training stuff. I’ve got 500 videos on my blog here that have a lot of good information that can help you get started and maybe you can make some money and then I can help you get going after you’ve made some money and you can get into the program.

Joe: I think it’s probably worth your time and worth your effort to have somebody who’s looking over your shoulder to help you with this process. It’s always easier and always faster if you’ve got somebody doing it with you. If I wanted to become a diesel mechanic, and I wanted to learn how to fix an engine, I could get in there, I’d get in a book, and I could learn how to do it, and I could read the book and I could probably figure it out. But if I had a master mechanic sitting next to me saying hey, take that hose and turn that, and use this wrench to get this, and do this over here. I don’t know anything about engines, diesel engines. But if I did, then I’d be able to listen to him and he could tell me how to do it. I’d learn far quicker by having somebody looking over my shoulder doing that with me. And I could do that for you and help you through that process.

Joe: Now, the only time you’ll actually get to talk to me is on these conference calls and at my buying events. I do these buying events. They’re two-day events, three times a year. The next one, we do them all scattered out throughout the year, and you’d be welcome to come to those. Those are not extra charge. Used to charge $10,000 extra for those. I don’t do that anymore. I found that anybody who was in my mentor program needed these buying events to help kind of kick them into gear. And the people at the buying events needed the mentoring program to help follow up after what they learned at the buying event. So I combined them into the same program. You can also, when you’re in this program, you can email me your questions. I’m pretty good about getting back with people within twenty-four business hours. I don’t work on holidays. I don’t work on weekends. Every once in a while I have to go out of town working on other projects that I’m doing because I have other businesses that I do.

Joe: But most of the time I get back with you in a very efficient time period. I answer your questions and make sure you have what you need. There’ll never be a time in this program where you won’t know what you’re supposed to be working on. You’ll always know. You can also bring a friend or a family member or a partner or a spouse for no extra charge. They can share your materials with you, they can also download the materials that you’re downloading and you can learn the stuff together, they can come on the conference calls, they can come to the buying event — no extra charge.

Joe: There are tax deductions for this program. It’s a business expense. And you can deduct it from your taxes in your real estate business as you go along. Talk to a CPA. I’m not a licensed CPA so this is just the way I understand it, and it may be different for some people.

Joe: There are a lot of positive benefits to this process and there’s lots of ways that you can make a business that’ll serve you for the rest of your life. You want to learn how to make money first. Most of the people that come to this program, they just want to get some income. They’d like to quit their jobs. Most of the people are doing it while they’re working full time jobs. They have to commit to me that they’re going to put in eight to ten hours a week at this, so you have to have at least that amount of time during, and those eight to ten hours have to be during the hours between eight in the morning and nine at night. It doesn’t matter what day they are, but it can’t be in the middle of the night to put in those eight to ten hours because you’re going to be talking to sellers. You’re going to be spending most of your time talking to sellers.

Joe: I guarantee that this program will make you money. If it doesn’t, I’ll give you your money back. But I only guarantee it if you do the work. I can tell you right off the bat that out of all the people that come through my program about 30% of the people that come through it make money. But not that, that 70% doesn’t get their money back because they didn’t make money. They didn’t do the work. If they do the work, 100% of those people make money. I’ve never had anybody in this program that did the work that didn’t make the money. Even though 30% is actually all that actually make the money, that’s because those are the people that are doing the work.

Joe: Now, I’m told that on average programs like this only 5% of the people that do programs like this make money. So I guess off the bat, I’m already 600% better than most places. But I’d like to be higher, and that’s why I have these conversations with people so that they know that they have to put in this work, they have to get on the phone and they have to make calls and they have to make offers. If you don’t learn how to do that, you’re not going to be good at this. You’re not going to have to do this forever. You’re going to be able to outsource it eventually, but you can’t outsource something that you can’t teach to somebody. So you have to learn that process and get good at it yourself so that the people you teach will have confidence and be able to do it for you.

Joe: You can get admin people to work for you for hourly pay. You can get people to help you find your buyers for your properties for hourly pay. You can outsource almost all of this and automate so much of this stuff. And then you can also, I’ll show you how to even get rid of a bunch of a stuff that you don’t need. But at the beginning you want to do some of these things. You want to learn how to do this yourself and get good at it yourself. That just takes time and it takes practice. It’s not going to happen overnight. It can happen, within three or four months you can start making money. Within a year you could probably quit your job.

Joe: What I tell people as far as quitting their job, you want to have three months in a row of consistent income, enough to pay your bills. If you have that three months in a row, you can probably do that for the rest of your life. Three months is a pretty good, sometimes people will make money and then there’ll be two months they don’t make any money, and then they make some money, and there’ll be a month off, and then they’ll make some money. Well, you want to have three months in a row where you’re making money so that you can feel confident that you can leave your job and you can move on to something else. Obviously if you can put more time into this and you quit your job sooner, you might be able to make money a little bit faster, but there’s no guarantee on that. So, sometimes it makes sense to take the safe route and do it that way and sometimes it makes your spouse a little bit more comfortable with you doing it that way as well.

Joe: All right. Well, I hope that helps. For more information about my mentor program, you can go to or you can go to Those links will be at the end of this of video. Also, you might want to look at the Automarketer. If you can’t afford the mentor program, look at the Automarketer. It’s $199 a month. You’re going to need $20 or $30 a month for your phone minutes, but it’s a way to automate the process. It’s a training program. Of course, I’m not involved in that program. You can’t contact me and you can’t ask me questions. My mentor program is the only program is the only program that I’m included in personally. But it’s a good training program and I’ve, you know, I created all the materials. It is my system. It’s the same system that I teach my mentor students. So maybe it makes sense for you to get going with something like that and get started.

Joe: Anyway, if you don’t even have money for that, you can also got to I’ve got books there for $3.00 each that have lots of good information and I give you enough information you need to get started as well. So, depending on the way you learn and how much work you’ll put into it and whether or not you’ll put the effort in and whether you have the guts to follow through with that process, that’s going to determine whether you’re successful or not. I’ve seen this business work in every area in the country. I’ve seen it happen all over the world in every free nation around the world. I’ve been doing this, teaching this stuff for a long time, so I’ve had experience with a lot of students in a lot of different areas.

Joe: I’ve had people in Israel and the Emirates. I’ve had people in the UK and Europe and Australia and Canada. In South America and Central America. So, this is a very doable plan for those people and for you as well.

Joe: I hope that helps. I’d love to work with you if you’re interested. If you are, give me a call and we’ll put it all together. Thanks a lot. Good luck. I’ll have more videos coming up in the future. Take care.

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