Automatically Scrape FSBOs And Market To Them With Voice and Text Blasts


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Growing a real estate investing business into a highly profitable business requires automation. Discover a powerful tool that uses automation that finds real estate leads and messages them. In this video, learn how to automatically find FSBOs and market to them so that by the time you are on the phone with them, they are a warm lead!

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Automatically Scrape FSBOs And Market To Them With Voice and Text Blasts

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. I’m going to show you how to automatically scrape FSBOs and market to them with text messages and voice messages in a drip sequence over time.

Joe: The way we do it is using the Automarketer system which is designed to go to Zillow and to craigslist and to look at specific areas, so if I say I want to do a specific area, say Indianapolis, Indiana, I can put in that criteria. It’ll look at the FSBOs in those areas, on those pages, it’ll pull that information, it’ll grab that data, scrape that data, and it’ll pull it into the Automarketer. It’ll grab the phone number, and then it’s going to send out a text message to that particular lead saying, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than selling it outright?”

Joe: And we’re going to get responses from those leads. And then the system then again will send them another message four days from then. And it’ll send another one seven days from then. And it’ll send another one fourteen days. And it continues to drip on the over a three-month period and continues to market to that person using different messages, different websites and different techniques over that same period.

Joe: Now, typically the way something like this works is each one of these areas that I’ve chosen has a different campaign. So, I can pick a campaign and say I’m going to work in Indiana and I’m going to get a 317 Area Code to do that campaign. So, it’s going to send out a text message from that 317 Area Code phone number that I purchased for $3.00. And so the lead will see that number as the number that I sent from and then they’ll respond back to that same number. Or, they can call that number and I can talk to them directly.

Joe: But if they send us a message, or leave us a message, that message will be sent to me by email, I’ll be able to see that email with the message that they sent and be able to call them back immediately.

Joe: Now, if it scrapes, in this situation it scraped 434 ads over the time that it was running. It sent out 294 of those because some of them were duplicates, some of them didn’t have phone numbers. And out of that 294, 77 people responded, which is 26% response rate. So, a pretty amazing response rate for these types of campaigns. It typically runs anywhere from you know, 4% all the way up to 80%, with an average probably around 15% or 20% in most areas.

Joe: Now, out of the responses that you get, 80% of them will say no, I’m not interested, 80% to 90% of them. And then 10% to 20% of them will say, yes, or maybe, or tell me more. And so the best leads that you’re going to get are the ones that say yes or maybe and those are the ones that you’re going to call first. And you’re going to get on the phone and you’re going to call them, you’re going to dial them through this system. And there’s a Lead Management system that keeps track of all these people that are coming in so that you can make that stuff happen.

Joe: Now, it’s going to send out a campaign to these people and let me show you what the campaign looks like by going in to one of these campaigns so you can get an idea of how this process works. And, if you get into the system it shows you in detail how each of these campaigns work. And each of these campaigns has its own wizard that will kind of walk you through the five steps of this process. And it’s already set up, by the way. All you have to do is get in here and put in the state that you want and the city that you want and hit “start” and it’ll start working. You don’t really have to do much of anything.

Joe: But I want you to see how it works and how you can modify this and how you can do a lot of different things with this Automarketer campaign. So, first of all, you want to give your campaign a name. You want to pick a phone number for that campaign and if you haven’t bought one yet, you just have to go to phone system down here and buy a phone number. And you want to pick a phone number that has an Area Code for the area that you’re working in. So, you pick the Area Code with that.

Joe: And then you pick the type of lead that you want from Zillow. And you can choose the For Rents, you can choose the FSBOs or you can choose the For Sale by Agents. You want to pick the FSBOs to do these types of campaigns to. Put the city and state in, or if you want, you can do it by Zip Code. You just need to make sure that Zillow has those Zip Codes listed because not all Zip Codes are listed in Zillow. Sometimes you have to use city and state. St. Louis, for example, the Zip Codes in St. Louis don’t pull up very much if you use Zillow. The system can only scrape what Zillow searches, or what craigslist searches.

Joe: Once you have put in that information, you can click on “Click to See the Cost of This Campaign” and it’ll show you exactly how much it’s going to cost to pull these cities because it’s going to go to Zillow, it’s going to look at how many leads are there, and it’s going to use those numbers to tell us, okay, there’s 50 of them in there, it’s going to cost this much money to do this to make that happen. And the way the system works, let me just click on this to show you how this works.

Joe: Okay, so, what it’s going to do it, is take a look, and we see that there’s 63 ads, FSBO ads in this particular area. You’re going to be paying 8¢ per ad so that’s $5.04 to scrape those ads. It’s also going to cost 2.5¢ per lead to send out text messages to each of those ads, that’s going to cost about $1.57. The estimated response rate, let’s say 30%, which is a little bit high. That means you get about 18 leads and the estimated inbound messages is about 30%, so at 2.5¢ per text for inbound messages, that costs you about 47¢. So the total estimated cost of this campaign is about $7.00.

Joe: Now, in the Automarketer, you pay $199 a month for the Automarketer. But you get $20 a month for phone minutes and scraped ads credit each month. So, if this was the only campaign you ran for the entire month, you wouldn’t have to pay anything extra to do that. If you spend more than that $20, let’s say you work in multiple cities. Then you would have to add money to your account so that you could do that. You can add it in $20 increments, or $50 increments or $100 increments. People who work a lot of cities add quite a bit more money to do that to make that happen. But you can cover a lot of territory with very little money.

Joe: If you compare this to snail mail, sending out postcards, an extra $20 isn’t going to send out 20 pieces of mail. Whereas with this, you can send out ads, for $7.00 you can send out to 63 different leads. So it really makes a huge difference in how much this costs.

Joe: The system also can view the generated URLs from Zillow so you can see what it’s actually searching. So, if for some reason you do a search and you pick a city and you don’t find leads in there, you can do “View the Generated URLs” and find out exactly what search criteria is working and is not working so well. So it makes it a little easier to manage that.

Joe: So, once you’ve picked the area that you want to work, then go to Step 2. And then you pick the filters. And we’re going to pick houses, condos and townhouses, but you can pick any filter that is searchable inside Zillow or craigslist. And then I always like to put in 1bedroom, because I don’t want to get vacant land. And I’d leave all of this blank. I wouldn’t suggest you put any of this in. The more criteria you put in, the less likely it is that you’re going to get very many leads. If you put too much criteria in here it’s going to limit the number of leads that you get. So you want to try to avoid that.

Joe: The next step here is you have to pick the campaign that you’re going to attach to the leads that come in. So, it goes in, scrapes the ads in the criteria that you picked, in the city that you picked, and then it’s going to send out a text message and it’s going to send out, in this case, I’ve chosen the three-month text blast campaign. And there are several different campaigns that you could choose. I suggest the three-month campaign because it drips on these leads over a three-month period with the first message saying, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy?”

Joe: And after that it sends out another message that sends out a link to the clone sites that have different offers, whether it’s subject to or whether it’s a wholesaling offer or whether it’s a rent to buy offer. So, you’ve got three different websites that it sends out links to over that three-month period so it approaches these leads in different ways over time. So, the goal is to try to get them with the right message at the right time when they’re finally ready to do it.

Joe: Because a lot of times when people first post their ad on Zillow or craigslist, they’ve just got started, they want to try it for a while. They want to try the FSBO thing for a while. They may not be a lead that is going to buy today. But, a week from now, two weeks from now, a month from now, two months from now, they’re going to start getting bored. We know that 85% of FSBOs don’t succeed in selling their properties themselves. Most of those properties, either they take the properties off the market or they list it with a real estate agent. But we’re going to give them alternative to doing that that’s going to make it happen faster and make them more money in this process. So, it makes it a lot easier for them to work with us because what we have to offer is better than what they can do on their own.

Joe: So, anyway, this campaign is going to go out to these people over time. And it’s going to send out these messages.

Joe: Now, these messages look like this. On day one, “I saw the home you had advertised. I was wondering if you’d consider selling it rent to buy? If so, I’d be interested. Please let me know – thank you.” That’s the only message that goes out to them on day one.

Joe: On day four, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy? If you would, here’s the type of offer that I make.” And then this is a link that takes them to the website that you have, it’s a clone site, that is yours uniquely and that clone site will tell them how you buy properties and what you do. And it gives them a form that they can fill out. If they fill out that form saying I’m interested, here’s my information, and it’s a questionnaire that gives you all the information about their property, you’ll know exactly what they have and what they’re trying to sell before you talk to them.

Joe: On day eight, another message goes out. This time it sends a different offer. This is a We Will Buy site. And then it sends out another offer that, you know, on day fifteen, day twenty-two, day twenty-nine. And it’s going to send them FSBO subject to offers that we make. So, we give them different ways that we can work with them over time and it gets them to understand that, hey, this guy’s serious. He’s professional, he knows what he’s talking about, his websites are intelligent and they have good content and they show me different ways that I can do this. Maybe I should talk to him.

Joe: And then when you finally talk to them on the phone, which you’re going to start doing from the very beginning, you can make this stuff happen.

Joe: Now, you can change these campaigns so that they’re not just text messages. You can also do voice messages. This happens a lot with people that are sending out to absentee owners. And they import your list. You can import a .csv file list of absentee owners. If you have a phone number and you don’t know that those phone numbers are cellphones, you think they might be landlines, you can send out voice messages to those people. So, you can record the voice message, or a series of voice messages that says, “Hey, I was calling about the house you have and I was wondering if you’d consider selling it?” And you can just leave a very basic message, “I’m interested in buying your property and I can make you a cash offer.” And you can make these offers where people can respond and then you can deal with them and you can call them up, and you can look at their situation and deal with each one individually and make an offer based upon what they have available and what works for you as an investor.

Joe: So, this system will go to craigslist and to Zillow and it will find you a ton of leads. And you can expand it from one city to as many cities as you like. You could do every city in the country if you wanted to. You’re not going to be able to handle that many leads, but if you wanted to, you could expand your business into many different areas. And you could hire people to help you manage your leads as well. So, ultimately, you can hire other people to do this work for you.

Joe: I strongly recommend at the beginning that you make all these calls yourself. Do these calls yourself until you know how to do it, until you know how to convert, until your conversion ratio is pretty high. Once you get to that point, and you’re good at it, then you can train other people to do that work for you and you can make your business grow exponentially at that point.

Joe: All right – I hope that helps. Good luck. If you like this information please subscribe to my channel. Also go to my website, for the free newsletter that I send out with more detailed information. You can also check out That’s this website that we’re looking at here. And of course I’ve got a mentor program as well which is expensive – it’s like going to college for a semester. It’s six months long and it can be found at, and get all the details about that program there.

Joe: All right – good luck to you. And I wish you the best with your real estate investing. Thanks.

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